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Work Opportunities for People with Disabilities | Invisible Disabilities

Work Opportunities for People with Disabilities | Invisible Disabilities

and our final award tonight it’s the
corporate award oh yeah yes it goes to big round of applause Paula Vieillet and
Employment Options they’ve been selected to be the 2019 recipient of the
Invisible Disabilities Association Corporate Award through her
passionate leadership as CEO of Employment Options Paula has helped to
create successful resources which provide employment opportunities in hope for people living with illness and pain and disability daily ladies and
gentlemen a big round of applause and dang does that dress look cute Paula
Paula Vieillet Employment Options who would’ve guessed back in 2002 when I first started doing ticket to work and helping people on Social Security Disability and
Social Security Income and I placed 16 people that year who would guess that this year already we have placed double the people in this room [audience applause and cheers] thanks to my staff thanks to Invisible
Disabilities for this great honor and privilege I didn’t just start doing job placement it kind of found me and for me invisible
disabilities has always been part of my life my family I have to thank my family
my mom died when I was 16 from an invisible disability and before she died
she she had a really great job somebody a dentist that hired her to
be a receptionist and that just made me feel so good and then my dad had
invisible disabilities he was Type A times five he had a heart
attack at 40 well I’m a chip off the old block I got his entrepreneurial spirit I’ve got his fire I would say that I’m only
about a Type A one and a half though right Emio so I thank my family my sister who’s
been with me all the time and helped us grow as a company
I thank my board of directors who supports me and gives me great advice
and their Toastmasters too so thanks Toastmasters for making us such great
speakers and I have to thank the Ticket to Work Program the Social Security
Administration I’m gonna thank the Social Security Administration for this
incredible program that helps so many people by providing choice of providers
now you can choose who you want to help you go back to work it’s great I thank I so support the mission of Invisible Disabilities of awareness advocacy and resources and we are just delighted to be able to be a resource to
this community [audience applause and cheers]

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