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WHO calls on countries to accept entry of cruise ships seeking ports

the Diamond Princess cruise ship that
stopped off a port in Japan has reported 40 more confirmed coronavirus cases this
raises the total of cases on board to 175 but despite those people being in
desperate need of help the ship has yet to find a country that
will accept its entry the situation has become so grim that the World Health
Organization is now calling for countries to do the right thing and take
the vessel in Eastern Jae with more with an urgent need to find a port that will
accept them the head of the w-h-o has called on countries to practice free
pratik or the freedom of port entry for the Diamond Princess cruise ship and
others saying to date three cruise ships have been delayed or denied entry
hedgerows are ananka braces announced plans to create a joint communique with
the International Maritime Organization under the international health
regulations which emphasizes the principle of free entry of ships he also
thanked Cambodia for green to accept the MS Wester dam which has over 1,400
passengers and 800 crew on board emphasizing that no confirmed cases of
the corona virus have been reported on the ship however among the 48 newly
confirmed cases outside mainland China on Wednesday 40 of them were among those
aboard the diamond princess which is still stuck at Japan’s Yokohama port the
total number of confirmed patients aboard the ship is currently at 175 for
those stuck on board many are worried as they think it’s just a matter of time
before they contract the virus we take our temperatures a few times a day and
we’re still under the the number that we’d have to report but the reporting is
voluntary so I don’t know how much good it is if people are too frightened to
call the medical center or they there they’re afraid of the local hospitals or
doctors I don’t know but so I think it’s a kind of a not a great system I think
we should be checked and we’ve only been ship passengers aboard the diamond
princess hope – wh hoes push for port entry will
swiftly result in them getting to proper medical care they desperately need Eason
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