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Why China’s Investment in Africa Raises Questions, Putin, Trump & More!

Why China’s Investment in Africa Raises Questions, Putin, Trump & More!

100 comments on “Why China’s Investment in Africa Raises Questions, Putin, Trump & More!

  1. Westernization of Africa is being done to fight Islamic extremism. 90% of North Africa is all but inhabitable. We don't have to worry about China there. We have to worry about pretty much everything the Machine Gun Preacher has been fighting. Local government's that are so corrupt they make The Mafia look like heaven. The LRA and all the branches of it are STILL A THING. If anything China rule in Africa is a good thing.

  2. I think it is great that Africa wants to develop itself is not good that the poorest countries in the world are in Africa and the UN has done little to improve that with that being said I'm not sure any of the countries mentioned here are going about it in the right way they pretty much all need to revise how they deal with and help out Africa

  3. China has the best approach. The US is having the government completely change their structure BEFORE they will trade, while China already has access to the people and can stretch their political influence from within the system. I am strongly opposed to the US engaging in nation building because it has only resulted in war and anti-democary sentiments

  4. Hi. I love you guys. But this is one of the worst narrations I've ever heard. Very fast, very monotone, and he just buries all the salient points.

  5. I prefer this more low-key intro, but I would still get rid of (or minimize) the ripped-paper frame. Love this channel otherwise! 🙂

  6. I'm leaning more in favour of the US than to China. China can downplay what is happening all they want but the facts are pretty much visible. Aggresive dealings and outright harassment not just in africa but in the indian sea, south china sea, east sea close to Korea and japan. China isn't even hiding it, they're outright pushing things too far close to the point where it is seen as an act of war but never going beyond it. (Like the chinese little blue men) then when others complain, china would just rub their hands and say "pfff, it's not us or is it our problem".

  7. I'm from an African country with heavy chinese involvement. It's not a good thing. They basically take our minerals, bring their own people to work here, and most of the money doesn't stay in the country, it goes back to China. People here are getting very fed up. The politicians are selling us out to get some extra cash under the desk. They have absolutely no respect for our country, it's people or it's resources. All they do is take and fool politicians into deals of loaning money we can never pay back, just putting us more under their influence.

  8. no strings except insurmountable debt… these are not trade deals designed to foster relationships, they're veiled efforts to create indentured servants out of entire nations

  9. Not commenting on the story itself, but I very much enjoyed this video over just Maria talking to camera. I'm sure this is more expensive to produce, but it feels more complete and professional. If I want to see people talking to camera, I can watch the news or Philly D. I always thought this channel's "deep dive" approach meant videos like this, rather than just one person being a standing anchor.

  10. Guys, remember when we played with Jonas savimbi in bo2? This is the vibe I’m feeling watching and hearing this

  11. Econo-political warfare: Why use bombs and bullets, when you can use bills and budgets to buy the resources, and sell the weapons you would have used?

    Predatory lenders do not have to fight to win profit; the victory is owed them.

  12. I just want to say that I like the intro and music a lot more. The previous one was loud and felt like someone was throwing something at me.

  13. 1. Alot of this is true, i am Kenyan i can confirm the loans ans not just in Kenya most African countries have a Chinese loan with a public asset put up as collateral. What we are against is China selling us equipment in chinese forcing us to hire them to do the work in our countries

    2. Its not like deals with the west are better than what China has to offer thats why we are getting loans from them but what you didn't mention is the SGR in Kenya among other chinese projects is a white elephant. The US France the UK and other countries have attacked our indipendence multiple times. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

    3. If you really want to talk about abuse on African countries PLEASE TALK ABOUT WHAT FRANCE IS DOING TO AFRICA WHICH I LITERAL COLONIZATION not insinuated colonization as in trading

    4. Western countries are on a massive high horse so as far as i concerned we'd rather deal with China. The so called democracy westerners spread have failed even in your countries but you'll only ever hear about ours. PR

  14. Anything China does is concerning. They do not have the best interest of their own people in mind, led alone people from other nations. They have almost no history with Africa either which begs the question of why they're doing this. Russia sending weapons is also concerning. Africa is almost a safe grounds. No country really has beef with Africa. Their apartheid situation, their homophobia, their ignorant populace, uneducated and/or left in the dark? That is their situation to figure out. US should not have to police the world. Weeding out corruption is not something that can really be taken the wrong way. It can be seen as curating the most supportive politicians for the US, but honestly, Africa has most of the control over that. It's exactly why their apartheid got almost no news coverage.

    Russia on the other hand is no doubt scummy. Sending weoponry to a country that does not suffer from poor diplomacy relations with any other country sets a weird precedent. Why does Africa need weapons? Why do they need nuclear training? Why do they need military bases set up in their country by China? China has had almost no relations with Africa, nor do they have any historical connections. US troops in Africa could be something of concern, but does China have any more of a reason to do this? It just seems like an opportunistic ploy to capitalize on a growing nation, because they have extremely poor diplomacy with other countries. Another thing is that the US is not trying to militarize Africa by trading weaponry. The US troops are there for surveillance, limiting the control of extremists, especially in Libya, and training African troops to deal with these threats. Trading weaponry designed for invasion, and preparing them nuclearly is entirely crossing the line.

    Africa is no shape to be trying to play China's or Russia's military game. Do not bring them into wars, or arms races.

  15. Africa doesn't want to deal with the US because the US wishes to completely control African governments. Wanting them to change there government by how the US sees fit. Screw that – Im an American but I can completely understand why Africa would give the US the middle finger.

  16. China is doing more positive good than the West in general. Russia selling weapons is ZERO difference from the US selling weapons.

  17. Every country is looking for new markets to exploit. China was exploited for its cheap labor but now tables have turned and they have risen in power. It was a bit scary to realise but China holds a ‘lease’ over the port in Darwin Australia, so that means we took a loan giving that as collateral. I’m sure China has many leases on other parts of the country. The Chinese do business very differently. The Chinese have a distrust at first then they put you thru tests if you pass they will trust without question.The US is in decline and those other countries want a go, it will end up the same every time except we are running out of countries to exploit. The Africans, if the Chinese can get them out of living in grass huts with jobs and be a global power I guess they want it. African nations have a lot of problems and are tricky to deal with perhaps the Chinese can navigate thru that better than western countries. It doesn’t matter what I think but more people should learn chinese.

  18. Basically everything China does is evil. Their government shouldn't be allowed to assume any kind of importance.

    But the US isn't great either, so there's that.

  19. I love this new narrative. Actually framing loans to countries that would have otherwise collapsed as a negative thing. You do know these loans are investments. There's a mutual interest for China and these countries to use that money to build railways, housing, etc. To make these countries prosperous economies. You said it yourselves at 0:24. Africa will be home to half the fastest growing economies in the next five years.

    Now, the Trump administration is trying to do the same thing. Realizing they missed the mark during the Obama years, they're now playing dirty. Top notch propaganda.

  20. If the US would stop telling how to operate their own country like some of those African leaders said they would have the best approach is true to be told how to do things in their own house

  21. Nice piece, however, to say Russia is just selling weapons, how different it is from many many many other Western influence?

  22. As an African I can say this. Western countries really do have a 19th century image of what Africa is like. But so does Asian countries. Africa has so much potential but we were fucked over once before by europeans, so it's clear to say that we don't want them ever again. Africa is rich in raw materials and has a young population…. Y'all need to remember that. Africa has way to many problems because of what white men left it to be and we sure as hell don't want the US meddling in our business. Russia and China just want something back in return which is fair. They don't tell us what to do or sit here and call it "shithole"

  23. Wait, what happened to the old intro? I liked the old intro SO much more. This seems like a very cheap, quick version of it. 🙁

  24. China is not going stay just an investor. When they own the continent they will impose their will in it. The African Countries doing business with China are delusional if they don't understand this. Best of luck!

  25. Russia deals weapons to almost everyone, and the US deals weapons to everyone else. There reason you picture a terrorist with an AK is because during the cold war and between Afghanistan conflicts there were giant piles of them left behind. They are cheap, reliable, easy to learn to use, and Russian made.

  26. Can you guys please cover the uk grooming crisis. Its been going on for decades and estimates put around 250 thousand girls minimum that have been raped and abused. No one is talking about it

  27. Its still Africa…… theres a reason us Europeans abandoned the colonies there….. Africans live there lol

  28. So. "China uses bribes, national debt, and opaque deals to keep African nations…"
    Just like America?
    Bit shit when another superpower starts using the same dirty tactics against you.
    Oh, and the details of a NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE LOAN, FROM INTERNATIONAL INTRESTS, aren't available to the public… and THAT is cause for concern…
    Hmm. Might go digging through some American international loan details soon. See how little I can turn up.
    This is not news.
    This is inevitability.
    The USA, has woeful fiscal management, woeful leadership, and has consistently used underhanded, stand over, and exploitation tactics for decades.
    So now the rest of the world's superpowers have decided to follow suit, NOW it's cause for concern?
    My opinion on the matter is, suck it up princess. You want to be a global leader and set standards? Well, congratulations. The last 100 years of bullshit the rest of the globe has had to put up with from your nation is starting to pay off.

  29. The actions taken by China to debt trap African countries is not new. This is called Neocolonialism. Many other countries, including the US, have engaged in these practices. The US did the same loan strategy using the World Bank and IMF. This does not excuse any of China's actions but we can't take action against China just for doing the same thing we were already doing, better than we were doing it. This is hypocritical to say the least. I would recommend reading "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" if you want to get a better understanding.

  30. This is, in some ways, an incendiary video. You are taking the point of view that the U.S. is the bad guy. This is not entirely wrong, and currently, I feel as though it is not at all wrong. Bolton is a liar and extremely detrimental to our foreign policy. Trump's policies enforce racist doctrines, push outdated pernicious ideas, and allow the sale of military products throughout the developing world. The distribution of arms from the U.S. to Africa, the slicing up of countries by England pre and post WW1 are commented on here, and should be brought up as often as possible. Americans have short memories and don't study history. These policies were disastrous (Read the Seven Pillars of Wisdom). The only place you could find a worse set of policies was in Central and South America by the U.S. So, I commend you for your bravery in taking this stance. Thank you.

  31. The debt trap narrative was a convenient narrative born in an Indian think tank that the US embraced because they love to point fingers. Out of 3000+ projects with Chinese loans and financing that has been surveyd, only the Sri Lanka port deal and one in Eastern Europe , both which are more complicated than news stories will have you believe, were taken over by the Chinese due to debt repayment issues. In other words, the story about China giving loans, just to see the projects fail economically so that they can take over important assets, is a myth. (Debunked multiple times, including by China-Africa scholar, Deborah Brautigam).

    The China brings only its workers was debunked by Mckinsey survey of 10000 private Chinese companies in Africa last year, showing that the main workers and even little under half of managers were African and that Chinese companies employed over 300k Africans. (Just type Mckinsey+Africa onto Google and read the report).

    Now, there are many issues that Africa and Africans need to consider when it comes to China. But no one should base their opinion on what American government officials or their European lap dogs have to say about China and the Chinese. And if you want a more nuanced picture I recommend the China Africa project where the man that was interviewed, Eric, is a driving force. I also recommend Howard French's talk about China and the Chinese in Africa right here on Youtube.

    And kudos to the people behind this video. It was far more nuanced than I expected, and that you find on this issue in most media.

  32. seriously you lot talking about Africa is like a burglar coming in your home beating your family your husband 
    your wife 
    your child 
    your auntie
    your uncle
    your grandma
    your grandpa
    your in-laws
    your neighbours
    everyone in your village and
    raping, pillaging shitting all over your house taking all your wealth and when they have a moments of rest to sit down the criminal sycophant says"we need to talk about your dads controls issues"
    apparently ? we should all start taking note of the criminals advice?

  33. I never thought that this channel would be defending the Belt and Road iniciative. Also quite fishy considering that there's no mention of China's modus operandi of starting projects and then abandoning them, both in Africa and Latin America.

  34. I think this style of video has a lot more potential on youtube than an on screen host. My two cents(which should really hold no weight) is that people like a talking head when they feel like that person is their friend, which works great for vlogging or personality based content, but less so for informative/RL news. I'm too lazy to actually look it up, but I bet a lot of the top performing informative channels use narrators and reference media instead.

    I've gotta get this off my chest; Maria seems like an absolutely wonderful and smart person, but while she certainly has the face for onscreen talent, I'm not sure she has the voice. I bet she could get better working with a voice coach. This narator sounded great though, no voice cracks or wavers, just smooth and articulate.

    That said, if you guys never changed a thing I would still be on the $5 patreon tier and watching every video.

  35. 🌟China is very smart. They know that Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in the world, full of loads of resources. So they offer Africa what none of the European nations who had colonised it before did.

    “A way to turn their 3rd Country into a modern one like Europe.” With hospitals, schools, modern buildings e.t.c 🌟

    🌷Perhaps the leaders understand that China is slowly colonising Africa but they want something for their future generations.🌷

  36. As much as i abhor what China is as an entity, they are economically and politically effective. The US, with the moral high ground, will be seceding global influence over the next decade.

  37. The Chinese government is an authoritarian neo-imperialist force everywhere it touches, Hong Kong, Tibet, East Turkistan, Taiwan and now Africa. The West and the US must do everything in our power to contain them they are the biggest threat to world peace since the USSR. Unfortunately African countries aren’t in any position to be choosy about their economic development partners.

  38. Look up China’s belt and road initiative. It is basically a modern Silk Road and it is a way for China to debt trap more countries.

  39. Being South African, I do not like the American government at all, they have threatened SA for years over HIV/Aids aid (amongst other things), in return for UN votes (and much more) and when I say threats, I mean actual threats. They have commanded the arrest of African leaders who set foot in SA, leaders who committed war crimes as if the US is free of such leaders. Oh, and the US loves pushing their idea of what democracy is as if the popular vote counts for shit.

    Now with that said, China and Russia's methods are far from flawless. Take the countless nuclear power plants that Russia wants to build all over Africa, SA had to reject these countless times and yeah you cannot deny that a debt trap type of situation exists with China.

    I think at the end of the day we consider the lesser of two evils and I truly believe all African countries are better off without any US interference, we do not want to be the next Iraq, Syria or Iran.

  40. I'm just hoping Africa doesn't end up getting turned into a proxy-war "zone" like the "Middle-East."

    We need better governments the world over – and fast.

  41. A youtuber named Kraut made a great in-depth video about China, and it's not just in Africa that they're making deals that involve harbours and such, it's all along every major trading route by sea. It's a pretty easy conclusion to draw from their actions that their involvement in these regions is centred on regaining control of the trade routes they dominated for thousands of years, but lost to the western in the last 3-400-ish years. I by no means think that China shouldn't be allowed to trade to whomever they want, but just considering the type of influence their trade deals carry with it (such as in Australia with their anti-global warming support), it's a very chilling thought that they are now capable of twisting African nations to their agenda. But, a lot of that is also thanks to a lack of involvement from the US, who hasn't been doing enough to prevent the spreading influence of China, and whose current president hasn't done his country any favours in terms of international reputation. To many people outside of the US, business with China and Russia might seem like the lesser evil.

  42. Clearly USA screwed up. If they had been investing in infrastructure in Africa for the last 60 years, the USA would have had its influence and made its trillions. Instead, it just suppresses countries until someone smarter comes along. I think the USA has had its day… for the better or worse of the world 🙁

  43. We owe a crap ton to China in the US right now. You know what happens when China owns most of the debt in the world? We all gone be collateral on our governments' loans.

  44. If China wants to take our place in the realm of global domination, I’m all in favor. Then they can be the hate recipient.

  45. What is China doing that the USA isn't doing?The problem is that the USA hates competition which is like hating Capitalism,strange,very strange.

  46. On one hand this is bad, on the other I don't think the US would be much better. It's good for everyone if Africa grows and developes and China can only hold on for so long before it eventually shatters. Considering that the world is fucked either way I don't have the energy to give a shit. I'll just try to live happily while I can.

  47. This is a very well rounded piece. This is a very complex issue and it was very well broken down. It presented the facts in a highly productive way showing the narratives around the issues along with the argument against the narratives. I personally think that China has both debt traps and some genuine development loans for the area. They are as everything in a grey area and each deal needs to be checked but not written off as a trap.

  48. Bold of him to assume that their children's children will be around to deal with the debt and won't have died from the upcoming climate catastrophes :')

  49. That reporter is on China's dick. It is absurd to say that China is taking collateral on high risk loans without the intent to seize and control. That's the primary purpose, to say otherwise is contrived.

  50. I think both have their advantages and disadvantages concerning trade deals and aid. Aid has no collateral. Although in Kenya the port has not been taken over, that certainly wasn't the case in Sri Lanka, which is an example of a nation further along in Chinese debt. The trade deal has less prior conditions needed. Although there are certain leaders in Africa with clear human rights abuses, there are a number of others that are making strides and it is not the right approach to boss around another leader.

  51. Its wierd how we view China's government both as being hyper-capable internationally and as fundementally unsound way to handle economics. I recognize that they are a nightmare for human and civil rights

  52. OK, so I have serious doubts that the US actually is concerned with democratization as a first priority. However, I'm shocked that you compare the goals of democratization and political influence as if they are similarly respectable motivations. If you don't have democratization, you have rights abuses surrounding freedom of speech and personal autonomy. If we take human rights seriously, then we ought to always be pressuring democratization.

    Again, I don't think the US is actually interested in democratization. Our track record is pretty poor on respecting foreign democracies. But if you're oppressing your populace, every nation and person on Earth is in a position to insist that you stop. Democratization and China's political interests are not equally respectable enterprises.

  53. As an African I really hate when Americans and Europeans talk about China Africa‘s relationship. I do not deny that China likely has some very shady deals with African governments. But those deals will never ever compare to the IMF conditionalities Place an African governments in the 80s in the US intervention policies That nearly destroyed the continents up until the early 2000’s. How dare you guys talk about China and Africa in this era without accounting for how the west’s actions is what pushed African nations towards China FDI investments. Mind your business you guys have never cared about the continent past its resources so fuck the pretense

  54. That bit about how the "west" envisions Africa was pretty spot on. So many Americans, when they think of Africans, even to this day tend to imagine bush people in loin cloths. Even at a more "updated" perspective, they still imagine massive poverty.

  55. ways of controlling africa

    give a payday loan to african governments in hopes of repo-ing their country
    Export all the arms they can to fund whatever insurgencies may pop up later, and be the friendly neighborhood gun salesmen
    Establish a Western government culture in hopes that they can follow the way they came to be successful and become like them

  56. western countries tend to approach their foreign policies in an idealistic mindset ie; govt should be run by the ppl fr the ppl, democracy etc. This is great if you're dealing with a somewhat true democratic country but they wont get through if the countries r already led by a powerful political regime. Obviously the ppl at the top will be reluctant to ease their grip in return fr a few financial aids or trade deals. They need a new strategy of approaching developing countries. Ofc these countries will like china or russia more which are basically dictatorships and oligarchs; politically more aligned with them and seen as no threat to their internal power. I'd say play ball fr now and let the ppl of the countries mature more on their own.

  57. China gives kenya a 0% interest loan
    Usa: this is not fair
    Also usa: gives a usa citizen a 100% interest loan
    Usa: this is right, nothing wrong here.

  58. Eric Olander, he sounds like a chill for the CCP. It's quite obvious that China is trying to exploit and screw over Africa as best they can. I'm sure Russia, the U.S. and other countries as well have done their fair share of sneaky deals with African countries. But you can't really compare it to the corrupt communist police state that is China. Which also happens to be world leading in environmental destruction. Because the Chinese government don't give a crap about the planet, other countries, or even their own population who arguably suffers the most of their relentless pollution.

    I'd much rather listen to this guy then that Eric Olander:

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