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WHY (almost) NO COUNTRIES recognize TAIWAN – VisualPolitik EN

WHY (almost) NO COUNTRIES recognize TAIWAN – VisualPolitik EN

Despite being a small country with barely
20 million inhabitants, for at least the last seven decades, Taiwan has been a hot spot
of international politics. Its official name is not Taiwan, but the “Republic
of China”. This is because its origin goes back to the
country that emerged in China after the Xinhai Revolution of 1912. A revolution that led to the fall of the Qing
Dynasty. However, the story doesn’t end there. A few years later, China was to face a new
nightmare with the invasion of the Japanese Empire, which managed to control the richest
and most powerful parts of the new country, and whose capitulation in 1945 served as a
breeding ground for the outbreak of a new power struggle: that of Mao’s communists against
the republicans of the Kuomintang nationalists. And so, you can imagine who won, right? Mao was able to establish his people’s republic
in mainland China, while the leaders of the counter-revolution and what remained of their
army settled on the island of Formosa. There, they created a state considered for
decades to be the legitimate successor of the model government that existed in Mainland
China prior to the invasion of Japan and the subsequent communist revolution. That one thing is important, the legitimate
government of the Republic of China. And in this way, for more than 30 years the
nationalist government of Taiwan was, for many countries, the valid interlocutor, the
Government of China. The natural successor of the Xinhai Revolution. The legitimate government of the entire country. Viewed from this perspective, Mao’s regime
was nothing more than a government that illegitimately occupied mainland China. In fact, that has traditionally been the claim
of the Taiwanese authorities. And we need to tread carefully here, because
we are not exactly talking about a democracy, but of a rigid dictatorship under the control
of Chiang Kai Sek. To give you an idea, there were no elections
held there until 1996. In spite of this and thanks to its alliance
with the United States, until 1971, the Republic of China, i.e. Taiwan, occupied the seat that belongs to
China at the United Nations to the detriment of the People’s Republic founded and controlled
by Mao Zedong. In 1971, however, everything began to change. That year Taiwan lost its seat at the UN in
favour of the People’s Republic of China. Of course, let’s see, a country can only
have one representative in the UN. And if there are two governments that consider
themselves to be legitimate, then… you have to choose one or the other. And therein lies the problem, Taiwan has never
been considered as an independent country, but as the legitimate China. What a mess! From that moment on, international recognition
and the global influence of Taiwan have done nothing but plummet. Now, what happened to the Taiwan that was
once fully recognized by all the major western powers? What will become of it now that mainland China
has become a superpower? What happened to Taiwan’s claims? And what is even more important, what can
we expect after the enormous protests that have occurred in Hong Kong, and the recent
presidential elections of January 2020 in Taiwan? Let’s take a look! (FROM LEGITIMATE HEIR TO POLITICAL NUISANCE) As I’ve just explained, for many years the
government of Taiwan was, for most countries, the sovereign representative of the Chinese
nation. Of course, the increasing influence of the
People’s Republic of China together with the economic awakening of the Asian giant, has
really turned the tables. Taiwan began losing recognition from all the
countries with a few exceptions from smaller nations. The United States, Taiwan’s most important
ally, officially switched its recognition to the People’s Republic of China to the detriment
of the Republic of China under the Carter Administration in 1979. Currently, only 14 countries in addition to
the Vatican recognize the Republic of China as the valid state of China. This situation and the fact that even the
fiercest allies of Taiwan cease to officially recognize them, led the island government
to abandon its claim as legitimate government of China in the early 1990s. Since then, Taiwan has relaxed its efforts
on recognition and has opted for a strategy that is becoming increasingly clear and is
gaining more support over time: Not to be recognized as the Republic of China, but only
as Taiwan. Given the story so far, that makes perfect
sense. The Taiwanese understand all too well that
the political, social, economic and democratic measures they have taken over the years on
the island have created a great divide between it and mainland China. The lifestyle, current politics and society
in Taiwan are completely different to what exists in the People’s Republic of China under
the Communist Party dictatorship. There are increasing differences in Taiwanese
society and the island’s government already understands how insurmountable these are,
and doesn’t view the possibility of melding with mainland China worth the struggle. Purely and simply, Taiwan is a foreign country. (AUDIO: “China’s suppression of Taiwan
in the international arena cannot change the indisputable fact of Taiwan’s existence,
nor can it coerce the Taiwanese people into abandoning their democratic and free way of
life,” – Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) We could say that those who only a couple
of generations ago founded a country of exiled people on an island have managed to create
an independent nation with its own idiosyncrasies. And that is precisely the idea defended by
the current President Tsai Ing Wen, of the Democratic Progressive Party. But, wait a moment, there is one more important
thing to point out. This particular vision is not shared by all. The Kuomintang, another major party in Taiwan
defends a very different position: to build closer ties and come to an understanding with
the Chinese regime. But… Wait a moment, did I say Kuomintang? Does that name ring any bells? Exactly, the Kuomintang is the party founded
by the nationalist republican leaders who fought against the Chinese communist revolution
and established the present Taiwan. Yes, that’s right. Even though it sounds incredible, the party
that once went head to head with the Chinese regime now advocates to be their friend. Then, there are those that say nothing ever
changes in politics. Ha! In this case the switches are more frequent
than an Instagrammer snapping selfies. Now, the question that crops up is… What on earth has led to such a turnaround? Well, money plays a crucial role in every
aspect of this story. Yes, yes, the money. And I am not just referring to bribes, kickbacks
or opaque agreements of all kinds, but to the possibility of taking advantage of the
huge economy that has been developed in mainland China. And it is precisely here where we hit a crucial
question: Which would you choose? Fight for the full independence of your country,
although it means risking economic relations with an Asian superpower or seek an understanding
with Beijing? That is not an easy question by any means. This is the big question the Taiwanese are
trying to answer and their collective answer will determine the electoral result. Now, before we go on, there is a question
we haven’t covered. What’s been happening with Taiwan since
it began losing international recognition? Has it been isolated? The short answer is… No. Taiwan is an exception, it is not officially
considered a country, but there is a de facto international recognition regarding its sovereignty
and self-government. Their former international embassies have
become “economic and cultural offices”, which act as embassies, de facto as well. The Taiwanese have identity documents and
passports issued by their own government that are internationally recognized. And, this is something that angers Beijing. Few things bother the government of the People’s
Republic of China as much as seeing how Taiwan is, in practice, an independent country. (AUDIO: Taiwan must and will be reunited with
China. Independence will only bring hardship and
the re-unification with the mainland was an inevitable requirement for the great rejuvenation
of the Chinese people.” Xi Jinping) But do not think for a second that they put
up with this. No. The Chinese Government, the government of
Xi Jinping, has been harassing the island for years with strategies designed to wear
them down. How exactly? Many of you can imagine, I’m sure. China’s pockets are deep, extremely deep;
and don’t make the mistake of thinking there are only a couple of countries willing to
cast Taiwan aside in exchange for a handful of investments. We all know too well that money talks. But, just a moment, all this does not mean
that Taiwan is alone in the world. That’s something that China hasn’t managed
to achieve. Another thing that, by the way, drives them
crazy as well. You see, even if it is only recognized diplomatically
by a handful of governments, the Taiwanese retain many allies and common interests with
a lot of countries. In particular there’s an agreement with
the US that has been in place since the end of the 70s which states that the great American
power ensures that the island will be stocked with military equipment. (AUDIO: “Changes in the diplomatic arena
are indeed challenging. But Taiwan still has many friends around the
world willing to stand with us, and we are not alone.” – Tsai Ing Wen, president of Taiwan.) So, as we’ve already discussed in a previous
video that I’ll leave a link for in the description, the Taiwanese government has
opted for the strategy of differentiation: We have nothing to do with China, we are Taiwan
and we do not intend to rule over anyone other than ourselves, nor allow anyone to rule over
us. This is the message from President Tsai that
has struck a deep chord with Taiwanese voters. In the recent presidential elections, the
victory of Tsai has been overwhelming: she got 58% of the votes, a difference of almost
20 points over the Kuomintang party of Han Kuo Yu. So this is much more than a simple victory. What Tsai has done electorally is to take
a steamroller, throw the candidates in the asphalt and roll right over the top of them. But why is it that the Taiwanese have voted
in this way despite the constant warnings of Beijing against the new government of Tsai
Ing Wen? Listen up! (TAIWAN: THERMOMETER OF CHINESE EXPANSIONISM) The recent elections of January 2020 in Taiwan
have been a tremendous democratic slap in the face to the Beijing regime. With the lessons learned from the recent events
in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese have seen the eyes of the beast clearer than ever. The constant meddling by Beijing in hongkongese
affairs, the violation of the special status of the city, and the huge protests to claim
back freedom, have led the Taiwanese to lose the very little trust they had left in China. That is why they have voted against the Kuomintang
and its trust in Beijing. A trust which, they claim, would result in
economic stability – That is to say, Chinese money and peace in the region, or put another
way, a reduction in the influence of the United States. However, the opinion of the Taiwanese people
has been very different. The nearly 20 points difference achieved by
Tsai Ing Wen marks the greatest electoral victory since elections have been held in
the country. (AUDIO: “The results of this election carry
an added significance. They have shown that when our sovereignty
is threatened, the Taiwanese people will shout our determination even more loudly back.” Tsai Ing Wen, president of Taiwan) Tsai has been able to take advantage of the
fear the Taiwanese have about loss of freedom due to the influence of China, and it’s
a point she drove home in her final campaign speech. Listen: (AUDIO; “The young people of Hong Kong have
used their lives, as well as their blood and tears, to demonstrate to us that ‘one country,
two systems’ is unworkable. Tomorrow, let our young people of Taiwan demonstrate
to them that the values of democracy and freedom will overcome all difficulties.” – Tsai Ing Wen, president of Taiwan.) The difficulties that Tsai is talking about
are international political isolation and loss of investments. The Asian giant is hell-bent on isolating
Taipei in order to stifle its economy and force the island nation to surrender to their
demands if they want to maintain their standard of living. And to this end they are not hesitating to
flash some cash. We have seen it most recently with two of
the few countries that still recognized Taiwan as the legitimate government of China: the
Solomon Islands and Kiribati. (AUDIO: China extends influence in Pacific
as Solomon Islands break with Taiwan – The Guardian) (AUDIO: Taiwan loses another ally as Kiribati
cuts ties – BBC) Two small territories in the Pacific that
could have been key for the United States in the containment of Chinese expansionist
aspirations. But now the balance seems tilted more than
ever toward Beijing. Of the fourteen countries that still recognize
Taiwan, there are only four in the South Pacific area. And the recognition or not of Taiwan by these
countries implicitly represents their level of loyalty to the United States against China. Which leaves us very striking results. The lax approach of the United States in this
part of the world coupled with the giant deterring power of Chinese money, have ensured that
no wars nor military ships were needed to ensure control of these seas which are very
important for world trade. But… let’s not stray from the issue. The thing is that now, with another four years
of the independentist Tsai ruling Taiwan, it is expected that relations with Beijing
will become colder than an ice cream in the middle of the North Pole. And when we talk about diplomatic relations
and China… we’re often talking about economic blockades. That is the challenge that President Tsai
is facing… Because, if there’s one thing Beijing has
argued for both actively and passively, it’s that they will never tolerate the full independence
of Taiwan. (AUDIO; “We reject the ‘one country, two
systems model. We value the lifestyle of democracy, and we
defend our sovereignty.” Tsai Ing Wen) But, at this point, it’s your turn, if you
were Taiwanese, which would you choose, your political and social freedoms, or China and
the business? Do you think that Taiwan can continue growing
and developing leaving the Chinese superpower aside? Leave your answer in the comments. So I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
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    It's just a government in exile on an island that have been Japanese until 1945. And that's basically the position they had until the 1990s. But over those 50 years, the people of Taiwan create a new culture. The mainland refugees and Exile Community came to an island with a pre-existing Chinese population that had developed quite independently of the Mainland, as well as the native Formosan people. I want is a separate country just as the Republic of Korea is separate from the People's Republic of Korea. The idea that there can only be one country represented in the UN for every nation is an lie that flies in the face of History. There were two Vermanys and two Vietnams. There is no real ethnic difference between Romanians and moldovan, but not only are they separate countries with seats in the UN, but they're both members of NATO. China occupies a large percentage of Mongolia and Korea. With the fact that there are separate Mongolian in Korean Nations does not undermine the existence of China or their control on these territories. An independent Taiwan would not threaten China. What it would threaten is their expansionist goals.

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  31. One might ask if Taiwan is really as free and democratic as president Tsai likes to put it. Just before the elections, president Tsai's political party DPP forced, undemocratically, two laws through the political procedure. The first law is the anti infiltration law. If The DPP suspects you work together with the Chinese government, they can bring you to court. It is totally not clear under which circumstances and with which parameters this is done. The second law is the anti fake news law. If the DPP thinks news or statements in (social) media are fake, they can censor this and bring the producers to court. So if you bring negative news about DPP and they don't like that, they can simply erase it and make your life very difficult. Opposing parties call this 'green terror' (DPP represents itself with a green color). Former Taiwanese president Ma In-jeou compared the laws to martial laws under the white terror time (no freedom of speech, people were locked up for no reasons). "When the government is in the position to declare something 'fake news', it just opens the door to abuse," said Steven Butler, the Asia Program coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Obviously there is more political freedom in Taiwan than in China, but presenting Tsai Ing-wen as a Taiwanese Joan of Arc fighting for noble democracy against an evil China is an easily digested caricature.

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    – I am not KMT, I am not DPP. I am for a truthful analysis of the situation.

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    So, for who would you vote if the difference is so clear? Taiwan is not the US. Someone like Donald Trump wouldn’t stand a chance.

    -10 points for the content of this video.

  38. Well, now the world clearly knows Taiwan is an independant country more than ever.Keep going Taiwan,the world is cheering for you all.Never ever let CCP bully or coax you at any cost.Please apply for UNO membership as a soveriegn nation as soon as possible when the world is watching over you all more actively than ever before.All the best Taiwan and congratulations to president Tsai for winning second term of election;Taiwanese made the right choice!!!

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  40. I'm Taiwanese and I'll never be Chinese. Their barbarian way scares the shit out of me really. CCP only wants Taiwan for their benefits but they sugarcoat the whole thing as if they considered us "family". Their favorite thing to say is to "blood wash" Taiwan. What kind of human are these people?? Disgusting!

  41. I would say as a Chinese this guy is being really fair unlike most other Western personal.

    But people still have to remember the constitution of Republic of China claims sovereignty over the mainland, and Taiwan is recognized as a province. Also when Japanese lost WW2 they gave Taiwan back to “China” not a country call Taiwan. Taiwan is a part of China (which they currently are since ROC is one of the “China”); if Taiwan dare to claim independence, the PRC will have every right and reasoning to take over.

  42. The biggest failure of Chinese history (other then the opium war) is KMT’s split with the Communist. The Chinese Communist Party was actually a part of KMT (kind of similar to the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party). The split definitely cost millions of lives and the current Taiwan issue.

  43. The Taiwanese people have the right to self-determination! And Taiwan is still an economic powerhouse even with isolation and exclusion. The video makes it seem like Taiwan hasn't developed economically.

  44. I would hardly say that Taiwan was founded by exiled people – the vast majority of the people in Taiwan arrived prior to the KMT takeover in 1945

  45. I live in Taiwan and I would say China is a big bully and always gets mad when it doesn’t get its way. Their people are brainwashed by their government and it hurts ties both ways of the Straight.
    Taiwan is its own country, own people, and has its own culture compared to the people of China. 🇹🇼

  46. I really like to see these issues from a western perspective aka jumping into a issue without a understanding of the context and playing saviors. Just go home……Taiwan people will and can choose their nationality as they deem to fit. I, as a Chinese citizen only want them to be free from the meddling of AIT, and can respect their Chinese heritage. All the presidential candidates of Taiwan need to seek support from AIT. Who is really in charge of Taiwan? Anyone with a basic understanding of politics should see this through. Do you really think CCP does not want to sit down and talk given they were still trying to talk as recent as 2015? This is the same shit show as the division between the Koreans. If these countries all make peace with each other, the US government will lose its foothold in Asia. Since you mentioned Hong Kong, did you know the DPP government initially supported the extradition bill before they find they can leverage the protest to win their election? You really did not understand the causal relationship between the two, did you? Again, just go home, we Asian can figure these out. Free Japan, South Korea and Taiwan from this 21st century colonialism. We don’t need to buy your retired fighter jets, ships and tanks to fight among ourselves. Without you, all of us will be much more free.

  47. this fking world's running count on POWER and mutual interest not your pathetic emotional needs. Your fking country cannot afford to risk your relationship with China, or you gonna suffer economically, like a lot. The same goes as your westerner colonized the whole fking world 100yrs ago and start world war, built new world order , never considered what Asian or African ppl want. Be realistic, this your where your fking politician better than you average folks. This fking politician literally saving you idiots from harming yourself.

  48. Taiwan government Minjindon party has no guts to declare independence. They take advantage of this issue to cheat Taiwan peoples' votes.

  49. US regime is the biggest bully in the world and yet accusing others of being too rich. Every now and then I watch these videos to remind me the hypocrisy embedded deep into the western value system. Yeah it's shit

  50. Lol, Taiwan is struggling economically while it's leaders focus on politicking instead of improving the country

    Taiwan youths are now leaving Taiwan by the planeload, heading to Japan to do work that the native Japanese found unappealing – in other words, Taiwan is now no different from developing economies like the Philippines whose populations flock overseas to look for employment, a far cry from the 70s and 80s when it was one of the strongest economies in Asia

    Coincidentally, the 80s is also when Taiwan "democratized"

    And racism is a thing in Taiwan now

    Yes, you may find it strange, how can an island that is populated mostly by ethnic Chinese people engage in racism

    Yet they do

    They are starting to distinguish between those Chinese who settled down in Taiwan many generations prior, and those Chinese that arrived at Taiwan with the KMT post Chinese civil war

    This is what happens when leaders do anything they can think of in order to stay in power, including pitting its own people against themselves by stoking racism

    But sure, as long as the people are promised their precious "freedom" by their politicians they don't care if they are being played

  51. As proud Filipino 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭, we support the sovereignty and Independence of Taiwan🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

  52. I born in Taiwan, lives in Taiwan. I am Taiwanese, love the place where I live. And with no doubt, I will choose freedom.

    I voted for election and selected which one can be my president. I am free to talk everything even can complain my government isn't doing well and able to file feedbacks without Great Firewall. We respect every culture even people living in Mainland China and love to embrace people from different countries. We have great food like bubble tea, beef noodles, greatest public transportation system and friendly people. We also have great semiconductor manufacturing technology, IC, which is the soul embedded in your iphone even CPU. We also have many IT talents doing contribution in the world(Like brand you may hear about: ASUS, Acer even software developers). All happen in this small island.

    Folks, you definitely cannot miss this beautiful island must come here and see what's the different, we all are welcome guest from the world.

  53. It's surprising those wall flippers from PRC haven't flooded this place…maybe they're too busy fighting their homemade bio-weapons?

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