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White House Staffers Say Impeachment Is Driving Trump Crazy

White House Staffers Say Impeachment Is Driving Trump Crazy

So let’s be real clear about one thing. Now that this week’s impeachment hearings
have ended. It was a very bad week for Donald Trump and
quite literally everybody else in that entire white house. Now, earlier this week, Politico, and this
was after the Sonland testimony where he immediately said, Oh heck yeah. There was a quid pro quo. Politico spoke to people inside the white
house. I spoke to Donald Trump aids and staffers,
and what they said is what it was pretty much predictable, and that is Donald Trump’s emotions
right now. His moods are essentially a roller coaster. He goes from these massive highs to these
massive lows with a lot of anger in between because of what’s being said during those
impeachment hearings. Trump knows that it’s going bad for him, but
the thing is, these white house staffers say he’s not sure yet if it has swayed public
opinion. So that’s what occasionally puts him in a
good mood according to these staffers. But aside from that, it’s generally a feeling
of hell. Everybody in there is living in absolute complete
misery. And again, it’s not just Donald Trump, it’s
everybody in that white house cause this pill, a political reported. A lot of these staffers were actually furious
after Sonland’s testimony when he roped in Pence and Mulvaney and Rick Perry and a lot
of other people from this administration, they were furious because they see what the
rest of the public sees. Right now Donald Trump’s entire inner circle
is falling apart. Everybody the guy is associated himself with
is now being roped into this scanner up to an including the vice president himself. And that’s bad news for this administration. And I think that’s what’s causing some of
the foul mood among the staffers. Right? They know they weren’t a part of this. They’ve got nothing to lose except of course
their jobs, their future job prospects. Right. Because think about it this way, if you’re
just, you know, I don’t want to insult anybody by saying it this way, but if you were a low
level staffer in the white house, that is an awesome thing to have on your resume. Unless, of course you have to put on there
that you worked for Donald Trump and then Donald Trump gets impeached and then God willing
gets removed from office, which will never happen. That’s then on your resume, they’re going
to ask, even if you try to leave off the name of, well, which administration did you work
in? Yeah. [inaudible] no, so these people are furious
because they thought they had landed the gig of a lifetime. Somebody that was going to open doors for
them, and even as horrible as Trump is, and as much as they stood by his side, when he
goes out there and says these horrible things and enacts these horrible policies, they still
thought, if I stay here long enough, if I do this right, I can get a better job later
on down the line, right? I’m going to work in politics. This has always been my dream. This guy sucks, but I’m going to stick it
out because it’s going to help me now suddenly it’s not looking like this. So the staffers get angry. The staffers are miserable, the inner circles
miserable. Donald Trump is miserable. And once again, just like in the, uh, hottest
days of the Mueller investigation, the white house has descended into utter and complete

100 comments on “White House Staffers Say Impeachment Is Driving Trump Crazy

  1. Impeach him already and get him outta the White House period.They have all of the evidence and still more evidence piles up daily so why is it taking so long to get this dictator out of office.

  2. Now, MSM is telling us that most Americans are against Impeachment and Democrats are going to lose the House and Presidency in 2020. 🙄

    I just want him gone! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. He's been poison since he shown up but he is a guy you stay away from since his stench rubs off . VP , Barr , Rudy and Noones are people very sorry they jumped onboard but now looking for a way off .

  4. Their parents are to blame.
    This is how vacuous they are for 3 yrs. Warnings, red flags etc. and they ignored like daddy told them.
    Cut your losses .

  5. Don't worry about the "low-level staffers" at WH.. they can make a living just giving talks after this, at speaking engagements, talk shows, book deals, blogs, TV movies.. please. They'll be ok, trust me!

  6. Wow! Weeks months of this wacky circus, isn't there a massive country to run somewhere in that sea of rhetoric?

  7. Actually i feel so sorry for all of the people in USA not the staffers ecf in the White House, this man and his staff have put USA in such a shit hole that how they get out of it all I don’t know. You said he will never be impeached ?? Then why spend all this money doing what they just did. .? I don’t understand
    I sure hope there is an honest American person that can get this country out of this mess it is in right now, not only is everyone I. The White House upset but the perople r too and that is what counts for me,

  8. Come on… We all know Mr Trump is the Last President.. It's over folks… God Almighty has in-store a Big Bang for you fools …You fools are a fucken Joke… And time is about to Talk… And it's not good fools…. Remember God Almighty has no do-overs Mfers….you fools shall see what God has in store… 😂 😂 you see it never ends… Fools…. And there is no way out… Even death won't help 😂 😂 😂…. God is so damn 😎…. You must love HIM…… I does…. 😂… Hey can you hear them pipes….. I does… 😂 😂

  9. Voice to text. Any so-called man that makes fun of handicapped, women that are overweight, anyone who is not a perfect 10 in his mind or lack of mind, and a racist that gives way for other racists to verbally attack and physically assault whoever they want. While showing a low IQ and mentality, as well as making up words and theories that are totally way off. Should be hung by their testicles until they lose them. Of course that means he would’ve had to have them to begin with. He was a bully throughout his education, His educational record shows for itself how often he had to be changed from school to school due to bullying and finally his father had to pay for him to go to college by giving such a large amount of money to that school otherwise they would’ve never had excepted him.

  10. Good!! GOOD!!! Trump, Pence, Perry, Mulvaney…Rotten, stinkin' broken eggs, all of them & more. Sorry for staff, but it's their choice to work for these slugs. They don't have a clue how terrible we the people have been feeling this whole time, 3 long, painful, horribly upsetting years. Trump doesn't care about us, even his own staff!! It's just all about me-me-me-trump!

  11. trump should look @ every single person working in the WH , said to himself is that one the whistleblower? We think even Jared don’t like his father in law, may Jared is the whistleblower, maybe it’s ivan—kaka 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Ring of fire 🔥 why would you say that if he gets impeached and he will never be removed from office. Where is your faith. This is A Warning lol this is trump who's tension spans as long as a pussy grab. Have faith in your own reporting.

  13. Trump seeking out corruption, well he needs to start with himself, and his cronies, and the Republican party, from New Zealand, you guys need a clean out, in the Republicans, from top to bottom, badly.

  14. Just who are these clowns you are getting that garbage from? It's hilarious, what all you dims have spewed has gone nowhere, because it's always been LIES, your offended feelings, conjecture and innuendos. Are you idiots jealous or just plain stupid?

  15. Trump is a natural genius! I'm sure with tremendous great and unmatched wisdom he'll weasel his way out of this and Rudy will be the sacrificial goat this time around.

  16. When they go low, they then go lower, then hit bottom lowest. The worst example of human nature … pure animalistic tendencies … destroy others as well … bring people down. So so sad. 😞

  17. Your a bald douche. You head looks like that testicle that accidentally popped out of that jock douchebag’s shorts at the gym

  18. Obviously lies since Trump and the patriots trapped the idiot liberals in the scam impeachment exposing the Biden’s and the corruption in the Obama administration. The liberals have Trump right where he wants them. TIC….TOCK…

  19. Womp-Womp….could care less about those stupid staffers and 'aides' to this retarded president. They all knew what they were getting themselves into but have chosen to remain living with the insanity. I don't feel sorry for them one bit. Period.

  20. Trump is still gaslighting America. Bribery and extortion really aren't 'that bad', right? The shouts of 'witch hunt' and 'the call was perfect', doesn't change fact. His idea of diplomacy is truly illegal activity.

  21. The illuminati desgned this impeachment to upset Trump, but the deepstate will fail!!! ✅👌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✅👌🏻

  22. Well do you blame him . He is only human you fool. As the democrats have never let this President do his job. Get off your hight horse you are false news .the Presidents staff are behind him all the way. Your the one that is miserable .👎🏿👎🏿💩

  23. I remember during 2016 when Clinton was having seizures, every single conservative around was using that as proof of how unfit she was and how she was lying about her health. Congratulations, we now have a dumb, highly neurotic, drug snorting looser as a president. Good job, guys.

  24. In any other actual First World nation, this racist criminal would have been deposed and jailed for life. You Americans have a seriously fucked concept of democracy.

  25. Say what? Impeachment driving thump crazy. Well, whether he walks, crawls, or slides… he doesn't have far to travel to get to crazy, idiotic, or stupid. He was born with a mental disability… he was to crazy from the get go.

  26. It’s entertaining, but low-level staffers’ future job prospects are not really dampened because of the President they served under, and in a future interview, the prospective employer would not need to ask who the President was, as the dates of service will be obvious

  27. i think that farron cousins is overly optimistic about the possibility of staffer's resumes having any meaning after the trump era: the trump era has created a legitimation of all the negative aspects thereof, and since right-wing aggression and conservative inhumanity to man would likely INCREASE in the evangelical war-hawk era after trump, the republican staffers of today may well be reintroduced to the white house eventually. as reality gathers complexity and neuances, objection to change is often the psychological norm.

  28. His base is basically just as crazy as he is. I used to wonder how Hitler got to the point he did, now I get it and it scares the hell out of me. TheReaper!

  29. Akexdapost man…what do you mean by Darwinian, or are you just trying to sound educated? The only thing remotely Darwinian are the Neanderthals lumbering around the White House dragging their knuckles! They haven’t yet evolved into true humans…their brains 🧠 haven’t developed beyond the brain 🧠 of an amoeba 🦠…..

  30. You actually think anybody going to vote for any of these people with this type of behavior that cannot talk in front of the cameras all they know to do is lie there have meetings on how to lie

  31. Who cares about his mood if you make your bed hard you must sleep in it. Hes not putin or kim even though he wishes he could rule like them

  32. Republicans unfit to serve asses are driving themselves crazy playing defense lawyer for putins puppet rather than uphold the constitution and integrity of this nation.. It is absolutely appalling but yet telling of "white" America that STILL hasn't changed it's dark history behavior, go fucking figure..

  33. I find is sick yet a disservice how the media shows trumps hate and lie like there is no tomorrow rallies. It's such a gross disservice and poor journalism but what else is new when the devil has a hold on this sorry ass country. The way the white media is giving paltform to lies and conspiracy theories is very telling.. It speaks volumes of the evil that plagues this nation. Demographics can't happen fast enough, smh..

  34. Please stop saying trump will not get thrown out of office. You don't know that. Everyone said trump would never get elected yet here we are then they said he would never get impeach, again, here we are. So every time you say that, it's disheartening and you sound like a Republican. We can not determine anything about what's gonna happen with this guy because he is always changing it Things would have gone a lot different if trump would not have frightened the witnesses . No one could have seen that happening so please stop determining what's gonna happen in the future with trump. no one could possibly know

  35. I don't think it will worry me if I'm a billionaire!! My family is good for generations to come,, so get on with President biz and don't worry!! I get it though without you we have no pro US President!! Left with goofy US officials that's pro illegals,, pro gays,, pro bs!!!

  36. We ALL want Donald Trump to be as scared out of his wits as the thousands of innocent small tortured children and his victims in his hate-fueled mass murders in El Paso and Dayton U.S.A.!

  37. Sophies choice FILM……children. were taking away from her…….jeff sesdion.stephem miller.trump.pass that as a Law…in this century….what next…..?

  38. White House employees are saying trump is going insane? That's likely because of the negative attention. The white house is a house of betrayal. Who hires people known for betrayal?

  39. Recently it was revealed that the GOP in N.C. was involved in voter fraud. Trump sided with Putin over the entire American intelligence community regarding election meddling. Trump still hasn’t released his taxes. Jared’s been having confabs with Prince MBS after Khashoggi was slaughtered. Ivanka is advisor to the President but is making personal business deals with countries we’re in trade talks with. And yet we’re to believe that trump, Giuliani, Pence, Mulvaney et al were only interested in investigating the Bidens in order to weed out corruption in UKRAINE!!! & that there was no bribery. Tell trump that not everyone gets their info from Fox.

  40. I cannot imagine there is much sanity remaining in that septic tank of a brain of Trump's. Hopefully it is advanced syphilis rotting the brain. His germaphobia is very selective and excludes porn stars and Russian pee whores.

  41. Voice to text. Any so-called man that makes fun of handicapped, women that are overweight, anyone who is not a perfect 10 in his mind or lack of mind, and a racist that gives way for other racists to verbally attack and physically assault whoever they want. While showing a low IQ and mentality, as well as making up words and theories that are totally way off. Should be hung by their testicles until they lose them. Of course that means he would’ve had to have them to begin with. He was a bully throughout his education, His educational record shows for itself how often he had to be changed from school to school due to bullying and finally his father had to pay for him to go to college by giving such a large amount of money to that school otherwise they would’ve never had excepted him.

  42. I fear you're wrong with this one….Sondland is "stupid like a fox". I reckon he knew he was sunk and implicating the whole mob was a last ditch effort to save the day. If some Republicans were contemplating ridding themselves of tRump and hoping to carry on with Pence, Sondland made it pretty clear…save pResident Bone-spurs or they're all going down. He even tried to carve out an argument for them that this could be construed as rotten but not impeachable (that the coercion was political arm-twisting that everyone does). He said tRump was "fighting corruption" but he definitely WASN'T withholding military aid. The only problem with that, was it was all bulls###. Everyone knew he was shaking them down and now the evidence/witnesses are POURING in!

  43. Trump is always in a good mood. He said so himself when he was screaming on the White House lawn. How loud does he have to scream before people start to listen to him?

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