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Why You Should Stop Complaining About Your Country

Why You Should Stop Complaining About Your Country

Whenever we publish a video on this channel,
we always take time to go through a few comments and whenever I read through the comments on
our videos, I often read things like, “This cannot work in my country,” “Political leaders
have destroyed my country,” “America was better years ago,” “African leaders have destroyed
the economy,” etc. In today’s video, I want to tell you the reasons
why you should stop complaining about your country. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so
that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Here is my personal story
When I was around age 17, one of my step-brothers came to me with a form. Upon checking the form, I saw that it was
a US Visa Lottery Form. I felt insulted that my brother wanted me
to run away from my country, because of money so I didn’t fill that form. About two weeks after when my brother got
to know that I didn’t fill the form he gave me, he was angry with me. As I grew up in my country, one major thing
I noticed is that everyone wants to run away from our country. They complain about poverty and unemployment
and they think that the other side of the world is green. I’ve always believed that it’s insulting for
me to think that any other country in the world is better than my country or to think
that there are no opportunities for wealth creation in my country. Today, I make more money from my country than
most people who have run away to places they consider greener pasture and before some of
you starts to fight me in the comment, I’m from a poor country in Africa, so you wouldn’t
think that I’m lucky and that’s why I talk this way. Don’t close your mind
Think about this. As you concentrate on this video with your
eyes, you cannot see anything else except you shift your attention away from this video. This is because your eyes can only concentrate
on a single object at a time. The same thing applies to your mind. Your mind cannot hold two beliefs at the same
time so when you believe that your country is bad, your mind will look for facts to convince
you of such belief. If you’re an American, for example, and believe
that the corporate guys have destroyed your country, your mind will help you look for
evidence to support such belief and the more you reinforce such false belief, the less
opportunity for wealth creation you’ll see in your country. If you’re an African and you believe everything
the whole world is saying about your continent, then, your only goal would be to run away
from your country. You’ll pursue this with all your might. I know people who take a loan from a bank
because they wanted to go to Europe from Africa. Thousands die in the Mediterranean Sea every
month, just because they have made their mind to believe that their country is doomed. Don’t close your mind from the opportunities
in your country by complaining about everything. Instead, learn how to solve the problem everyone
is complaining about. Problem and Money
I don’t know why most people don’t get this simple thing; the problem is money. I have understood that money is an inside
problem since I was a young guy. With this mindset, whenever I hear people
complaining about things in my country, I simply think about how I can create a solution
to one or two things they are complaining about. Don’t get me wrong. You can never have the power to solve certain
problems in your country but if you’re positive minded, there may be the one you can solve
and that one is enough to make you all the money you ever need. Take for instance; while growing up, one of
the major problems everyone in my country complains about is the problem of unemployment. When I heard people complaining that there
was no job in my country, instead of joining them complaining, I told myself, “I’ll create
a company that gives people jobs.” Yes, it wasn’t easy as I had to sacrifice
8 years of my life trying to figure out how to achieve my dream. But today, I have a company that gives people
good jobs. Yes, I’ve not been able to employ a hundred
people yet. But does it matter? What matters is that I created jobs for certain
people through a company that makes me enough money to pay them and myself comfortably and
this is possible only because I believe in my country. The problem in your country is money. Stop complaining about them. Look for one or two problems you can solve
and love your country for whatever it is. You can hate the politician
Yes, you can hate politicians, but don’t hate your country because your country is your
mother, she gave birth to you. Most people don’t get this; politicians are
humans. You may decide not to like any human beings
and that’s fine. But that doesn’t have to affect your love
for your country. Some people hate entrepreneurs and that’s
fine. You may not like entrepreneurs but don’t hate
entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship is the easiest way to solve a significant
problem and make a whole lot of money doing so. The reason why it’s important that you love
your country and believe in her is that you can’t help who you hate. Your country needs you to help her. Your country needs more entrepreneurs and
she depends on you. Your country needs to produce more innovative
products and services for the world and she depends on you to come up with it. This is only possible if you love your country. How can you solve a problem in your country
when you wake up every day to complain about everything? How can you help your country when you don’t
believe in her? Excuse makers
I’ve heard so many people say that those who are rich are mostly those who came from the
middle class or a rich family. That’s a mere belief and not a fact because
fact shows exactly the opposite of that. According to Thomas J. Stanley’s book, ‘The
Millionaire Next Door’ only 20% of millionaires inherited their riches. The other 80% is what you’d call nouveau riche:
first-generation millionaires who earned their cash on their own. Nobody is stopping you. Stop making excuses. Be open-minded and seek opportunities for
wealth creation. The land is green & the bill is high
Some countries of the world are poor but when you work on their street, you’ll not see a
single normal, educated human being who is homeless. Some other countries of the world are very
rich, but they have thousands of hardworking, educated, yet, homeless people. While is this so? Well, though the land is green on the other
side, the bill is high too. If you’re an African and you have a friend
who lives in California and earns $30,000 a year; that is a lot of money in your country
but this guy is poorer than most people in your country because of the reality of where
he lives. That’s the truth. If you’re starting a business in the United
States, for example, you have all these social amenities readily available for you. But you also have all these legal processes
and tough competitions. If you’re starting a company in India or Africa,
you lack many amenities but you have less sophisticated competition. Why am I telling you all these? It’s simple; if you divorce your wife because
she doesn’t dress well, you’ll marry another wife but she will use all your money to buy
pieces of jewelry because she dresses too much. Nowhere is perfect in the world. Every nation has its own headaches. You can travel anywhere you like or even live
in any country of your choice but always remember your country isn’t as bad as you believe. Your complaint and excuses are what closed
your mind to the opportunities around you. Stop complaining. Stop making excuses. Start creating solutions. Thank you so much for watching our videos. If you love the subject of money, we’re glad
to invite you to our new channel. We call it MONEY TV and you can join by clicking
the link at the description box. We Love You!

16 comments on “Why You Should Stop Complaining About Your Country

  1. When you complain you close yourself from different opportunities but when you ask yourself "How can I do this?" you open yourself up to these opportunities. Great video. Love from a small youtuber πŸ™‚

  2. I am from Iran, here we are sanctioned and the economy is really bad and everything is three times that of 2 year ago the political are embezzling our national money and if you want to start a business you have to give bribe to everyone and the people are very angry and wherever you go in inside family or outside the talks are about how awful is the countryπŸ˜”
    But your video made me happy

  3. We need to stop πŸ›‘ complaining and start getting rid of these β€˜Powers that Be’ who wants to control the World 🌎!! These β€˜Powers that Be’ will not win because they are dividing our Country! Together we stand, divided we fall-!!

  4. Use the potential of your country. Your country is your motherland. Respect your country to respect yourself.

  5. We should stop complaining about anything. The more we complain the more we attract things to complain about. πŸ˜‰

  6. You've raise my mental education so high…..I look forward to the day when I make this up,I will let you know how amazing you've change me…..thanks man

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