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World’s 10 Most Generous Countries

World’s 10 Most Generous Countries

The world is becoming more generous. That’s the good news coming out of the most
recent world giving index, an annual study by the Charities Aid Foundation that provides
insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world. The research firm Gallup asked people from
140 countries around the world whether they had done these charitable activities in the
past month: helping a stranger; donating money to a charity; and volunteering time to an
organization. Each country is given a percentage score and
ranked. These are the top 10 most generous countries. Number 10 is the United Arab Emirates. It jumped up from fourteenth to tenth thanks
to its people’s willingness to help strangers. It’s fifth place ranking in that category
is the highest of any country in the overall top 10, and buoys its overall score after
the UAE had the least amount of people on this list spend time volunteering. Next is Ireland, it’s score is down three
percentage points and is hurt by the second-worse helping strangers score on the top 10. This decline comes as Ireland’s economy
is the fastest growing in Europe for the fourth straight year. Eighth is the United Kingdom. It’s people rank as the seventh most generous
at giving their money away, down four percent from its five year average. However, its volunteering time is up three
points. It will be interesting to see if behaviors
in the UK change as the Brexit situation develops. Taking the seventh spot is Indonesia. It scores in the top three in both donating
money to charity and time spent volunteering. Overall, it leaped up fifteen spots in the
rankings. This could have something to do with the survey
coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan. The Canadians come in sixth. Solid across the board, Canada doesn’t crack
the top ten in any single category–the only country on the list where that’s the case. It’s best ranking is in donating money, although
slightly fewer Canadians did than last year. Sri Lanka is fifth. Its ranking jumped up four places from its
five year average. It’s helping a stranger and donating money
scores are both now in the 60’s, and its volunteering score is the fourth best in the world. Fourth is New Zealand. It is top 10 in donating money and volunteering. Oceana, comprised solely of Australia and
New Zealand, is a conflict free part of the world which allows its more economically well
off people to be more generous with their time and money. Which brings us to Australia, ranked third
on this list. Its overall score is two points higher than
its five-year average, helping it rise to the third spot. Like its regional neighbor New Zealand, its
highest score is in donating money. The United States is ranked second. Its average rank of nine across the three
categories in the survey is best in the world, and its 61% overall score is the same as its
five year average. And the number one ranked country on the world
giving index – for the third year in a row – is Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Its overall score is largely driven by its
91% donating money score. Its heavily Buddhist population donates regularly
to support the country’s monks. Worldwide, people are more altruistic across
all three of the categories in the study. Separating countries by level of development
provides even more insight into the data. We see people in developed places are slightly
less likely to help a stranger. Iraq and Libya are the countries most likely
to help a stranger. The greater need amongst the population in
these war torn places is encouraging more people to be responsive out of sheer necessity. Men are more likely to help a stranger than
women, and those over 50 years old are the least likely age group to do so. On the flip side, the oldest among us are
the most likely to donate money to charity. The people of Turkmenistan are the most likely
to donate their time, thanks to the widespread practice in that country of people spending
their Saturdays volunteering. Again, men are more likely to volunteer than
women, and those over 50 are the least likely age group to volunteer their time. And lastly, these are the continent-wide scores
on each category compared to each other, and their five year averages. Thanks for watching. My intention with this video is to start a
constructive dialogue about giving. While each country’s ranking and scores
should be taken with a grain of salt, this index did help me reflect on what more I can
do to help those around me. The full study is linked below and has recommendations
on how governments can encourage more giving. And, to make sure you’re giving to the charities
that will do the most with your money, I’ve included a link to the Charity Navigator. Until next time, for TDC, I’m Bryce Plank.

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  1. Taking this video with a grain of salt & men contribute the most are the most realistic part of this video. It's not clear how the information was gathered, how does the single that funds more in every possible category get lost? America gives more to charity than all countries combined. We help more than all others in times of disaster, we give away the most of all levels of tech, science, medicine, military, industry, natural disaster, crime fighting, farming knowledge, education, etc., in all industry. The fall of slavery, the rise of governmental structures that give freedoms to the citizens, our constitution is studied to fit more societies to give freedoms, kingdoms have been replaced by American example. Our citizens are blind to the good of this country but I work with many foreigners daily and no one appreciates America and knows why most of the world wants to live here than anywhere else in the world. For all the leftist lies, U.S. approves more legal immigration & more illegals than all nations. Islamic nations ranked higher in this vid only because they are nations that are tightest against foreigners. They are generous only to other Muslims. This video is absolutely misleading.

  2. This video just presented statistics stating that men are more generous than women in each category.

    No comment. Except technically this is a comment. So… no additional comment.

  3. Self reporting survey? Why not go about it based on actual historical figures and statistics? The US is virtually unmatched in the category of giving internationally, the most generous country ever created.

  4. Shame on you for naming terrorist nation Burma as top country in generosity they are on top of killing innocent people genocide of people

  5. I am from india and I can't believe usa got 2nd rank. No offense but I was thinking they won't even be able to get in the top 10. That's what I thought. Don't get me wrong

  6. 2nd isn’t that bad US
    Ima proud citizen
    With all the latest “situations” in our country
    This made me happy. So thank you.

  7. Pakistan. It has taken 3.5 million refugees and have taken refugees since Pakistan wad created. It's the only country with Jus Soli in Asia and you're forced to give to charity if your bank account has a certain level of money.

  8. Burma should be One of the least.. Not the top.. The genocide cleansing they are having against the ruhinga its not charity on any level

  9. these tdc documentaries are for brainless people! o.a.a.a. they are pure lies and propaganda. though they are very professionally made…. so they got the mooooney!!
    but seriously… people get real! or dont think at all!

    these countries give away money to charity right? where ever they thouch people die!! those charities are money used to take control over a country and its resources. these videos are just for personal relations and good image.

  10. After your 2016 trump predictions that you took down.How can anyone trust you when you were so wrong on your predictions and so spineless you took it down?

  11. While I like that you called Oceania a region it isn't just Australia and New Zealand. There are about 20 countries in the region including Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, French Polynesia, Samoa and American Samoa and many more.

    Oceania includes islands in Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica and Asia as well.

  12. The number one Is argentina.. all PeopleSoft came from otheirs country un argentina Is welcome and no discrimina… Is the best country of the world… No hurricane, no war, only peace and love!!!!

  13. Myanmar!!!!!Jokes of the year…. Because Myanmar is Cruel country, they killed lots of Rohingya People…. The state councellor of Maynmar "Aung San Suu Kyi" is a lady "Hitler'..

  14. Some parts of the us may be 2nd but its in poor shape when it comes to helping out the poor and disabled. I have seen countless poor and disabled on street corners south of Seattle. Seattle has 11,500 that live in tent cities "horrible way to live" and Seattle is bowing down to the rich and develoers and wasting tax payer dollars not elminiating the homeless people of our region.

  15. Australia have a Brutal Refugee Policy and it's in number 3 !!! that so weird
    and Myanmar's army has admitted for the first time its soldiers were involved in unlawfully killing Rohingya Muslims in recent violence in Rakhine

  16. Can we have your 2020 election prediction? I'm sure it will be accurate and not biased in every way. Havent you learned not to rely on gallop polls?

  17. when everyone thinks the entire country is killing the rohingyas and conveniently forgets that the country was under a military regime that killed its own monks and peaceful protestors.

  18. Turkey should be on the top of the list Mayanmar no 1 you must’ve been drunk when you took that survey😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I just signed up, because I thought that this is an interesting channel.
    But now I see that this channel is very politicized, so I am signing off. 🙁

  20. That stupied because the state should make it happend that people do not need anything!!! Like healthcare for everyone or cheaphousing for everyone!!!

  21. People from United Kingdom are so bad,in my vacation a Childeren Game flew in the sea and the People from the United Kingdom laughed

  22. Wait they asked people if they did the following….of course they all said we did it all! See how generous we are?!? I would take this with a very large grain of salt. This 'study' is rubbish and unscientific.

  23. Lmao isnt this the same channel that said Hillary would win 400 electoral votes. What a joke for a channel dont believe anything they say.

  24. Who takes this bs serious ….birma .., the outcom tells you that these statistics do not give you a right conclusion…back to the drawing boards idiots.

  25. Forced volunteering isn't the same as volunteering. This channel is a joke. From all the predictions that Trump wasn't going to win the nomination to him not winning the election, to the Russian conspiracy theory that is REAL if you replace Trump with Clinton.

  26. Honestly Pakistan is the most generous country ! I know that a lot of terrorist attacks brought down the reputation of the country but Pakistan is proved to be giving the most charity and donation to the poor and the needy and the city Karachi in Pakistan gives out the most charity and donations in Pakistan ! And thats an amazing fact ! Ive been to Pakistan and they are literally the most hospitable people ever ! If you are a foreigner they will literally give you everything for free ! People in the US and some other countries just wants to fill up their banks ! But the people in Pakistan arent like that! They are more about culture helping others ! And that is what their religion Islam told them !

  27. As the saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted another saying is whenever there's money there's a fiddle

  28. USA really??? how many milion ppl living in streets?? you can not see that modern countrys even you can not see that muslims countrys too… only in poor countrys + USA

  29. I'm American and I personally think that Indians are most generous to the people from foreign countries because I think it is a rule of them also to behave well with foreigners and I'm saying it because I have experienced it.

  30. I find here that most people are just blaming even though they do not even know or have a visit to 🇲🇲 Myanmar in person.

    For me according to my experience, the locals are very honest, kind & truely generous ..I did not even see and feel a single bad attitude being there. I believe it is just overwhelmed by one-sided information of the media.

    Good luck Myanmar & Burmese people totally deserve this title. It is really a peaceful country indeed for me.

  31. from Sri Lanka. I am not sure about volunteering time. I haven't seen many people volunteering for a cause, but that could also be because there are not many organized institutions to take collective action. But helping out a stranger, giving food or whatever the little money they could spare is very common. (and we are very generous with alcohol! if you strike a conversation with a stranger, there is an off-chance of them inviting you for a glass of local arrack) Maybe that's why though there are so many poor people, it is rare for anyone to die of hunger (and also rare to see sober poor people). And Sri Lankans regularly donate blood, and it is not uncommon to find a person who (especially someone passed middle age) who has donated one of their kidneys for a person in need. We have so many issues like racial issues, class issues, political issues and things, but overall Sri Lankans are good folks, I think. They just need some people to set an example.

  32. These "statistics" are horseshit.

    The US gives more money to charity than any country in the world by a significant margin

  33. Bulshit in the year 2017 or 2018 thousands of Muslim people were killed, live burnt and thousands of females were subjected rape by the people of ruling government in connivance of government of Myanmar

  34. I delight in seeing Muhamaddane getting pissed at my country! 😎 Fact doesn’t care about your feeling. Take note of that Muslims. You people have been killing people of other faith since 1400 till now.

  35. It just based on statistical reaserch. Don't take it too deep if our country is not include in the chart.. thier judgement actually not effect our life..

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