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Why Does The U.S. Love Israel?

Why Does The U.S. Love Israel?

Why does the US support Israel? It’s a simple
question, but simply stating it as a question can elicit defensive or hostile reactions.
Supporters of Israel find the question itself offensive because they see Israel as a democratic nation
with a right to their own land and freedoms. So, why wouldn’t the US support them? Supporters
of Palestine find the question offensive too, because they see Israel’s current policies
as oppressive and an endangerment to both Palestinians and their land. So, why would
the US support them? Objectively, both questions are valid, and we can’t know exactly why
US leadership holds their stance on Israel, but we can explain how the US began sending billions
of dollars in aid annually to Israel, and why that policy still stands. First off, the US didn’t always support
Israel. They sent some humanitarian aid right after World War Two, but that wasn’t seen
as preferential treatment, nor was it particularly uncommon. This is important to note, because
in the aftermath of World War Two, clear alliances weren’t yet established, and the
US wanted to be perceived by the Middle East as fair and impartial. A strategy that was working…until
the generally anti-western Arab Nationalist Movement gained momentum, and the USSR started
courting Arab nations. This was during the Cold War, a time period in which the USSR
and the US were actively competing for ideological influence over almost every region on Earth.
To remain relevant in the Middle East, the US set out to establish closer ties with Israel,
because Israel was already a democracy with strong anti-communist leanings. The US wanted to
establish Israel as a bulwark against communist influence and a partner for their intelligence
and military operations. As such, it was in the United State’s best interest to make Israel
as strong and stable as possible. Since then, the threat has changed but not
the arrangement. The US still supports a strong and stable Israel, but the country is no longer
a bulwark against the spread of communism. It is now seen as a bulwark against the spread of
Muslim Extremist Ideals, like those shared by Al Qaeda and ISIS. Which Israel does do, but
that is still not the reason for continued attention to Israel. The real reason is popular support. Initially, foreign aid to Israel was seen
as anti-communist, a hugely popular idea among Americans. Now foreign aid to Israel is largely
seen as protection for Israel from hostile neighbors and the Muslim world in general.
After 9/11, around 55% of all Americans supported Israel, whereas only 15% supported Palestine,
a trend that continues. According to a recent gallup poll, 62% of Americans supported Israel
in their recent conflict with Palestine, while only 18% supported Palestine. Anti-muslim sentiment
did flare in the US after 9/11 and is potentially on the rise again due to the current war with
ISIS. It is likely that some of that support comes out of fear and a poor understanding of the Muslim
world. This is the political climate that makes it convenient for Politicians to support Israel.
But even that isn’t the whole story. The United States government is slow to change,
and significantly influenced by the religious right. A movement that tends to stand staunchly
behind the status quo and is more sympathetic to Israel than the public at large. So even
if popular support did shift closer to Palestine, inertia alone could keep the US allied with Israel
for some time. If you’d like to learn more about the middle
east and what is happening there please check out our video on Syria and the emerging refugee
crises it is causing in the area. (sound up). New videos five days a week please subscribe.

100 comments on “Why Does The U.S. Love Israel?

  1. But it will end when 1.7 billion Muslims unite with each other and defeat Israel. Then America ends, and the countries that hate the US government and Israel will help the Middle East to win the war. Then peace will prevail over the world.

  2. Not this American. I'm fully on the side of the Palestinian people and will support BDS with my wallet and my vote, as best I can.

  3. Zionists corrupted US. Politicians. Corrupted Politicians send money to Israel. Corrupted Politicians then oppress American.

  4. All about the Benjamins – Ilhan Omar.

    Dwell on the percentage of American would be supporters if a media would say how they spied on, slew US citizens and danced celebrating 9-11.

  5. Serbia support Israel ,not USA

  6. "Love" Israel, lol sure. The U.S. also loves to have a debt of 22 trillion $ fighting for Israel's wars. That's some serious love.

  7. UN: Israel is a country. And Palestine is too. Israel you get this land, and Palestine you get this land.

    🇮🇱: okay.

    🇵🇸: … Suicide bombers

  8. It's dangerous for people to declare god into the relationship between Israeli and American relationship. Does God don't love other countries then? If so, he is a god of racism.

  9. ok so, to top it all off, israel is the only ally for the US in the middle east, and if they lose it, they basically lose control over the middle east.

  10. Simple; mutual benefit. Israel wants to survive, US wants what many empires before have tried but failed to obtain in the end; a foothold in the Middle East. Israel gets its protection and ensured survival, US gets its foothold. What could be simpler?

  11. Why US loved israel,,,because they are brother and sister in evil deed,greedy and against humanity and racist state of the world.

  12. The USA is a religious monotheistic Judaism leaning moral country! In the Bible it clearly states that Yahweh has commanded that if you do not support Israel then your are an adversary! AND Israel is a strategic democratic ally we have a “big time” military Intelligence base that we keep in Israel just “wishin a MF would”

  13. Palestine: shoots 400+ rockets at isreal at once

    Isreal: bombs Palestine with superior military, only bombs military areas

    Palestine: oMG we just want pEaCe

  14. It's just as simple as these words, "BECAUSE OF GOD!"

    I think we can go back in history to understand completely that Israel, even as tiny as they are with EVERYONE constantly HATING them and bombing them every single time you turn on your TV (just about!) DOES NOT NEED ANYONE BUT THEIR OWN God to back them up!
    (The Christian/Jewish God btw!)
    Every kingdom that has set itself against the nation of Israel, against the knowledge of GOD, and against God HIMSELF, has been destroyed!

    The United States of America just so happens to be the nation that has been smart enough to figure that out! When it is all said and done! ✔

    The Christians who support Israel understand this.
    Christians, just so happen to take up most of the western world!
    Read God's WORD and you'll understand why we stand up for Israel! It has nothing to do with us hating Muslims! Hate is a strong word that goes against everything us followers of Christ stand for!

    I wish people would understand this as well! This is such a deception that Satan himself has made us Christians seem as though we are doing when we are in fact, NOT DOING!
    OF course we CANNOT stand for terrorist organizations; because that, yet again, is a group within itself, that cleary has the word "HATE" surrounding it in every way possible!

    Have a great day everyone!

  15. You spewed nonsense. They support Israel because the American Zionist Council made sure of this. Benard Baruch and Henry Morganthaeu as well as rabbi Stephan Wise were the early facilitators of the American Zionist movement and the state of Israel.

  16. Listen to me I don't know how do you got that idea but I know that your idea is not right. Palestine attacks Israel every day be becuase they want our country and they want Jerusalem too. Our country is our own, and Jerusalem too. If you were live here you were know that Palestine are killers and they don't know that and they just don't stop kill our people and our country. Jesus is believe in God, and God promised us that the country Israel is our own. The palestine can leave us alone and don't attack us any more, than the peace will be alive again. That message was to remember you the good and the right things that all the people in Earth forget before a very long time ago. Palestine leave us alone and we'll leave you too.

  17. No one except a few fringes care about Palestine, we don't want our government bending over backwards to support a foreign nation that wants to destabilize the region. Evangelicals also need to stop thinking the "Israel" in the bible is the same "Israel" as today. If someone named a country "New Babylon", it wouldn't mean that is the actual biblical New Babylon.

  18. Because it “IS” Israel lol! The USA is Ephraim the younger brother that came out of the older brother Manasseh=The UK and got the ZENITH BLESSING promised by Yahweh to Abraham. Nobody knows the identity of the nations today. Israel today is ONE TRIBE (well, “some” of one tribe) JUDAH/THE JEWS. A lot of the Jews in Israel/Judah today are Talmudic Luciferians from Khazaria (believe in human sacrifice and pedophila) not true Torah only true Jews.

  19. The Israeli Zionist are the same animals as the American Zionists, both are invasive species and must be subdued for this world to know peace. We must cut the parasite off of our blood Money supply, in fact u demand this be done.

  20. US Gov is the biggest and strongest Terrorist Group in this world

    Respect to americans people not government

  21. People who entered the continent and killed their original people to be the most patronizing state of human rights What you expect them to do Of course they will help Israel

  22. 2 Kings 17:18
    Therefore the LORD was very angry with Israel, and removed them out of
    his sight: there was none left but the tribe of Judah only.

    (Israel is invisible, only the Jews remain…….)

  23. Why does the US love Israel? VERY VERY VERY SIMPLE. The ANSWER is the Bible. BIBLE BIBLE BIBLE BIBLE BIBLE…..

  24. Americans do not love Israel. Americans simply have no choice, Israel OWNS America. 9/11 was a ploy to install the Israeli DHS into the American government, OVER the other agencies. It's all over now, America is no more. The first beast gave it's image to the second beast…
    Weird thing is Satan tricked the Christians into thinking modern Israel, founded by terrorists and Rothschilds, is the Biblical Israel. As a Jew, I can assure you, the 2 are not related at all. How can it be ILLEGAL to criticize Israel on public property in 26 U.S. states? That doesn't make you idiots wonder……. nobody even questions that? A FOREIGN COUNTRY….passing laws IN AMERICA…???
    Keep watching sports!

  25. Because the Bible prophesized all of this. Read the book of Revelation. Israel is flown away with the wings of an eagle in the wilderness to be protected.

    the Bible has been giving answers to everything for thousands of years and everyone still ignores it.

  26. It's actually quite sad to see how many people don't see what is going on. Stop following the world and read your Bible.

  27. Because the U.S is a zionist colony,google Haym Salomon he was the prime financier of the american revolution,without his money the colonists would have been defeated by the english.

  28. We live them because if we don’t , our politicians will get exposed for their trips to Epstein island.

  29. Because Israel is simply an american State…apparently independent. But the reality is that Israel is an american State like Florida or California.

  30. They're paying us billions in a year, for giving them Necular Weapons, training they're soliders by Israel's fighting tactics, and some more stuff…
    We can live without their support, but not that well, I love US people, Israel and US forever <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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  33. This is disinformation he doesn't know because he doesn't want to state the obvious aipac owns all American politician's trumps Israel first zionists own the federal reserve America's been giving Israel 8 million dollars a day in foreign aid since 1947 and the balfour declaration gave Palestine to zionists not god!!!

  34. Supporting Israel has screwed up our foreign policy in the MIddle East,. Israel has been a consistent diplomatic embarrassment that has damaged the reputation of the United States abroad. We have used our security council veto 43 times in the United Nations to shield them.

    Aid to Israel costs us too much money. Their claims of being "our greatest ally" are absurd. Why wasn't "our greatest ally" part of the coalition of 35 countries that supported the United States in the Gulf War.

    They sell weapons technology to the Chinese.

    The Mossad intentionally gives misleading and alarmist intelligence reports to American Congressmen.

    And their lobbyists have a had a toxic influence on American politics. People in Texas had to promise not to boycott Israel before they could get hurricane aid.

    I can post links to prove all of this, if you need them.

    and don't call me a bigot because this has nothing at all to do with them being Jewish.

  35. My friend you got poor understanding of Muslims… They should be tamed,, till they civilize. The person who believes in afterworld could do anything…

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