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Zero Tolerance: Steven Bannon Interview | FRONTLINE

Zero Tolerance: Steven Bannon Interview | FRONTLINE

7 comments on “Zero Tolerance: Steven Bannon Interview | FRONTLINE

  1. This interview was conducted with FRONTLINE during the making of our documentary “Zero Tolerance.” Watch the full film, here:

  2. Tea party was a product of white supremacy, against America's first black President Barack Obama. The 2008 financial crash was all Republican terrible economic policy stating back in the 80s with Reaganomics, tax breaks to the richest 1% and Corporate America 39 years later still same terrible Republican policy. Rich get richer middle-class and working-class poor become White and homeless. Unfortunately people like Stephen Bannon and the rest of these white White supremacist only care about racial separation and they play the white middle class into property for the rich Elite. LOL

  3. Steve Bannon is a national hero. He will go down as the greatest thinker in America's history . Thank God for Steve Bannon.

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