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“Wild Country” – Marty Falle

“Wild Country” – Marty Falle

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of rattlesnake’s honey And wild as a peach orchard hog
But she’s gooder than grits and I love her big lips
So I try to get her to ride along Yeah they call her Wild Country
She can ride a wild bull like a Chris LeDoux
While she sucks on Red Man Chew But she’s hotter than a two dollar pistol
boy When she starts flashing those baby blues
Yeah they call her Wild Country Boy Howdy, she’s Wild Country
The police are on her like stink on a polecat
She’s always into trouble like that She’s wearin’ next to nothin’
And poppin’ every button Then says, “Boy, what are you lookin’ at?”
She’s purtier than a mess of fried catfish
Tells me I’m your wishbone And to go make a wish
The boys in the county call her Trish the Dish
Or Hot Mama kin Sweet Delish
I just call her Wild Country I just call her Wild Country
Wild Country She’s baby soft, country cool
Wild country Everybody wants to get with you
Honeysuckle, pumpernickel
Motorcycle, George Dickel It all sounds good to me
Mud-runnin, Shot-gunnin’ Jimmie Johnson, Sticky bunnin’
Baby, you’re the one for me!
Cadillac, hit the sack Trim it back, outta whack
Baby, you’re killin’ me IRoc, Gamecock, Mr. Spock, Tic-Tock
It’s all just tellin’ me
She says it ain’t no thing but a chicken wing When she comes to hear me play and sing
I try so hard to be avant-garde And get that sweet thing to look at me
Yeah, I love that Wild Country yeah, I love that Wild Country}

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