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X Rebirth 2 50 and Diplomatic Aid missions

X Rebirth 2 50 and Diplomatic Aid missions

Hello, a quick overview of the new features
of X Rebirth update 2.50. By popular demand, we have added a new main
menu to the game in the form of a sidebar. The functionality is very similar to the old
“circular” menu, but you now have more options per menu level, so you do not have
to use as many clicks as before. Note the description of functionality and
hotkeys at the bottom of each opened menu entry.
Even though this is now the default main menu after the update, you can still use the circular
menu by just re-configuring the ENTER key to open the old menu instead. A big focus of X Rebirth 2.50 was to make
the use of small and medium sized ships as part of the player fleet easier. The game
now features new shipyards specializing in selling small and medium sized ships. While
the “normal” shipyards build huge capital ships visibly in space, using the big cages
at the side, these new shipyards can build ships in their inside. Like the big 2.0 update, 2.50 also brings
a cool new mission chain called the “Diplomatic Aid Missions”. It may be a bit hard to find
these missions at first, because they are offered like ordinary fight missions. Once
accepted however, you will play a number of fight missions which all revolve around diplomatic
talks and the different parties which try to sabotage them. Another important new feature of X Rebirth
2.50 is the external camera. You can now switch to an external camera showing your own ship,
while you fly with F2 or to an external camera showing your current target object by pressing
F3. You return back to the cockpit view by pressing F1.
We have also added the option to look around inside your cockpit. By default this is mapped
to the numpad keys, like it was in the older X3 games, but this can of course also be mapped
to joystick POVs or any other input. The same buttons that let you look around
your cockpit will also rotate the camera around your ship or the target object, when in external
view. Among the many other new things in 2.50 are
AI and menu improvements, a new mode for the event monitor, performance improvements and
many other things. For a complete log please visit our forum. Coming up next will be a great new DLC called
“The Teladi Outpost”, which will bring a new system with the first Teladi trading
station, hazardous regions with a lot of pirate activity, new player weapons and many other
new things. And it is free for all existing customers of the game as long as you preorder
it before the release in early December. So everybody who owns X Rebirth already should
hurry over to our Steam page and preorder this cool free DLC NOW.

64 comments on “X Rebirth 2 50 and Diplomatic Aid missions

  1. Hat sich da ein Fehler eingeschlichen? Im Forum heißt es das das DLC bis zum 1.11. Kostenlos ist und hier im Video wird gesagt, es sei Kostenfrei bis zum Release in Dezember.

  2. Glad they're trying to fix this game. I just had such a bad experience with ti when I bought I dunno if I'll go able to give it another shot

  3. X: Rebirth 2.50 contains "new" features like external cameras, and menus made for the pc …. You mean the things that were in all previous X games at their respective release dates? Sorry Egosoft, Never Again.

  4. Ah, sehr schön. Es freut mich, das aus X:Rebirth doch noch ein gutes Spiel wird.
    Gibt es in den neuen DLC Outpost auch neue Innenräume?
    Ich finde es toll in den Stationen rumzulaufen und würde mir da mehr Abwechslung wünschen.

  5. Best game ever…

    Just a small personal wish: fiddle with performance even more. Some zones are still laggy (almost WHOLE omycron lyrae, and half of Albion are laggy actually)

  6. Гы. через год после выпуска, Эгософт допилила игру до примерно того, что от неё хотели игроки. И оказалось что новое – это хорошо забытое старое.

  7. hey cool to see you guys still supporting this, but im gonna be honest i lost my interest quite a long time ago, and with star citizen coming up and elite already being awesome, i am afraid about the future of egosoft.

    but hey, you guys did outpost landings before it was cool! 😛

  8. Left this game on my shelf since launch, cause well we all know why, Can anyone give me a quick update on its current state? Can I start to conquer the galaxy again like in X3? Or is it still trying to loot all containers on all stations to make money?

  9. Hey EGOSOFT, what's the chance of us getting a modular ship? So we can buy extensions for trading large cargo ourself? It can be a good money sink for us. Changing between different storage types. Will ad Mich diversity. And what would be nice is a cargo station for us. Load different wares to it like drones. So we can equip our ships there and deliver cargo there with our modular expansions to the skunk

  10. im just waiting till i can actually walk around inside a capital ship i own and command it from a captains chair and not just a circular platform with no visible ways to access the rest of the ship

  11. My PC could only just play X: AP and Terran Conflict, i wish i could afford to upgrade it/buy a new one to play Rebirth 🙂 .

  12. I am shocked and amazed that you are updating the game still.

    Every release makes me consider going so far as to buy the game.  

    You screwed up the game quite a bit, but Your company really is amazing.

  13. Ich freu mich schon auf das Update. Es ist ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung, wobei noch viele bis zum Ziel fehlen.
    v.G. sopicQU
    (Ich schreibe lieber Deutsch, mein Englisch ist nicht so gut)

  14. Dankeschön EGOSOFT! Für eure harte Arbeit den Fans gegenüber.
    Unabhängig davon was es in der Vergangenheit für Schwierigkeiten gab.

  15. Preorder FREE dlc? lolwut? And gradually ever so gradually x rebirth is becoming something vaguely, very vaguely resembling playable. I give it another 5 years and it might be like X3.

  16. They are putting things that already existed in the previous X games, that's not a really improvement but but its what WE WANT
    still needs a bunch more fixes to be even compared to X Prelude

  17. im very glad to have some more familiar features added back into the X series!
     Any word on if/when you will be able to pilot more then the skunk?

  18. Still only one player flyable ship? No thanks! >:C That's what I loved about the old X games. I could fly any ship. Even the capital ships. Which is what I'm personally interested in the most. Rather than being stuck in a small fragile fighter. (This is my own personal opinion.)

  19. The external camera makes more of a difference than I thought it would. Noticing so many cool details about ships and combat. New menu is a godsent too.

  20. Все поклонники так долго ждали эту игру, а получили большую кучу говна…
    И как бы вы не пытались слепить из этого говна конфетку, у вас это не получится…
    Хорошо что я её не купил.
    И жаль тех, кто потратил деньги на это….

  21. since this update i really puts some hours into the game, over a 100 in the past few weeks. Really enjoying my time discovering this game, it still needs some updates for the economy,trading and more shipcommands but it's going in the right direction. Sometimes i just enjoy the view from the Albion Skunk looking at a big station en seeing all the ships and drones doing their thing. After all these hours i still discover nice little details in the game.

  22. Game is dead and never will rise – you fail,dear egosoft,in any aspect of gamedisign.Start to make new game,like x2 and x3 and maybe,we,the community,pardon your.Now – i see only extremly stupid presentation of mods what can maked by modbuilder in week and in better quality.Another fail.

  23. ähhh…schon das ihr NUR auf Englisch spricht. Gut ist zwar international, aber für einen Deutschen Publischer und Entwickler, gehört doch eine Deutsche Tonspur zum guten Ton! Reicht schon das viele andere Games nicht mehr lokalisieren.

  24. Pre-ordered this.  Couldn't play it because the invert mouse would not work in flight.  Steam actually issued a refund.  Recently re-purchased it on sale.  Installed it.  Still can't fly with inverted pitch.  More than being mad, I'm disappointed.  Really wanted to play it. 

  25. Good job.  I'm glad to see you people are still trying to improve this game.  Once it drops in price, I know I'll be able to pick it up.

  26. Why would anyone preorder this piece of shit after all the lies you used to make customers preorder X:R? Why are you not yet insolvent? How are you still able to create this crapware?

    Sincerly, a former customer from X2 till X3AP  and former owner of X:R till I gave it back.

  27. Pre Order from Egosoft… Never again. X – rebirth should be a case study in just what a software company can get away with. The game released totally broken and unplayable. It stayed that way for a full year. Only in the software industry could you get away with this. Refunds? No way if you want to fraud the gaming community just release on steam. No working game required. This company should have been sued out of business. Ill never buy another egosoft title or preorder anything on steam.  

  28. This game dies for me when i found out that i can use only one ship. No fun at all to be for YEARS in one ship. I played X3 for two years, and it immediately took my attention when i found out that its possible to take ships from others. That was fun, but not now. This game is a regress for all X universe.

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