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Why Vatican City is the Weirdest Country on Earth

Let me ask you something real quick, what
in your opinion is the weirdest country on Earth? I’m not looking for special, fact-based
answers, I just want gut feelings. What country are you thinking of? North Korea? Liechtenstein? Bhutan? The US? (We are absolutely a weird country) Well feel
free to discuss your picks in the comments, but if you’re good at reading titles, you’ll
know my pick: Vatican City. So why did I pick Vatican City, and can I
string together a bunch of different facts to kind of prove my argument but really just
take up 6-8 minutes of your time? Well yeah, this is KhAnubis you’re watching. Okay, this is Earth, this is the Afro-Eurasian
landmass, and this is Europe, where Vatican City is located. Now the Vatican is a city-state, but we’re
going to have to zoom in way further to see where it is. There’s Italy, there’s Lazio, there’s
the city of Rome, and here’s Vatican City, the smallest country in the world in terms
of both physical size (at around 0.44 km^2) and population (with a population of around
800). Superimposed over Berlin, the country is barely
larger than Alexanderplatz. The Vatican’s small size also brings with
it the challenges it faces acting like other sovereign nations, which is where I’d argue
it starts truly becoming quite strange. For one, literally the only way you can get
in or out is through Italy, the Vatican is landlocked (and doesn’t even reach the Tiber
River), doesn’t have any air travel because it’s physically smaller than most airports,
and only has a small railway branch line that only serves tourists once a week. Combined with how impossible it is to enter
the Vatican without going through Italy, and the crowds of tourists coming in for a few
hours during their trip to Rome, and it makes it kind of obvious why they are basically
treated as a kind of extension of the Schengen Area (also they have no hotels, so it’s
really just a day-trip destination). So why does this place exist? Well I’m sure it’s painfully obvious,
but one word: Catholicism. The Vatican is what’s left of the Papal
States, and is the seat of the Holy See and the Bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope. As such it essentially serves as a kind of
capital of the Roman Catholic Church around the world. The Pope is, as I’m sure you already know
from that CGP Grey video, also the king of Vatican City, and has first and final say
over everything that happens within its borders. This includes the notable question of Vatican
citizenship. The citizens of Vatican City consist of the
Cardinals, diplomats of the Holy See, and members of the Swiss Guard. Since the Vatican is basically the capital
of the Catholic Church (to blatantly oversimplify everything) the Vatican populace is 100% Roman
Catholic, and since you have to be a man to so much as become a Catholic priest, it is
also 100% male. Perhaps related to the fact that the Vatican
population is made up entirely of celebate men (and there are no hospitals), no one is
born a Vatican citizen, meaning that 100% of the Vatican populace is also an immigrant. Here’s another wack thing about this little
country, the entire country is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Actually that’s kind of a lie, the country
is actually contained within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that being the entire Historic
Center of Rome. The site covers all of Rome’s actually historic
center, the Vatican itself, and the properties held by the Holy See in Rome outside the Vatican,
of which there are actually quite a few, including the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls,
the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, Palace of St. Callixtus, as well as the Palace of
the Holy Office (which is literally just outside the country) and the Paul VI Audience Hall,
of which the throne room is literally within the Vatican, guys was Italy really this nitpicky
about all this? While we’re all talking about how weird
of a country Vatican City is, and how many extraterritorial holdings it has, perhaps
we should also briefly talk about the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, also based in Rome. This sovereign entity, not to be confused
with the very-much actual country of Malta, is a somewhat secretive order that originally
ran a hospital in Jerusalem before the Crusades, and then became a military order during the
Crusades. They are now based in Rome, which also holds
the only territory they technically hold, that being their headquarters and other holdings. This makes the city of Rome home to three
different sovereign governments (obviously including the Italian Republic). After hearing about all these strange facts
about the place, surely you’re probably wondering to yourself, is Vatican City truly
a country? Is it really fair to call it a country if
it doesn’t function as a country normally does? Yes, it is. The Vatican is recognized as a country by
basically everyone, including Italy itself, even if it may function less as a country
and more as an independent, semi-neutral territory for the Catholic Church to conduct their business
without the interference of local politics. It’s a little like how the UN Headquarters
in New York, although in the United States, is not subject to the same laws as its surroundings;
or if we’re willing to stretch this definition, like how Washington DC is a federal district
of the United States that isn’t part of any state, allowing the federal government
to conduct itself without the interference of state politics, although that’s definitely
pushing it since DC is actually inhabited by, you know, normal people. The Vatican might be a weird country compared
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