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Will Trump’s North Korea move be a foreign policy triumph?

Will Trump’s North Korea move be a foreign policy triumph?

29 comments on “Will Trump’s North Korea move be a foreign policy triumph?

  1. Far-left Democrats and crazy leftist Liberals are more of a threat to our freedoms and our way of life than any foreign country will ever be

  2. Or… un-hung-goon playing Trump like a 3 dollar fiddle with an ugly surprise waiting for him….and us? After all, he does appear to be insane enough for just about anything.

  3. IF he does it, it will be nice.
    I sincerely doubt he will do it. My money is on him saying something incredibly stupid and offending Kim.

  4. Larry Korb should have taken a nap, drank some coffee or something before he came on this show. Kiron Skinner just finished saying that is not a negotiation, just a talk. He immediately comes back with Tillerson has said he didn't think we should have negotiations.

  5. If you have to act like a meeting that may happen in a few months is a "triumph", you're pretty desperate for a win.

  6. Korb is just another “Israel First” shill whose main concern is to protect the Petro-Dollar, and the Federal Reserve. He’s an excellent representative of the people who have given us endless war on fake terrorism and made it impossible for American children to get a first class education or healthcare.

  7. Come on, folks. Kim Jung Un knows he can’t fight the losing battle. Plan B for him is to find a solution to exile safety. These people in the video talk out of their ass.

  8. So, what Ms. Skinner is saying is along the lines of the definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Point taken, but why would we assume that what hasn't worked for decades is on us? Why is the lack of desired results not due to what NK has been doing for decades? I see her point, but I lean toward Mr. Skinner's opinion. But, not far.

    If people believe this meeting is a good thing, fine I guess, but it should not be in NK. We ain't friends and there is no point implying such. I think traveling there is some kind of ego boost for Trump and it is definitely an ego boost for the Li'l Un. This should be somewhere off-shore and if it is anything but brief it will be an indication that the West got played once again.

  9. Of course and will make Obama even more of a joke. Get this, Obama tried for 8 years. Now Trump may have this in his basket in year 2. Imagine that? The Donald, the supposedly clueless outsider, takes care of NK without firing a single fart! It must be a tough one to swallow for die-hard Obama butt-lickers eh 😀

  10. Kim is just trying to buy more time to advance his weapons. Its a lie and he is up to something bad. He will never give up his nuclear weapons.

  11. Funny, when Obama wanted to talk with north korea everybody in fox news lost their minds, but when Trump is going to talk to North korea no body freaks out in fox news because its all part of the plan. It just show the right can sometimes be hypocritical as the left.

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