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World’s 10 Most Prosperous Countries

World’s 10 Most Prosperous Countries

These are the top 10 most prosperous countries
according to the Legatum Institute whose mission is to promote policies that lift people from
poverty to prosperity. The study ranked countries across nine key
metrics. The 10th most prosperous nation is the United
Kingdom. It’s strong business economy allowed it
to crack the top 5 in that category. It was top 10 in economic quality, natural
environment, and education—helped by its vocational training reform efforts that saw
it climb from 14th in the world in 2007. Ninth is Denmark which scores best on Safety
and Security as thefts have dropped by 25% over the last decade. Air pollution has fallen by 63% over the same
period, improving its Natural Environment ranking by 26 spots. To improve, Denmark should focus on its health
system, which isn’t as strong as its Nordic neighbors. Sweden comes in eighth. It’s 3rd-ranked economy is its best asset. Sweden actually ranked first in overall prosperity
from 2010 to 2012, but it’s education and governance scores have slipped slightly since
then. It’s still very prosperous and is the third
least corrupt country in the whole world. Seventh is the Netherlands. The Dutch are wealthy, healthy, educated,
and served very well by their government. While its Natural Environment ranking is only
36th — the lowest score across any category for any country in this top ten — that’s
actually up 37 spots from where it was in 2007. Australia is sixth. It is the only country in the top 20 to record
an absolute decline in prosperity since 2007. Its government has adopted protectionist trade
policies that have driven down the quality and diversity of its economy. On the bright side, its Health Care ranking
is on the upswing despite rising obesity levels. In the same spot as last year is Canada at
number 5. It is second-best on personal freedom, but
its healthcare rank is hurt by rising obesity and diabetes rates. Canada is also top-ten in Governance, Social
Capital, and Economic Prosperity. Fourth is Switzerland, the country with the
best education score. It is one of only two Western European countries
to see its Economic Quality score improve over the last decade, as the rest of the continent
was hit hard by the 2008 global financial crisis. Finland is the third most prosperous nation. It is top-ranked in governance, second in
Natural Environment, and third in Education. Surprisingly its Health score puts it at 21st
in that category. The decline of its two main industries, timber
and Nokia electronics, has led to a surge in unemployment. Norway is second for the fourth straight year,
a consistent performer across the board that doesn’t rank in the top two in any category,
but also doesn’t fall below 13th anywhere either. 93% of Norwegians say they’re satisfied
with living standards in the country. And the most prosperous nation in the world
is New Zealand for the fourth year in a row. It is best in Economic Quality thanks to free
and open markets. There is clearly a synergistic effect between
its top-ranked Social Capital score, its second-ranked Governance mark, and its high level of Personal
Freedom. On the flip side, these are the bottom 10
countries. The prolonged civil war in Syria would likely
land it down here, but there hasn’t been enough accurately collected and reported data
lately to rank it. The US is ranked 17th. With the top-ranked business environment — but
health and environment rankings down in the 30’s — we really need to get our priorities
straight. And these are the top ten countries for each
category: Economic Quality; Business Environment; Governance; Education; Health; Safety and
Security; Personal Freedom; Social Capital; and Natural Environment. I hope this video shed light on the countries
we should look to for ideas on creating more prosperity across our own societies. Our recent examination of the top 10 recycling
countries led some of you to express concern about President Trump’s lack of respect
for the environment, others were surprised that Japan didn’t make the list, while many
of you agreed that Germany belonged in the top spot. Until next time, for TDC, I’m Bryce Plank,
thanks for watching.

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  1. Ohh wow my country is one of the worst great everytime when some negative things POEPLE are talking and they make list about it my country be there in the top 10

  2. Two thoughts…

    10 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant
    9 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant
    8 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant
    7 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant
    6 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant
    5 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant

    4 Republic, Christian – Catholic and Protestant

    3 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant
    2 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant

    1 Constitutional Monarchy, Christian – mainly protestant

    secondly, most of these countries every year are discarding the qualities that made them thrive. Expect the list to look very different within a generation.

  3. the income of Switzerland comes from Nazism, drug dealers and corruption…..its a bad news this country is prosperous

  4. "the us has 2 categories in the 30s it needs to get it's priorities straight"

    >>Ignores rank 52nd in safety and security


  5. From all of these countries, not only seven, but EIGHT are monarchies. And my country was a monarchy before, a first world country, and people loved it, but a couple of republican assholes deposed our emperor and exiled him and his family to France, now my country is a republican shithole, and i get sad everytime that i think it, about how my country could be prosperous, maybe even at the top 10 of this list.
    I hope that our monarchy will be restored, at least until 2025. The left-wing is dying here, but that does not mean that they doesn't have enough idiots to use.
    Long live the monarchy, Avé Império.

  6. They don’t tell you that Australians massacred hundreds of thousands of original aborigines to take that country. This whole thing depicts a false sense of History

  7. The top 10 is always filled by the most low profile countries. Countries that have low participation in the global activities and destiny.

  8. US has way too more taxes than Switzerland but why does US tops the business but Switzerland only 9th?

  9. I'm from UK but now in 2018 – i don't think the UK is in the top 10 because of the rise in crime and NHS getting worse

  10. I sort of feel bad for Americans because they’re being brainwashed by their government to think that they’re the greatest country in the world. Or “land of the free” sure I did make a comment saying that New Zealand was the land of the free, but i actually have videos like these backing me up. (Jeez this was long)

  11. Lol. Shows how warped Americans think. I know we suck but I figured we'd be #1. Haha. Makes sense that a lot of the Scandinavian countries are on this list. God bless them. Maybe one day America will be more like them.

  12. As a Kiwi I'm proud that our country has been #1 four years in a row – as a country we have systems and processes in place that ensures checks and balances are in place for both Government and corporate which is why its one of the least corrupt, however we know that we don't always get it right and we have areas that we fail in, but as a country we're always striving to fix this. Reading some of the commentary below and the assumption of why countries do so well is because they're mainly white? (or in New Zealand what we call as Pakeha), this is not true for New Zealand – it is the relationship and recognition of Indigenous Maori and its Treaty that also gives New Zealand a unique perspective – of course there are many areas that still need addressing i.e. high population of Maori in Prisons and unemployed and poverty – however, that it is not say there are so many more positives for having a bi-cultural relationship with our indigenous polynesians. The Treaty agreement between Crown and Maori differs compared to so many other countries because back in the early 1970s the NZ Government recognised that many of the promises in the Treaty had not been honoured and so in 1975 the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal was set up to address grievances and to hear claims, and even years later is a work in progress. I understand in the United States 600 treaties were signed….not one has been honoured. New Zealand recognises and places importance on its bi-cultural (and multi-cultural) relationship. New Zealand has a history of being progressive – in 1893 NZ was the first country to give all women (including indigineous women) the vote – Maori men already had voting rights from 1867 – many countries including Australia did not give indigenous peoples voting rights for many many years (all Aboriginal women gained theirs in the 1960s). NZ had the first open transsexual Mayor and Member of Parliament. After Palau, NZ was the first western-allied nation that introduced legislation towards a nuclear-free zone. I haven't touched on healthcare and education – internally as a country we are demanding better (after 8 years of a centre-right Government that neglected those areas), however when we observe countries like the States – its just frightening to hear what they put up with (I also know this being married to an American who had to declare bankruptcy after a bad car wreck which killed the driver and he was in hospital for 6 months). I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 2016 – want to know how much I paid for my treatment? nothing! In fact I was partially reimbursed my travel costs – administered by the Ministry of Health and collected by the Cancer Society! So yeah – I don't hold with the 'all white' society being the reason why so many of the smaller European countries do so well – I think if you dig down – its more the progressive attitudes that are likely behind why they do so well.

  13. Im new zealander, the only thing we need to consider- first we have smaller proportions whilst others have more, yet we pay the same. This may lead to money problems. Also, another may be that we owe A LOT of money to other countries. Comment below if there is anything other that NZ needs to work on. This is coming from a young teenager, tell us your opinion on nz.

  14. Britain has looted a dozen of countries ten times of it's size for like more than 3 to 4 hundred years and still barely maintains on top ten list.

  15. Why does the Denmark has the highest frequency in cancer as per thousand people, What could be the reason behind this??Does anyone knows this??

  16. The USA isn't even in the top 10 yet people/immigrants are too dumb to realize that, always wanting to come here blah blah blah. If I was immigrating I'd go to Sweden, Norway, or New Zealand.

  17. 50% comments:People hating on Americans for no reason at all
    25% comments:Americans defending themselves
    12% comments:people being nice to other countries
    12% comments:other good comments
    1% comments:comments like mine

  18. In the last category Natural Environment – Canada 🇨🇦 should be first, being second after Russia in size it has most of its territory inhabited and wild, which means unspoiled. Having access to three oceans it also very conveniently situated. Go Canada go!

  19. ya. this is a propaganda base on GDP. GDP doesn't account for the fact that in The wealthiest 1 percent of American households own 40 percent of the country's wealth, according to a new paper by economist Edward N. Wolff. so How poor is the middle-class living United States base on Economic Quality, Natural Environment, Health, Social Capital, Personal Freedom, Safety and Security, Education, Governance, and Business Environment? PRETTY POOR BUT NOT ACCORDING TO THIS PROPAGANDA PIECE!

  20. I think China should be top at the Safety & Security Charts. I've been travelling to over 80 countries worldwide. And china & Japan are the most safe of all.

  21. But what continent were the People that made this servay from? Could it be that this was made from a European company

  22. What really is prosperity? Living in a highly polluted country with half the population suffering from depression? People don't even have land of their own because of capitalism and aristocracy. This is just white people trying to whitewash us. Stable African countries are the best to live in. I have travelled well enough to know that.

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