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Working at J-PAL Global: Policy Associate

Working at J-PAL Global: Policy Associate

Hi my name is Yuen Ho and I’m a Policy Associate at J-PAL Global. I joined J-PAL just a little over a year ago. What initially got me interested in J-PAL was reading Poor Economics when I was studying economics in my undergraduate and really getting introduced to the idea of rigorous impact evaluations and randomized evaluations to bring evidence and science to international development and to issues of poverty. I thought that method was really exciting and compelling and then in graduate school when I was getting my master’s degree I interned with IPA in Uganda and had the opportunity to actually work on a randomized evaluation in the field and see what that entire process was like. At J-PAL I work broadly on our political economy and governance sector where I manage our Governance Initiative. I also help manage our policy publications and serve as a liaison to our MENA region. Something that I find really rewarding is working on our Governance Initiative. It’s an initiative that funds new randomized evaluations on topics related to improving state capacity, reducing corruption and leakages, and improving political participation. It’s exciting to be a part of the entire process from reviewing the literature to find open questions that we think need more evidence to actually funding that research on those topics and then also conducting policy outreach, matchmaking events, managing relationships with our donors, and disseminating the results from the research that we funded. The entire process is really exciting to be a part of. Beyond that one of my favorite things about working at J-PAL are the people that I work with. We have a small team at J-PAL Global and everyone here is incredibly hard-working and talented and motivated and really believes in the mission and that makes it all the more rewarding when you enjoy your colleagues.

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