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Woman Forcibly Dragged From Legislature Meeting For Reading List Of Reps’ Campaign Donors

Woman Forcibly Dragged From Legislature Meeting For Reading List Of Reps’ Campaign Donors

This past Friday in the State of West Virginia,
the House of Delegates, specifically the House Judiciary Committee of the House of Delegates
for the State of West Virginia, decided to hold public comment on a bill that would allow
the fracking injury to come into somebody else’s property and drill there without that
land owner’s consent. Lissa Lucas, a woman who’s actually running
for the House of Delegates, decided to use her time on the floor to read a list of the
oil and gas company donations made to members of that House Judiciary Committee, and it
went pretty much exactly as you would expect it to go. Take a look at what happened to Ms. Lucas
in this video. Thank you Mr. Secretary. Lissa Lucas followed by Scott Wyndham. It’s Lissa Lucas, and first I’d just like
to say that no jobs will be created by this. If we could get a guarantee of jobs, that
would be great. I’d also like to point out that the people
who are going to be speaking in favor of this bill are all going to be paid by the industry,
and the people who are going to be voting on this bill are also often paid by the industry. For example, and I have to keep it short simply
because the public only gets a minute, 45, while lobbyists can throw a gala at the Marriott
with whisky and wine and talk for hours to the delegates. So to keep it short, on the Judiciary Committee,
Charlotte Lane, about $10,000 from gas and oil interests including AEP, Marathon, FirstEnergy,
Dominion, EQT, and I could go on. His money come [inaudible 00:01:47] including
Dominion, EQT, FirstEnergy, [inaudible 00:01:56] I want to finish. [inaudible 00:01:58]. Drag me off then. People deserve someone [inaudible 00:02:05]
fight for the people and not corporations. [inaudible 00:02:08] information, I’m very
sorry that [inaudible 00:02:14]. The next speaker would be- So as Lissa Lucas is sitting there reading
these names, they decide, first and foremost, they’re going to cut off her microphone so
she can no longer speak or at least so nobody can hear her. Then security comes over, tries to get her
out, and she says “Well, you’re going to have to drag me out.” They did exactly that. And the whole way, as you can see in the video,
that she’s being dragged out, she is trying to try the truth. The truth is that that House of Delegates
is owned by the oil and gas companies, and it’s no different across the country. It’s no different in Washington D.C. What this woman was trying to do was read
it into the House record so that everyone could see it. You wouldn’t have to go searching campaign
donation websites because, once again, at the state level, it’s a little bit trickier
to navigate those. She wanted everyone to know why this House
of Delegates was sponsoring this particular piece of legislation to essentially take away
your property without your consent and give it to the fracking industry. This is the kind of person that we need in
the government, somebody who understands the damaging effects that campaign money has on
policy. That is what we need, not just in West Virginia
but all over the country and certainly in Washington D.C. People like Lissa Lucas scare the hell out
of Republicans, and they should because if more people were like her, if more people
understood who was buying our politicians and what they were getting in return, then
maybe we’d get some reforms on the books. Maybe we’d take corporate campaign cash out
of elections because the more that people understand this issue, the more they want
it gone.

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  2. Thank you to this woman for speaking the truth! Corporate money needs to be outlawed immediately. Shame on any politician who puts their greed ahead of the people they were elected to serve.

  3. So, when will Mr. Alex Jones, you know the one that's supposed to be fighting against the elites, gonna show this video and cover this? Oh, that's right, never. Cuz, he's a major fraud.

  4. Money talks and the state has to suffer from the greed of the oil and gas industry and a trump governor who dosen't even live in West Virginia he live in New Jersey politics is dirty be it state or federal government

  5. How dare this American citizen expose corruption in West Virginia, one of the most corrupt states in America, and that is quite a distinction.

  6. She'll 0.5 percent of the vote. Passionate people come off as crazy. Evil sadists speak calmly. And now she's got smear material. "Had to be dragged off the floor screaming like a loon." And it gets worse when you're dealing with bumpkins. "Yeah hes vote let a cumpknee pollute muh backyar' but I like his position on Jesus. Plus benzene is what plants crave."

  7. I hope she wins. But the extent to which big coal and gas have captured that state – and not just the gov. The people bend over for them too – make that unlikely. The people she was fighting for probably cheered when she was being removed. Let's face it, WV is practically a slave state. You either work for Massey or you're unemployed.

  8. Everyone in america has adopted this "not my problem" attitude.

    Oh he got laid off?
    Not my problem.
    They got arrested during a peaceful protest?
    Not my problem.
    She's working 2 jobs and still cant afford to live on her own?
    Not my problem.
    Oh he died because of his healthcare?
    Not my problem.

    Its a morality problem, its an integeraty problem. Our government has none.

    Its a humanitarian problem. The people of America have no balls/ guts/ fortitude/ backbone.

    We have just accepted the shit that our elected officials do in our name.

  9. How disgusting, just shows how worried they were about what she had to say, spineless creatures!!!!! Trousering money they know they shouldn't have taken, buying votes from people pretending to be doing the best they can for the folk they represent, they should have the courage of their convictions and own up to what they have taken in return for their support if they truly believe they have done nothing wrong. We all saw the truth as soon as the mic was switched off to stop the truth from being spoken, spineless scammers in it for what they can get…..vile creatures!

  10. HUH!! your politics is really resembling our mexican one. We´re not so different after all amigos jajaja. Still, our analphabet president knows how to behave overseas

  11. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain seated until the time machine comes to a full stop. The current weather is a balmy 42 degrees with a chance of showers later in the afternoon. Enjoy your stay and WELCOME TO 1933 GERMANY!"

  12. The House is corrupt, but the SENATE IS FAR WORSE!!! We here in West Virginia are RED UP WITH THESE CORRUPT PRACTICES AND NEED PROPER REPRESENTATIVES!!!

  13. Guess the GOP/our 'representatives' hates free speech and the people's strength. How quickly U.S. has become a totalitarian nation. And bravo for Lisa Lucas!

  14. the supposed party of personal liberty, supposed party of the rights of the individual, supposed party that's against the use of eminent domain, can't get enough of screwing over the common man if there's a dollar in it for them. They talk about how they are all about fighting for the rights of the individual, but invariably side with money rather than actually act on what they claim to be the core tenants of their platform.

  15. Women will NOT be silenced. You can cut off our mike or even cut our vocal cords. We will find a way. We will win. The future is female.

  16. This type of thing happens all the time, i see things like this in my own council in England. Its time people demanded that theses people are investigated and thrown out of there positions.

  17. She SHOULD have the right to read off the full list of people profitting and destroying lives! BRAVA! Takes courage and committment, she deserved to be heard, she'll make a fine elected official!

  18. Coal companies used a similar tactic in Kentucky. It was somehow made possible for them to buy the mineral rights to already privately owned land. Don't want a coal mine under your house? Move.

  19. And that is public domain information. And they all should resign from that committee right now and be ready for indictments!

  20. Utterly disgraceful – that woman is a true American patriot.

    Us foreigners expected more from 'The Land of the Free' than this.

    America seriously needs its Bastille Day, and the heads of the establishment on both sides of the isle should be mounted on spikes throughout the nation as a warning.

  21. By dragging her off, rather than letting her finish the 30 seconds she had left, has caused this to go viral. THIS is how stupid the GOP clowns are. We must vote LIARS, crooks and thieves OUT of office. These fat bastards have been pigging at the trough for decades. VOTE then OUT. Vote lying rapists and lying thieves OUT in Nov and in 2020.


    Every state that has been fracked was beautiful once – before this worthless outdated industry was allowed to flourish at the 100% expense of our drinking water.

    It is appalling how fast these corrupt politicians will sell their souls to these corporations which are run by the Kakistocracy. The next ques5tion is how many of those bought off politicians aspire to attebd the Bilderberg Meetings someday – their new tower of power.

  23. I know here in south Caroline there debating off shore drilling now. where are you libtards!!? looks like this is going to happen to every coastal state? speak up for the truth for a change

  24. (sorry if this is a duplicate, my browser crapped out)
    What, at least, was the list of donors? Someone should contact her and attach the info to this story.

  25. So sad ! What is it going to take for people to stand up for people like her ? People need to stand for America or we are all going to fall ! The truth matters people !! Pray for her please ! She is telling you what John F Kennedy spoke about that had him killed !!! Bless her !

  26. agree with what is said until he points to republicans as being the problem. The problem exists in democratic party too. Present the facts only and do not introduce your own bias.

  27. So, West Virginia has become a joke state. Freedom of expression is no longer tolerated in WV. Surprise, surprise. Look, democracy is being shown the door by the corporate corrupt…..

  28. I was going to share this. Till he decided to point a finger. And separate. And blame Republicans cause no one in the democratic party isn't guilty😂👌

  29. On what legal grounds did security remove her? I hope she sues the state of WV, the security, those who authorized her removal and causes a REALLY big public display!

  30. I support the oil and gas industry 100% I support it involuntarily through its theft of my tax dollars and its corruption of America's politicians. EVERY industry and all corporations have infiltrated and bought-off our govt representatives at the federal, state and local levels. and they own the mainstream media and internet as well. the ELITE have always corrupted our nation but today its more blatant than ever through corporate lawyers directly writing our laws, the privatization of govt institutions and placing wealthy profiteers directly into unelected cabinet posts. and there's MUCH corporate collusion being kept secret under the guise of "national security!" THEY WON'T STOP. who's gonna stop 'em? REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION!

  31. The oil giants bribed everbody in Charleston YEARS before they came to the area!!!!…. Now they have bribed cops, sheriffs, state police, county commissioners, and mayors all over the state!!!……The oil giants moved tens of thousands of illegals into the region for the initial contruction and not ONE cop, sheriff, or ICE agent EVER did or said ANYTHING!!!!!…….Now there are hundreds of thousands of out of state workers in the area and NONE are required to pay for a dtivers license, registration,or personal property tax!!!!!!……The criminals in Chartleston in FACT have let these out of state illegal residents steal tens of millions in personal property taxes alone!!!!!……

  32. She's received 40 Thousand Dollars in Campaign Donations. She did this as an Publicity stunt… Literally none of you know the situation…. Look into Jefferson's Rules of Procedure you can't call delegates out by their name but if she were to call them out by their district that would of been fine. You only Discuss Important Business with Rules of Procedure.

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