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Why is CONGO one of the POOREST COUNTRIES in the World? – VisualPolitik EN

Why is CONGO one of the POOREST COUNTRIES in the World? – VisualPolitik EN

Look at your Mobile phone for a second. If you opened it up, you would see something
similar to this… …lots of microchips, small semiconductors
and circuits. In order to manufacture all of this, you need
a very special element: TANTALUM. Where does this tantalum come from? Well, mainly from one country: the Democratic
Republic of CONGO. One of the World’s poorest countries. It’s impossible to estimate how many people
have died in order to manufacture the phone you have in your hands right now. Tantalum is one of the most highly demanded
materials on the planet. And Congo has the largest reserves. It could be an enormous source of wealth to
them. A country that also has lots of natural resources. Nonetheless, Congo is one of the poorest and
most violent countries on Earth. And believe me, their history is much more
complex than those clickbait articles you’ve found on your twitter feed. So why is Congo so poor? In this video, we’ll tell you the story. Congo was featured in that movie ‘Gorillas
in the mist’. It’s funny, because we don’t know anything
about this country, despite how often pop culture references it… We’re talking about one of the biggest countries
on the planet. It has more than 80 million inhabitants living
within a territory the size of Western Europe. And oh boy! They have a hell of a fortune under their
feet: cobalt, gold and, of course, COLTAN. Coltan is the ore that tantalum is taken from. So we all have products imported from Congo
in our home. Many of you might say: wow! They’re so lucky, having so many natural
resources, right? In fact, the opposite is true. All this gold, cobalt and, especially, coltan,
is actually a curse for Congo. Yes, my dear viewers, Congo is one of the
poorest countries on the planet. And we’re talking about so called absolute
poverty here. Most of the population lives on less than
a dollar a day. Starvation is common. And guerrilla warfare is so typical in this
country that it’s no longer newsworthy. But you already know this. The question is… Why? And the answer is a combination of all the
bad things we usually mention here on VisualPolitik: wars, bad governance, corruption and, of course,
colonialism. Imagine all of this on a massive scale and
you have a good high level picture of Congo. So… OK! Done! We already know why Congo is so poor. End of the story… right? Oh come on! This is VisualPolitik. The case of Congo is unique in history. We can’t even compare it with other African
nations. So, if you know VisualPolitik, you already
know that we’re going to cover all the details about this country. Including the result of their latest elections. So the question here is… Why is Congo so poor? Why do we say that their natural resources
are a curse? And… the most important question of all… Can their brand new president lift this curse? Today we’re going to answer all of these
questions but, before we do, let’s take a look back at the history. HOW TO PRIVATIZE A COUNTRY In the year 1877, king Leopold II of Belgium
bought Congo. Yes, you heard that right. Usually, when we talk about colonization,
we mean a country conquering another one, right? Well, so here’s the first unique thing about
this story. What we know today as Congo was a land with
many tribes, and a land with a huge potential to grow rubber. In a time when pneumatics were being produced
on a mass scale, rubber was in high demand. King Leopold II looked at this opportunity
with dollar signs in his eyes and said: why conquer a country if you can buy it? You see, it was a different time and, back
then, European powers thought they could do anything they wanted in Africa. On one hand, it was a source of wealth to
be exploited. On the other, they thought colonization was
a matter of charity. They wanted to export European values and
civilization to a ‘land of barbarity’. This is why Leopold II created the International
African Association, an organization led by him that allowed him to go to Congo and create
his own factories and plantations. Since the Congolese people had no private
property, Leopold II could take over the land without any kind of contract. Of course, in order to legitimize this looting,
Leopold II, the king of a respectable country like Belgium, claimed he would turn this ‘Free
State of Congo’ into a civilized place. The Congo Free State is unique in its kind. It has nothing to hide and no secrets and
is not beholden to anyone except its founder. –Leopold II, King of Belgium The reality was way different. Leopold II wanted to get as much rubber as
possible. So he enslaved the population and forced them
to reach production quotas. If they didn’t, he would chop off one of
their hands. This is how one of the worst genocides in
history started. Something comparable, in relative terms, to
Mao’s cultural revolution. The massacre was so terrible even other colonial
powers such as the United Kingdom denounced Leopold for his atrocities. If you wanna know more about this, I have
a video about King Leopold II on my other channel, Biographix. But let’s move on with today’s story. After Leopold II died, he passed his property
over to the state of Belgium. This is how Congo became a colony in its own
right. Belgium’s government was a little more compassionate
than the king but, still, the Congolese were kept in slave-like conditions. You see, colonialism is one of the most despicable
practices in history. But if there is one colonial power that was
big on brutality, it’s Belgium. And if you want to be even more angry, let
me tell you that to this day, there are lots of monuments, buildings and streets in Brussels
dedicated to Leopold II. But the truth is, in 1960, Congo got its independence. This doesn’t mean things got better for
them. Their first president, PATRICE LUMUMBA, was
no big fan of his former colonizers. This is why both France and Belgium helped
other groups to overthrow and execute him. Which is how MOBUTU SESE SEKO’s dictatorship
started and the country changed its name to ZAIRE. Mobutu is known as one of the bloodiest dictators
in history. But, as we often say at VisualPolitik, Mobutu
may have been a son of a bitch, but he was OUR son of bitch. You know, it was the cold war, and Congo was
an ally of the West. So there was always money to finance his army. But things changed in the 90s. Without a USSR to be afraid of, America stopped
supporting Mobutu. And all those groups he was oppressing rebelled
against him. This is how the first Congolese civil war
started… and the country got back its current name. A civil war that led to another second civil
war. For a better understanding of just how devastating
this conflict was, the Second Congolese civil war is considered to be the deadliest conflict
after World War II, with over 5 million deaths and countless acts of torture, mutilation,
and other atrocities. But… Here’s the worst thing. The violence has not stopped. In 2003, the war ended. Since then, Joseph KABILA has tried to be
a dictator who rules over the country with an iron fist. But, let’s be honest. As authoritarian and corrupted as he is, he
can’t control the country. There are guerrillas and looting from neighbouring
countries all the time. And you might wonder… Why is there so much guerrilla warfare? How can one country have so many armed groups? How do they pay for those guns? Let’s have a look, shall we? COLTAN RUSH Do you remember the NOKIA 6110? This phone was launched at the end of the
90s and was one of the first cell phones to reach a massive audience. Suddenly, everybody had a mobile phone. And this meant more and more tantalum was
required to produce those. Until that moment, the main tantalum producer
was Australia. The problem? Getting that material was more expensive than
you might imagine. You see… it’s almost impossible to find
pure chemical elements in nature. In this case, Australia had mines where you
could find some ore and, after a complex chemical process, get a little bit of tantalum out
of it. But there is an easier way to obtain it. Yes, my dear viewers, I’m talking about
COLTAN. COLTAN is a rock that contains a lot of tantalum
and it’s very cheap to refine. And guess where you can find the biggest coltan
reserves on the planet? Exactly! In Congo. Basically, Congo is the Saudi Arabia of coltan. There’s plenty of it, it’s easy to extract
and easier to refine. In fact, you don’t even need technology
to get coltan: just a pick and shovel and… there you go! This is why thousands of Congolese joined
the coltan hunt. And, despite the high demand, tantalum became
cheaper and cheaper. But wait because this is just the beginning! Remember the financial crisis of 2008? Well, it also had some consequences in Australia. GAM closes Wodgina tantalum mine This mine was the world’s main tantalum
producer. Its closure meant that tantalum prices skyrocketed. It’s hard to estimate the market price for
this material because, unlike oil, there are no public indexes. But, according to some consultancy firms,
tantalum prices almost doubled from one year to the next. And what was the consequence for Congo? Exactly! A coltan rush! All of a sudden, everybody was willing to
sacrifice their lives for a fistfull of rocks. Especially the warlords. This is how most of those guerrillas were
financed: by selling coltan. And the more tantalum they sold, the more
violent they became. We’re talking about such a huge massacre
that even America had to pass a law for it. Dodd-Frank Act Becomes Law Basically, Dood Frank law was meant to protect
consumers. One of its sections referred to so called
‘conflict minerals’. One of which was tantalum. According to this law, companies buying tantalum
should know where it comes from. The problem? In a country like Congo, it’s almost impossible
to control the traceability of a mineral. Especially, given that there are almost no
mining companies. Yes, you heard that right. It’s mostly just common people going to
the countryside to extract rocks and sell them to a man, who will sell them to another
man…. And finally, it ends up inside of your mobile
phone. In many cases, Rwandan miners cross the border,
exploit the mines and then go back to Rwanda to process it. As you know, Rwanda is a country that’s
growing really fast and offers much more security, in legal, political and physical terms, compared
to Congo. And… well, if you didn’t already know
this, here’s this other video we made a long time ago, telling that story. In fact, if you wanna know more about these
kinds of things, you should subscribe to VisualPolitik and hit that bell button so you won’t miss
any posts. But let’s go back to our story. Many of you might wonder… since it’s so
profitable… Why aren’t there any big mining companies? Aren’t there incentives to create companies
that can mass produce coltan? The answer is NO. Why? Well, here’s an example! Biggest Congo coltan miner resumes buying
after output halt In this case, BISUNZU is one of the few Congolese
mining companies. It was founded by a Congolese senator that
wanted to industrialize mining. Instead of risking lives to get coltan, BISUNZU
wants to use machines. That way, they can offer better security for
the workers and extract a lot more minerals. So what’s their problem, then? First, all of this machinery is expensive. And Money is seldom abundant in Congo. Second, nobody would invest in a place where
corrupt politicians are going to make your life impossible. And, if politicians don’t do it, then some
guerrilla will. So what happens then? Nobody invests in this industry and those
who do, like BISUNZU, have to stop their production all the time due to smugglers and warlords. And this is how we can understand the vicious
cycle of coltan. The more demand there is, the more incentives
there are for warlords to exploit it. And the more warlords we have exploiting coltan,
the less incentives there are to create an industry that would provide quality jobs and
create real wealth. This is why, despite the fact that half of
the tantalum on the planet comes from this area, Congo doesn’t grow any faster. And now you might wonder… Can anybody change this? Well… maybe… or maybe not. You’ll understand in a second. THE BIG FRAUD Do you remember Joseph Kabila? The Congolese dictator? Well, in the year 2018, he had to resign and
call for elections. In fact, according to the Congolese constitution,
he should have done it before. But you know… dictators. As you can imagine, 2018 couldn’t have been
more rigged. Kabila’s opponents only had one or two electoral
cabins. Citizens had to vote with tablets that nobody
knew how to use. And, well… no international observer accepted
this process… Congo to EU: Mind your own business
An election that’s been delayed for two years is about to be held, and the country
has booted out the EU ambassador. OK, so in this election, we had 3 main candidates:
RAMAZONI, who was Kabila’s successor, FAYULU, his biggest opponent, and TSHISEKEDI, the
one with the lowest chance of winning. Guess who won! Nope! Not Ramazoni. The winner was TSHISEKEDI. And here’s where the debate starts. According to all the organizations observing
this process, including the catholic church, the process couldn’t have been dirtier. Many analysts say that Kabila knew nobody
would accept his successor. So he let a moderate enemy win. Somebody who, at least, would let Kabila keep
his fortune. Because make no mistake, despite Congo’s
poverty, Kabila is a millionaire. Then again, Donald Trump has supported TSHISEKEDI,
even if it’s only to guarantee some kind of stable government for Congo. So now the question is… can this brand new
president change things? Well… the truth is he does have opportunities. Lithium/tantalum: New Australian production
from Pilbara Basically, the Australians have discovered
a brand new way to extract tantalum more cheaply. So they’ve reopened their mine. What does this mean, then? Well… less of a coltan rush, less money
for the warlords and more incentives to create an ethical and sustainable industry. On the other hand, Rwanda, Congo’s neighbouring
country, has been developing its own coltan processing industry. In 2018, they created a big factory to produce
tantalum. And they’re even experimenting with BLOCKCHAIN
technology to guarantee the traceability of tantalum. This means it will now be easier to know where
our tantalum comes from. So now, this new Congolese government can
partner with Rwanda to create a coltan industry that generates jobs and growth. But here’s a question for you… Do you think the Congolese government will
be willing to do so? Is this brand new president going to end the
rampant corruption in order to help his country escape poverty? Or… will we continue to see Congo as poor
as always despite its enormous natural wealth? Please, leave your answer in the comment section
below. Before finishing, I’d like to thank SUZANE,
from ROSKILL, for helping us with the research. ROSKILL is one of the leading mining consultancy
companies and they were so kind to us, answering our questions and giving us a lot of information
that is not easy to access. Also, don’t forget to visit our friends
from RECONSIDER MEDIA PODCAST, the podcast that provided the voices on this episode that
were not mine and, as always, I’ll see you next time.

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  46. The Republic of the Congo is the third biggest producer of oil in Africa !!

    Can anyone share more info on this fact as well !!

  47. I suggest we blame Christianity. Christians wiped out the indiginous culture and in 100 years, 85% of the 85M people are now Christians. Women have little power (10th commandment, Genesis 3:16, 1st Corinthians 14:34-35 and dozens more) and on average produce 6.11 children!!!?? This is insanity but given that one of the most noble things a woman can do is bring another child into the kingdom of god, well, that's what they do. By 2050, the Congo is estimated to grow to 150M people in abject poverty. Please, empower women and make contraception free for all and it will make the biggest dent in the horrors ahead. Christians should be ashamed. Another colonial conquest: give them bibles and take their land, prohibit condoms and teach abstinence……..when has this ever worked?

  48. No the democratic republic of Congo is the richest country in the world u uneducated little potato

  49. Who finance those warlords arms acquisition and buy their mining products?
    1. Bill Clinton
    2. Bill Gates
    3. President Kagame of Rwanda
    4. President Museveni of Uganda
    5. US mining corporations
    6. CIA is the dollar's corruption piggy bank.

  50. Without rdc having a phone should be limited lol so be grateful they own 80 of coltan ๐Ÿ˜ผ btw I mean electronic stuff lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฉ=๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ“ธ๐Ÿ“ธ๐Ÿ–ฅ๐Ÿ–จ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ“ฑ๐Ÿ“€๐ŸŽฅโŒจ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ป

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