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Zakharova Having A Laugh At UK Foreign Office For Deleting The Tweet

Zakharova Having A Laugh At UK Foreign Office For Deleting The Tweet

100 comments on “Zakharova Having A Laugh At UK Foreign Office For Deleting The Tweet

  1. I empathise with all Russian people who are angry with the UK and Washington. All media in the UK–apart from RT is censored. Newspapers like the SUN and Daily Mail remove or don't allow any criticisms of May and her useless government as well as her treacherous personal failings. Living in the UK is unpleasant because of treacherous politicians and George Soros.

  2. Not sure if UK or America's government corruption is more of a circus. Both are just a side show to blame Russia. I mean, here in America Putin's responsible for 'everything' including the pimples on Hillary's ass.

  3. So the conclusion is all governments are criminal in nature? Type in: The Nuremberg Scam, Talmud., The real Hitler speeches. enjoy

  4. The media is in complete hype mode to create a war. The conglomerates, moneymen, bankers and the lobbyists will do anything and everything to create a war…The politicians are in their hands, May is protecting her own back as she did to cameron,, as they did to protect blair. None of them will be tried for war crimes or deceiving the British People. The British people are not hypocrites, The people only know what the Mefia spews out. It is no different to any other media group in the world. They are all pushing for war….
    Lietvienko was killed by polonium, it was blamed on sources that did not have access to the radioactive material. Skripal and his daughter according to reports died of the same substance. The oilygarchs, the bankers, lobbyists and their minions are craving for war. The media will do all it can to escalate the situation. THEY DO NOT CARE HOW MANY GENTILES DIE, The polonium in the time of Lietvienko was administered in a resturant. The powers that be will hide the fact that the substance could have come from Dimona, It can not be proved as no one has been allowed in to check the plant. Tzitzi has to be checked on its staff, as in a compass travel company the culprits did the damage and were moved on to a sister company. Hence the large rotation of staff. May like cameron and other politicians are mere puppets reading a script. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE ODDS ARE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR"

  5. So this is how adults sound? I am so used to the idiotic childish behavior of the western leaders. This lady is hot.

  6. Not many people believe Russians did it. Russia keeps asking the UK for proof but none was given. Stop believing fake media and start doing research on your own. You will be surprised how many lies they feed us.

  7. What is Unbelievably Absurd, is that Theresa May did Just Exactly What the military of Argentina did when invaded the Falklands;
    Created a Totally Absurd "aggression" to "reunite" The People of their Countries after Governments Mistakes.
    And that cost Argentinian militaries, The Power. Politically Suicidal. She doesn´t even have memory or History lessons.

  8. What a wonderful honest intelligent level headed lady. Please Maria, pass on my sincere apologies to the Russian people for my despicable treacherous warmongering government in the UK.

  9. Really hope that the West wakes up and realize that Russia had NOTHING to do with it ….Another US dig at Russia who is willing to talk and we are brushing them off ….. God Bless Russia and president Putin !!!! Pole living in America ….

  10. Given that everything else has been one lie after another, is there any real resona to believe that 'anything really occurred' at all?
    Maybe Mr Skripals just wanted his daughter to join him in the UK and the whole pantomime was devised around that?

    " Sure, your girl can come here … but you have to help us out by both play acting for a week or two …"

    I'm both British AND Disgusted by my government …

    One of the oldest and most credible Diplomatic Services brought to shame by Bungling Boris and Theresa 'May tell the truth one day…'

  11. UK now will kill the Skripals under the guise of New Identity & relocation to USA as the truth dare not come out.

  12. The warmongers are afraid that European countries join up with Russia thats why they try to creat false tension. We dont buy it. We should leave NATO (Nato has lost its use) and phone Putin (or Maria Zakharova). If I had her number I would do it myself !

  13. I am sure you would be interested to know that the Ecuadorian government of President Lenin Moreno, under pressure from the British government, cut off access to the Internet to Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador in London because Assange has the information that the poisoning of the Russian ex-spy and his daughter was made under a false flag.

  14. 'London' has done this, the 'West' has done that' the evil doers are the the 'ROYALS'! the community of 'world leaders' is a prostitutes bazar; everything is for sale: integrity, children, truth and territory.

  15. Why is Russia's political elite so smart? Putin, Lavrov, Zakharova, Churkin (rip.), Nebenza, Sergei Shoigu… etc.. etc…
    Why is the political elite in the West like a morons? Trump, Killary Clinton, B.Johnson, T.May, faceless spokesman for the US State Dep, Foreign office, etc, etc…


    Interesting new information on this incident!

    What could the intercepted message mean? "

    AN ELECTRONIC message to Moscow sent on the day former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury included the phrase “the package has been delivered”.

    I guess its wise that the UK refused visa for any Russians to visit the Skripal's while this message is investigated further?

    Who were those two Russian suspects leaving UK the day after the poisoning?

    So many question still not answered by Russia? Surely the Kremlin and state have replied to the UN on this matter. They seem so vocal in the media yet fail to answer these questions. STRANGE would you not say?

  17. Canada did not have its arm twisted to expel the diplomats.  Canada quite willingly did it in support of its own Russophobia, greatly increased since Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was appointed by Trudeau.

  18. What she said is correct but as all women with poor body language and not able to communicate with intelligence she acts with arrogance and deep negligence in political speaking. Who the fxxx is she?

  19. Seems she is blaming a child that took cookies….and frankly has even poor dress code! Va a fa i bocchini arrogante puttana


  21. Poor English politician. The flaming and hysteria by him stalled and stroke back at him and made him the scapegoat for the British international fuck up. What´s really funny is that the EU and USA allied with those statements. This is how this system treats petty criminals. Ask a preplanned question to which all answers only admit the guilt. Use relative laws and one-sided assumptions to push the outcome of court. And never acknowledge the comments of Russian government.

  22. 1:34 – "And here is the real price of all these stories" – I don't think that should be translated this way into English. The Russian "цена"can also mean "worth, value'''. "And here is the real worth of all those stories" – sounds better to me as it conveys the real meaning.

  23. If the accusers can produce a /naturally fake/ suicide-note … It would prove that Russians did it. The sickened policeman just wanted a taste to make sure it was novichok and not DDT.

  24. The western European country's and united States and Isreal and our media are going to take us all to war over lies upon lies and propaganda , against Russia and the west think it will be just Russia that a war will be with , think again . This is scary because I have friends who believe that Russia and only Russia did the attack on the Russian double agent and that this British government and bullshit western media is putting out , Mi5 Mi6 CIA Israeli secret service all involved with the government's and other western European country's to open another angel

  25. The Rulers of the West have become insane…well, they always were mad with fear of losing their Power, they always have been ready to bomb and poison civilians, from when they dropped Anthrax on the Korean-Chinese border in the Korean War, and then Agent Orange on the people, crops, forests and wildlife of Vietnam, and of course the napalm — a sticking burning gel that takes the skin off the bone, those EVIL Yanks dropped that Satanic sh_t on women and children, THOUSANDS OF WOMEN & CHILDREN. The Western Billionaire Elite must be wiped off the face of the Earth, otherwise they will keep murdering.

  26. Russia and China alies are being taken out one by one. If this continues Russia and China will be alone against US and then when US think they have more advantage they will probably attack Russia or China or both. Then US will be free to control all nations and start a new world order. Russia has two options defend its allies or buy more time.

  27. I am sad to see the US fall I have been here all my life the United States is about to collapse and it's going to take all the west down with it

  28. ….this lady is impressive and very professional,..same as the top diplomat Lavrov..they have good teams ..

  29. I am Trusting that Vlad isn't as plain Stupid we in the west seem to be, very few leaders worth their salt at the moment but PUTIN is "defiantly" is one of them….my concern is that governments like ours in Australia are going to follow the BS coming from the whining POMS as their empire crumbles….thankfully so……just hope we can get that unwinding done without blowing up the playground…PLS pass onto President Putin…….many in the west think you are on the right side of history….use that energy wisely…

  30. The Filth. Likely: The UK Policeman Pepper-sprayed the couple, and Mr Skripal had a more severe reaction (needed hospital treatment), than his daughter. The rest is a typical UK cover-up and the offer of bribes to the couple. Its why they are being kept in secret. Probably.

  31. THERESA MAY is a globalist who is desperate to draw the attention of the British Public, Away from the Brexit Negotiations so that she can make agreements with Brussels that will keep Britain under the judicial law of the EU ..So that the Uk will never be free of the EU 4th Reich This incident was an internal affair manufactured by the globalist dictators and executed by the home office and the military in UK by taking out an old expendable double agent and blaming Russia with no proof … Strange no
    Under English Law the "Burden of Proof is Always on the accuser " Not the Defendant
    The reason they are unwilling to co-operate { close examination of the "poison " would prove that it was made in the UK and that would give the whole game away and be the end of May's Career " and open the path for a Hard Brexit !!! }
    Russia needs to bring a PERSONAL CASE against May in the international Court … for Defamation, and Trying to provoke a war
    This will force here to present proof !
    Respect to Putin and all the People of Russia.

  32. If Therese May had any. "Moral integrity". She would. Make a public apology regarding "false-Testimony" and accusations about Russia in order to prevent the any kind of "meaningful-trade". that would benefit the United States and Russia… a time when most of Europe is in a fast. Economic decline………………………..

  33. i always like to hear Maria speaking she is also very very clever and she choose her words carefully BUT,..her face damn she kinda look like a tranny😋

  34. I am on the side of the Russians.
    Fuck our leders and those banking elite who control them.
    You people go pick up a gun and let's see how hard you are.

  35. she looks like a school teacher scolding her (UK official) pupils in front of their parents. the way she speaks is (rightly) the way you speak to scheming, lying children (before whacking them).

  36. Lets get really its all scam: American scam, Russian scam, British scam, French scam, Indian scam, on and on every body is doing one primary thing avoidance of the truth. OH hang on there s a classic statement: First casualty of war is the truth . Well there you go.

  37. about 20 years ago i hoped Usa would bring more humanizm in my country Lithuania maybe it looks for a starting few years but acctually they bring ideology of shoping malls nothing else..some people may think i should hate Russia but no i didn't liked only ideology of USSR ,but it gone already… and yes slowly but surely Russia changing i don't believe in quick changes, i believe in stable changes yet can't see that in WEST,ANYWAY IS JUST HOW I SEE,sry for my english ,i learned it in life university

  38. I am Polish, and I love to listen to Maria! In my opinion the whole case is another Western dirty provocation against Russia. But to be honest i don't know why someone would protect a spy and a double spy even less! When you work as a spy you have to be prepared, that sooner or later either your opposition or even your "emplyoyer" will not like you, and for this profession this is always fatal!

  39. I am ashamed to be from the UK, they are corrupt liars, they take money from pensioners, the disabled, the children's school meals, they a bedroom tax and even a sugar tax. We have all lived in austerity for years, as the government kept cutting our money, and yet they can afford to go to war with a super power, they have no brains. I have respect for Putin, but not for anyone in this government.

  40. Кевин Анет: „Девети круг пакла“ или Где одлазе и каква је судбина нестале деце? | СРБски ФБРепортер

  41. Maria has a beautiful articulation of Russian. It's nice being able to hear each and every word beautifully pronounced. Her video's are incredible lessons in the Russian language. What you do is go to the transcription side, and notice how accurately the voice recognition recognizes her voice.

  42. The British and Americans tweet very serious issue as if they are 16 year old school children.the issues are to important and serious to make statements that can be misunderstood.keep in mind it was this type of information used to accuse Syria of using gas and bombing civilians and actually the Syrian government by mistaken information

  43. how come UK didn't attack US, in 1960s, US used agent orange, which cause different types of cancers, and it is consider chemical weapon….

  44. the Russian government thinks it is fireproof ,it is not these sort or schooled propaganda videos merely show how fragile they feel in the economic and relevant world

  45. she's great, but frexample it would have been nice if she'd included the young bulgarian woman for a moment-Zakharova doesn't leave quite enough space – reminds me of the great jazz soloist John Coltrane: when he apologised to Miles Davis for playing such long solos, ( every phrase led on to another -) Miles Davis said :"try taking the horn out of your mouth ' !

  46. The Russians have honest, professional and credible spokesperson in the form of Lavrou and Zakharova. The US and UK have ZERO!

  47. The UK Foreign Office is a joke run by clowns for clowns then again Russia has nothing to worry about The UK is in its final days before it dies

  48. Miss Zhakarova is a Babe, with all my respects to her as a lady ; it would be an honor to have a nice lunch with her !! such a unique classy lady and beautiful Russian woman !!!!

  49. POLOGI KONEZ , pogaluista ! Why you are making soooooooooo much fuss about NONSENSE ? Certainly the tweet was written by some aid in the Ministry of Foreign affairs , who made a mistake. It seems you do not have anything else to do , that to read stupid tweets , do you ? And still talking like a little girl from the Kindergarten !

  50. Maria is a great woman of many qualities I loved her so much and respect her and consider her as the best female diplomat ever produced in Russian history.

  51. "pologi konez " in Russian means " make an end finally !" Zakharova anoys and insults not just us, Germans, British, Americans, French…she anoyed recently EVEN the Foreign Ministry of Azerbajdgan, demanding Azerbajdgan ought to change it's immigration laws. Some Russians complained to Zakharova, they were not allowed an entrance to Azerbajdgan , because of their Armenian family names in their passports. Without consulting the Ambassy of Azerbajdgan in Moskow, Zakharova immediately accused the Azerbajdgani of treating the Russians with Armenina decendants , badly. I undersatnad what she is saying in Russian, but you just judge this woman for her blond hhair and long nails.

  52. "dva chelaveka" …Oooooooh, my God ! She speak soooo as she is diening! Why this woman does not learn to speak proper Russian !

  53. It is now 23rd April 2019 over a year since this event . So what evidence has been collected ?? who are the culprits ??? Are they in prison ??? Or woops we f#cked up sorry about that . But we will do a better frame up next time soon as we get out this Brexit thing .In the mean time we will also bombard our people with Our Royal family shenanigans that will take their mind off things !!  Watch this space. From a dude Down Under in Australia .


  55. Let the stupid Western Alliance make up all the bullshit they want !! Just quietly aim your missiles at them and wait for the signal !!! Justice can be served with a very big BLAST !!! `Nuff said.

  56. At last our Government in NZ is finally going to pull it`s troops out of the Middle East after a decade or more of so – called training M.E. soldiers . BULLSHIT !!! I think they were over there helping drive oil tankers from Syria into Turkey , STEALING Assads oil along with the rest of the Coalition , bunch of thieves , that`s what the M.E. was all about , same happened in Iraq , stole their oil as well , now they`ve got their greedy little eyes on Iran and eventually Russia , but that`s where the looting stops , try stealing from Russia and you thieves will be committing suicide for the last time and deservedly so !!!

  57. I am patriotic USA ~ proud of honest Americas, ashamed of Americans that are dishonest scumbag warmongers and imperialists;
    BUT I must say ~
    this intelligent honest lady has the faux narratives play-book of the disingenuous lying propagandists in the "hate Russia for NO reason" figured out step by dishonest step .
    Not only is Maria beautiful, but she is very very intelligent to boot.
    Maria 💕💕💖 Y E S !

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