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WORLD ORDER  “Let’s start WW3”

WORLD ORDER “Let’s start WW3”

“We, assembled here today…” “… are issuing a new decree…” “… to be heard in every city…” “… in every foreign capital…” “… and in every hall of power.” “From this day forward…” “… a new vision will govern our land.” “From this day forward…” “… it’s going to be only…” “… America First.” “America First!” In our boring daily lives A man who heralds the end For the sake of saving the world Has finally appeared He’s both rich and tall He can pro-wrestle and he’s smart too Like a real hero
Right out of a film Let’s Start World War 3! We’re gonna have a party! I yearn for your blonde hair
and blue eyes Wherever you go We will follow you Let’s start World War 3! We’re gonna have a party! Let’s start World War 3! Let’s grab them by the pussy! America’s greatest hero! Let’s start World War 3! “We will make America Wealthy again…” “We will make America Proud again…” “We will make America Safe again…” “… and yes, together…” “We Will Make America great again!”

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  1. Illuminati much with the hand signals and floors and yellow. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Eat that cabal satanist!!!!

  2. If you have eyes to see you will see that this video points to an attack on Seattle maybe in a football stadium on 11/3/2019. Research it and research predictive programming

  3. Very Funny. Here in America we call that Freedom if Speech. Over in squinty eye land they call that Crime against the State punushable by Death after they take your organs outta your body while still wide awake and alive…..

  4. I know not with what weapons WW4 will be fought with, but WW3 will be fought with synchronized dancing!

    Edit: They just want to test their Gundams…

  5. So all these 6 dancers are products of Masonic/M K Ultra
    'Wherever you go, we will follow you' they are mentioning the social media Apps like Google Chrome, GMail, Facebook, Playstore, Google Maps were designed like Masonic Symbols.
    Exactly @ 3:38 it was focused into "We are all one"

  6. Japan takes practically 0 refugees and has very strict immigration policies. Ever seen any Japanese "Missionaries"? Me neither.

    Japan has put "Japan First" for its entire existence. You have no right to lecture others.

  7. Я один не понял, или они хотят "взять за киску Трампа, героя Америки"?

  8. This is a good jam. I love japanese music. This was uploaded on my brothers birthday. Why did they have to say let's grab them by the p***y. I hate that p word. I love Seattle and really want to visit it.

  9. Wow I looked up the seattle ww3 conspiracy video and I can't believe people are actually taking it seriously, all he is doing is pointing out random parts of the video and connecting it to whatever he wants.

  10. These people should be cleaning up Fukushima instead of this nonsense! We are not all 1 as God will soon separate the wheat 🌾 from the tares! Tares will be burnt in an eternal fire 🔥 soon!

  11. Wow those guys are warning everyone about a false flag attack on 3/11/2019 how based. Wait no they're not they all got down on their knees and sucked the cocks of members from the same organization who decided to attack Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nukes! Dumbasses! Illuminati changed for the better and wants world peace? OK lets import infinity 70 IQ Africans like in Europe! Prime Minister Abe decided to do that "coincidently" after his visit to Israel where he was served soup in a shoe. Orange Mad Bad for wanting to end America's stupid policy that makes China financially stronger and America weaker and that would never ever have negative long term consequences for Japan! You assholes must really like sucking old Jew cock and fucking child sex slaves from Thailand on a pile of money you will never be able to spend while living in a cement bunker!

  12. Prompts for my fav anime of all time poster in the video Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. Which shockingly predicts both Japanese and America's future. You think this video and music group has deep symbolism? LOL. Go watch GiTS. Not that American sellout sh*t with Scarlett Johansson.. watch the anime.

  13. I love how there's so. many. fat people once they're in America. Almost as if our life style is inherently unhealthy.

  14. So much Freemason symbolism in Japanese music too huh? Wake up people, the 1% are letting us know what they are planning on doing through the tel lie vision.

  15. Something big is coming on November 3rd to Seattle Washington. Notice the Seattle Seahawks logo at 2:33. November 3rd is a Sunday, Sun worship day. Stay vigilant and safe to my fellow Americans and stay out of the city and warn the others to do the same.

  16. WW2 сделал Японию родиной больших роботов, разной херни, японской рекламы, аниме и хентая. Я боюсь что может сделать с Японией WW3

  17. if anything happens in Seattle on November third we are rounding these dweebs up and throwing them on the front lines of ww3.

  18. This is a disgusting video. Anyone who was involved with this – you have Karma Coming. What will it be like in hell for you? I wonder.. GG with that

  19. I just have discovered this video from Spain. 100% Mason. They really want to start WWIII to create a one world government. DANGER. DANGER. DANGER.

  20. The Rotshild promised you a place in the bunker? what do you sing it. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not enough for you?

  21. Awesome music and would love to purchase “Lets Start WW3”. Please make it available for sale Itunes!! Great songs you create!!!

  22. I watched also the other songs and I asked me always where they have this "secret" knowledge…

    I mean there is so much symbolism always, everything is perfect…
    Are they Freemasons of the 30th grade or higher or what???

  23. oh my god!!!! I´m shocked. You Really want a WW3???????

    ich bin wirklich geschockt, dass es tatsächlich Menschen gibt die sich den WW3 ja regelrecht herbei wünschen und das auch noch zelebrieren.
    Liebe Band, ich frage mich ob ihr ÜBERHAUPT versteht WAS ihr euch da wünscht!? Reist doch bitte mal nach Syrien, Ukraine oder Afghanistan und schaut euch an was KRIEG bedeutet.

  24. Illuminati Freemason want to start a WAR in Seattle Washington ,the 44th week, November 3, 2019. At the football game Seattle Seahawks versus Tampa Bay skulls and bones.The deep state must be arrested for the mafia criminal corruption and inhumanTreatment of people.

  25. Well you start it and you will die first lol Donald trump when he loses to russia he will suicide like hitler in an doomsday bunker

  26. How the heck this video got so many likes? People are you dumb? As if its normal..? Or maybe fun?! ok! Hahaha let's have some fun! 😡
    But you know what, thanks for the warn!

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