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Who China Country Profile ?

Who China Country Profile ?

[inaudible] China country profile. The Chinese way of life recommends
the harmony among the family, the individual and society. While people
are only one portion of the family. The family is the
fundamental unit of society. The blood relationship is the
most crucial element of society. The four generations under one roof
intended their father and mother, son and daughter in law, grandson
and granddaughter in law, the grandson and the great
granddaughters, cohabitation, the heritage and the perfect
of four generations remains. While families typically include
two generations living together, the idea of tracing ancestry back
is the nation’s most strong power. The ancestor will bring his
descendants for centuries. Pride. The many descendants of eminent leaders
won’t sell you the name of their ancestors regardless of what the
consequences does. Equilibria, Mendel harmony of clans and families
are the improvement of society and the assurance of peace,
lifestyle as well as culture. The culture of the people as shown in the
behavior of their lives adheres to the precepts of town wisdom. Taoism
will simplicity and all things. Since the life of one must honor as
well as conformed to the seasons, the [inaudible] has to be confessed. Festivals and [inaudible] are
especially significant to the Chinese. This is one way of life which pursues
harmony, not just in festivals. Along with other special events. Chinese culture can be seen
in everyday activities. The tea ceremony originated in China. Zen Buddhism had a broad
following in history. It’s practice influenced a
number of individuals habits. Food as thousands of many
years of development, Chinese cuisine has reached a state
of perfection for Chinese people. Dining is among the most
enjoyable activities, best exemplifying harmony and order. The convention followed in their Chinese
table is their use of round table. The round table allows chairs by
hierarchy when being seated for a dinner. Elders as well as senior as well as
important guests will be the first to be seated after the more. The kids who enjoy special attention as
well as sit shoulder to shoulder with older people established
rules of etiquette including
their matching of various dishes as well as utensils as well as
their sequence of serving their dishes. A very essential part of the Chinese
way of life’s preserving one’s health. Many health-giving medications
are on the daily menu.

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