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Why is CANADA the Most Admired Country on Earth? – VisualPolitik EN

Why is CANADA the Most Admired Country on Earth? – VisualPolitik EN

2017 is the year that Canada celebrates 150
years of existence. The
specific day of their ‘birthday’ was the 1st of July, so, well, belated happy birthday
Canada… And well, dear viewer, 150 years of existence
is not the only matter that we should be congratulating Canada on… The country reached its 150th anniversary
in great shape. Because, well, if there’s something we can
say about Canada right now it’s that the  country is certainly ‘in vogue’. And yes, Canada is also the homeland of many
celebrities that we all know well. But recently there’s been one celebrity
who has been put in the international political spotlight. We are talking of course of Justin… No, no, NO, not that Justin… We meant, this one: Trudeau. Justin Trudeau! Canada has reached its 150th anniversary as
one of the richest countries in the world, with a top-notch quality of life, as well
as being one of the most admired countries on Earth. Not bad, right? So now you might be wondering… What is the cause of all of this? What are the main achievements that Canada
is celebrating after 150 years? And importantly, Is there any dark side to
Canada? Well, we are going to answer all of these
questions in this video, but first let’s get some perspective… [THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION] You might not have heard much about Canada
recently, but we can certainly say they are no ordinary country… In fact, Canada is the second biggest country
in the world with it’s territory covering six different time zones! And… guess which country has the most coastline
in the world? Well, no prizes if you guessed Canada! Of course, as all regular VisualPolitik viewers
already know, neither the size of a country’s surface nor its coastline determines its wealth
or how many opportunities its citizens have. So then… What’s really behind the success of Canada? Well, one key factor here is the disastrous
years that Canada had at the late 80s and early 90s. ( In this period of time Canada suffered economic
stagnations and several crises to the point that in 1995 the Wall Street Journal dubbed
Canada as “an honorary member of the Third World” due to their inability to control
their governmental accounts.) Since then, as you can see, things have changed
enormously… Canada really knew how to play to their strengths
and get rid of what was hurting them. And especially, above all, Canadians have
understood the importance of the meaning of these two words: COMPETITIVENESS and INTEGRATION. After those disastrous years of the 80s and
90s, Canadians realised that before thinking about spending it is essential to think about
creating. And they realised that in order to do that
they needed investment, businesses, and trade… a great deal of trade. Well… as it was said, so it was done. Today Canada is the 7th freest economy in
the world. But if we’re talking about freedom then
we can’t just talk about the economic side of things. The Fraser Institute publishes every year
the “Human Freedom Index”, which measures both the economic and civil freedoms that
people enjoy. Quite simple, it measures what we can do,
and what we can’t. Well, so according to their research Canada
is the 6th freest country on Earth. To give you a better idea of how this compares
to some other countries: the US ranks 23rd, Italy 28th, and Japan ranks 32nd. Maybe the answer to this is in the strong
decentralization the country has. Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3
territories that have so many unique regulations that in 2017 they had to sign a free trade
agreement among them… “New interprovincial trade deal expected
to add billions to economy – The Globe and Mail”
The decentralization is enormous and it has traditionally resulted in higher costs for
those companies that don’t operate in a single region but in several different regions,
with each region having different regulations. “In Ontario petrol must be at least 5% ethanol;
Manitoba insists on an 8.5% blend”. The Economist. The positive side of this is that this has
worked as a counterweight to the federal government, and has encouraged them to make pro-citizen
policies, and that’s something that has driven good public policies. Anyway, this new agreement is has been created
in order to beat all these surprising obstacles. Further, as we talked about in a previous
video, there’s also the Canadian bet on multiculturalism. And hey, let us be rather frank here: nowadays
this country is one of the best examples of integration in the entire world. THE CANADIAN MOSAIC But, what’s all this “Canadian multiculturalism”
about? Well, basically it consists on accepting that
cultural diversity is not a threat but an asset and a source of opportunities. Now, of course, this multiculturalism is always
subordinate to a core set of values such as democracy, rule of law and equality for all
people. This means, in order to be Canadian and be
welcomed to their country you don’t have to replace your culture with any other, you
just have to accept and commit to those core values. Look, Canada has one of the largest populations
of immigrants in the world. 1 out of every 5 Canadians weren’t born
in Canada. And for some cities, like Toronto, this figure
goes up to 50%, or even higher… And it seems that it will be even higher in
the future, because every year more than 300,000 new immigrants come to this country – one
of the highest immigration rates in the world. And, do you know what? It’s no problem at all. Yes, as we said before, immigration in Canada
is not free, there’s a system based on 3 fundamental pillars: points, family reunification,
and refugees. The most important one of these is the point
based system that exists to grant people residence or work permits. It considers things like having a job offer
(the most important thing) or also having a degree, or being able to speak English. And do you want to know the results? Well, almost 80% of Canadians think that immigration
is good for the economy, something that is not so strange when you consider that all
the statistics show that immigrants, the “brand-new Canadians”, are more educated, work more
hours, create more businesses, and draw less dollars from social programmes. Does Canada have rules about immigration? Certainly. But this sort of welcoming culture focused
on integration is rare to find… In fact, since 1977 every Canadian citizen
can hold any other nationality without restriction. So when someone emigrates to Canada, and after
some years obtain their Canadian passport, they don’t have to renounce their previous
nationality. BUT, if something might perfectly show Canada’s
spirit, it’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. JUSTIN TRUDEAU, A POLITICAL STAR Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, almost
by surprise and at just 44 years of age. Today he is one of the most popular politicians
in the world, and that’s true in Canada as well. This is something that polls clearly show… A recent survey made by Abacus Data on the
leadership of the Prime Minister shows that 70% of Canadians are confident that Trudeau
will manage in a good way relations with allies. 63% trust his decision making responsibility,
and 62% believe that his decisions will be good. I mean, how many politicians around the world
would like approval ratings like that?! However, Trudeau is not a typical politician,
not at all. The Prime Minister of Canada has put on the
table a programme, and a form of government, that’s quite different from what’s typically
being used. A look at his cabinet is a realistic sample
of Canada’s reality: 15 of the 30 ministers are women. We can find a Bosnia and Afghanistan veteran,
a former volunteer in Niger, ex-business executives or even some ministers who are sikhs, – a
religion native to Punjab, an Indian state. The latest addition, by the way, has been
Ahmed Hussen, a Somali who arrived to Canada as a refugee at 16 years old and that now
is the Minister of Immigration. Pretty amazing, right? Trudeau’s political priorities are international
as his cabinet… One of Canada’s government key challenges
is to boost trade among nations. Pay attention to their Foreign Affairs Minister: “Rising trade barriers hurt the people they
are intended to help. They curb growth, stifle innovation and kill
employment. This is a lesson we should learn from history”. Chrystia Freeland, Global Affairs Minister
of Canada. That is why Trudeau wants to sign a free trade
agreement even with China. Secondly, unlike other governments, Trudeau
doesn’t just reject protectionism but he wants to stimulate a productive change with
artificial intelligence and automation. Why hinder technology? If there’s something we’ve seen as history
has progressed it is that technology improves people’s lives and creates more jobs. It might seems like something that isn’t
too complicated to do, but the reality is that there are not many world leaders who
defend this pro-technology position. Talking about jobs going away is not exactly
a popular line… The other great challenge, and maybe the key
value of Trudeau’s government is their bet on boosting civil rights and turning Canada
into an international example of how this should be done. Take a look on the power of this picture,
Trudeau has become the first Primer Minister to lead a LGBTQ pride parade. There’s also their most recently released
programme: Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy. Yep, you heard right. Trudeau’s government didn’t hesitate to
declare itself as feminist, and among other things, they have decided to focus most of
their international cooperation budget on pushing women’s rights where they are most
needed. Now, this is just a symbol, but sometimes
symbols are important… Other symbols and gestures are his position
towards Syrian refugees. Pay close attention to this speech:
Until now, 40,000 syrian refugees have arrived Canada, almost half of them thanks
to the sponsorship of Canadian citizens that have committed to be responsible for the wellness
of these people. A great example of solidarity. But hey, because it’s one thing is being
generous and kind, and quite another to be naive. Consider this: the Canadian government has
announced its intention to increase military spending more than 70% from now until 2024,
in order to create a more agile and modern Armed Forces. Trade, doors opened to technology, integration,
civil rights, security… All these things don’t sound bad at all,
right? Especially, if you consider that this government
understands that before starting to discuss spending, you have to talk about wealth creation. Well, that’s how Canada has reached its
150 anniversary… Everything bloody marvellous, right? WELL, WAIT A SECOND… Not exactly… There are some shadows… But we’re going to leave the “dark side
of Canada” for another video video. Don’t think that we are going to just talk
about how wonderful and rosy things are… Oh no, not at all. Well, so, don’t forget to subscribe to our
channel so you don’t miss that video and hear the other side of the story. And now we want to ask you, what’s your
opinion on Trudeau? You can leave us your comments below and also
by clicking on the survey on the screen now. Also, don’t forget to check out our friends
at the Reconsider Media Podcast – they provided the vocals in this episode that were not mine! And as always, thanks for watching!

100 comments on “Why is CANADA the Most Admired Country on Earth? – VisualPolitik EN

  1. Canada is great because we don't cry when someone says, "Gun control" and we look at people strangely when they ask us "why?" universal healthcare, (because it's a human right) everyone's life has value, no debate there. We're good people because we just feel that multi-culturalism is mixing what's good in all of us; getting to know other people means understanding, learning and wiping away fear of one another.

    I like that someone in the comments below said, "Canada doesn't believe in FREE SPEECH!" Really, I would like hear what he believes he can't say in Canada?

    Another white nationalist upset because they can't be a racist! Oh, I feel badly for you, but it's not about free speech – it's that your socially inept!

  2. This disgraceful episode is an example of what happens in Canada where mediocrity rises to the top:

  3. Trudeau is nuts, he almost divided the country ….likely the worst PM in Canadian history . He hates our veterans and gives money and citizenships to ISIS .

  4. i'm canadian and i want to say fuck justin he's a piece of shit and the only reason why he's prime minister is because the little pussies wanted pot to be legalized,well if i was there i would make it illegal again and would make sure it would be death penalty worthy fuck you libertards fuck you pot fuckers fuck the new version of the anthem

  5. There is truth in this and Canada is a great country. We as Canadians bitch about a lot but when we take a step back we appreciate where we live.

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  7. Trudeau is the biggest Idiot in Canada, he should be tarred and feathered, then hung in a public square.

  8. Is there a dark side to Canada?

    Residential schools, slavery, burning down the White House in 1812, killing and chasing away the acadians from Nova Scotia and massive racism to Chinese immigration in the past

    Yeah no.

  9. well it's good this video is 2 years old as we now know the PM is a childish soy boy who tries to play all the international "trendy" politics and doesn't give a fart about real Canadians. Canada is fast elianating itself from the world stage due to mantioned soy boy. I really hope the government will look to inernal affairs in the future instead of competing with the rest of the world about who can take in the most refugies and who has the most "woke" climate politics. these "woke" politics are distroying Canadian families and businesses.

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  12. As for multiculturalism, I’ve lived in Toronto all of my 50 years, and we are without a doubt the most multicultural city on earth with almost 7,000,000 people, but we don’t have multiculturalism, we have segregation. I know this will be your point argued, but all you have to do is live here to know that each culture lives with its own people, and does not mingle with other cultures. Every area in this city has one ethnicity, I don’t know of one neighbourhood that is a mix of everybody, it seems that each culture sticks to itself, and doesn’t mingle with anyone. That’s the one pet peeve I have, there are people in Toronto from over 200 countries, with over 200 languages being spoken in the city, yet I have yet to see true multiculturalism where everyone mixes together. It’s nice to have Chinatown, Little Italy, a little India, Greektown, etc., but it would be nicer if everybody mixed together, because that would be true multiculturalism, right now, the complete opposite is true. And racism is on the rise thanks to trump, which has spilled over onto this side of the border. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly proud and happy to be a Canadian citizen and a Torontonian, but we are by no means a utopian society, and we have all the problems with every other major American city, I just feel that we are being falsely represented, and people deserve to know the truth.

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    We're only 78 days away from an election so that scum will never lead Canada again.

    7 out of 10 provinces are fighting that scum in court right now & 1 out of 3 territories are fighting his government in court.

    He's guilty of everything that Trump is accused of. Truedue is gone in October!

    55% of western Canadians want to separate that is Trudeau's legacy. Fuck him and his father!

  21. Great country and mostly great people, thanks for no guns or shooting like 🇺🇸 would be happen here because in today’s world with social media you have no shortage of idiots who wanna be the next hero,every good canadian has to do their part to make sure it doesn’t happen in this great country,all the best to everyone.

  22. Yeah we are selling L-vats to Saudi Arabia…. Billions of dollar great for our economy… At least we're talking about cancelling that deal. But money is money.

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    canadian people r rude & stupid, i hade a better experients with american people
    toronto become detroid/chicago of the north in 10-15 years it will make british raj or africa look like paradise

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  30. The Human Freedom Index. What a joke. They rate the UK much higher than the USA. You don't really have freedom of speech in the UK, but it has a higher rate of freedom than the US? What rubbish.

  31. This video sets new standards for stupidity. Immigration has been horrible for Canada. My father use to travel to Toronto on business way back in the 1950s and 1960s. He use to say what a wonderful city Toronto was. Shortly before his passing, he went back to Canada (around 2008) on sentimental journey type trip. He was shocked and horrified at the city and how much it had changed. It was so much more ruddy and run down and so much like a third world city. In short Toronto is today essentially a third world city and much the same can be said for Vancouver.

  32. The US is not economically free because we do not have your point system. A fair amount of your immigrants come from Commonwealth or Protectorates thereby having a smattering of culture plus english. The US should step back and let you become a charity ward for awhile.

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    It is feminist, pro faggot, pro segregationist/ethnic, pro immigrant and other left wing stuff ALL from court decisions and not the people regardless of public opnion on issues. its dumb to say canada is admired more then america. Watch where people want to live.
    Canada is just suburban sprawl from american prosperity. All live within a hundred miles of american border.
    Politics in canada is boring because its about upper class boring elites. Finally remember French canadians , by majority, tried to separate from canada and many would still. unless admiration and marriage are two different things.
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  40. Yeah, but these latest years the incentives to move to Canada are not so hot anymore…
    Peple now got several reasons not to move or even go to Canada and they feel it's overrated:
    1. Canada's weather really sucks for 6 ot 7 months of the year.
    2. Canada's new gender ideology has practically turned child abuse into a normal practice and freedom of speech a dangerous practice.
    3. Canada restricts the choice of parents when educating their children.
    4. There's too much pride for being homosexual and too much promotion of this practice.
    5. Feminism in Canada is so radical that it has destroyed all normal interaction and communication between men and women.
    6. Real estate and rent prices in Canada are outrageously inflated as if it were France’s Champs-Élysées, Mexico’s Polanco or New York’s Upper East Side.
    7. Food prices are generally way too high.
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    9. Family as the unit and foundation of society is being lost at U.S. rates.
    10. Taxes are unnecessarily way too high.
    11. Canadian Government is often meddling in your private life an criminalizes normal human behavior like just expressing yourself freely.
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    So really, Canada is way overrated, just like Baseball, Harvard University, Harley Davidson, The Mona Lisa, U2, malls, or Star Wars.

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