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Which Countries Sell Citizenship?

Which Countries Sell Citizenship?

Citizenship is one of the few rights that
ostensibly everyone gets just for the sake of being born. Although there are other avenues
to becoming a citizen, like marriage or employment, those are often arduous and often unsuccessful.
But in a handful of countries, getting citizenship is actually quite simple – it’s as easy
as writing a check. So, we wanted to know, where can you buy citizenship? Well, as of 2016, nine countries are effectively
selling citizenship. Most are small islands in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, and
all are relatively cash-strapped. Allowing foreigners to buy citizenship has the obvious
effect of raising the country’s GDP, but it can also culminate in long-term economic
prosperity through investments in housing and infrastructure. With that in mind, many
countries have made it easy and even affordable for people to buy their way in. The cheapest option is the Caribbean island
of Dominica [dah-mee-NEE-ka], where citizenship can be purchased for just 100 thousand dollars
or a real estate investment of at least 200 thousand dollars. This program has existed
for more than 20 years, however it became particularly important to Dominica in 2015,
after a tropical storm wiped out roughly 90 percent of the country’s GDP. Today, citizenship
sales are one of the country’s primary sources of revenue, however the program is said to
be mismanaged, and public officials have been accused of pocketing much of the profits. A similar program exists nearby in St. Kitts
and [KNEE-viss] Nevis— two tiny Caribbean islands that form one nation. Like Dominica,
St. Kitts’ relied on citizenship sales after a series of hurricanes decimated their economy
in the late 1990’s. Today, citizenship can be procured for a $250,000 dollar flat rate
or a $400,000 dollar real estate investment. The deal also includes visa-free travel to
the roughly 130 countries that accept a St. Kitts passport. At one point, St. Kitts was
selling an estimated two thousand passports a year, and as a result, the country was seeing
rapid development. However, sales have plummeted since 2014, when Canada and the US issued
warnings about the program. For example, businesspeople have reportedly used visa-free travel through
those passports to avoid international sanctions or flee a country where they were wanted for
a crime. This concept is not unique to far-flung island
nations. In fact, a dozen other nations, including the US, offer permanent residency, or “golden
visas”, to foreigners who invest in property, businesses or public assets. However, the
price tag is usually much higher. The United Kingdom, for example, requires minimum investment
of nearly $3 million dollars. Golden Visa programs are extremely popular among wealthy
Chinese nationals seeking to invest in offshore real estate. So, what makes dual citizenship so attractive?
Well, for people from countries that face travel restrictions, an alternative passport
opens up an entirely new world of visa-free travel. For wealthy Americans, citizenship
in St. Kitts or Dominica can mean huge savings, as neither country taxes foreign income or
capital gains. So despite the high cost of citizenship, it may be more financially beneficial
that it seems. But having citizenship is not infallible,
nearly every country has strict rules about when they can strip you of your citizenship.
To learn about what kind of actions, including treason and terrorism, can make you lose citizenship,
check out this video. Thanks for
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  2. you can not buy Hungarian citizenship… you can obtain residency if you invest in the country in the amount of 300.000 euros , that residency will escalate for citizenship.

  3. No way…!
    Its not possible for me…!! Become a citizenship in other country.. Its to much expensive…!

  4. We want to live in Australia or New Zealand. How can we get a job? I speak fluent English and i got my MBA from America.

  5. Is it possible to buy saint kitts and nevis citizenship? if so I will go there anyone know about this please tell me.

  6. Uhm… who does your research guys? Fire him. Bulgaria doesn't sell 'citizenship'. With a substantial investment you can get a permanent residence permit, which isn't quite like getting a citizenship – it's a frickin visa. You can apply for citizenship if you've had five or more years of permanent residence in Bulgaria, including on an investor visa, but nothing guarantees that your application would be approved. So no, Bulgaria doesn't sell citizenship. It sells visas. And so does the US, by the way.

  7. But you should remember Malaysia 🇲🇾 most powerful passport top 10 in the world 🌍 . can travel 156 in the world


  9. Although, I found this video informative, I think it was slightly misleading because it was mixing up getting a VISA thru investment and getting CITIZENSHIP thru investment. A visa does not mean you get a passport from the new country since you are not a citizen of that new country.

  10. Almost all countries sell there citizenship in the name of "Investments" . You can can even buy a US citizenship via EB-5 visa, if you have 500,000 USD in your pocket.

  11. Wait, I can but citizenship for Hungary!?!? That is one of the few countries that actually make sense anymore!!!

  12. This citizenship business is only for those who are looking for a better life (supposedly). For the Rich & Ultra-Rich, it really doesn't matter. They are welcomed anywhere, money opens doors like nothing else. Having a passport is just a formality, nothing more.

  13. Very nice but you only mentioned a few countries…. I'd be interested in learning all the countries that citizenships are offered…. it's very unfortunate that Thailand isn't one of these countries… I'd live to live the rest of my life there as a Thai resident😊

  14. America sells citizenship! Jared & his sister caught for a donation of 300,000 they would grant cirizenship to Chinese! Look it Up! Trump tower had a business that help pregant women have children hear for a price help get the Russians citizenship. Look it up! Deflection & distraction from the Evil agendas under your Nose!

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  17. to clear St Kitts is not one of the Islands that is cash strap because of no hurricane or any other reason but to attract investors and was the very first Caribbean nation to have the citizenship by investment program

  18. You can also buy austrian citizenship but there is no chance of having dual citizenship exept by birth which is only possible if your parents are binational. They say you have to invest 10,000€ (12,000 CAD$) in an austrian enterprise.
    Lucky me I don’t have to do it lol. My mum is already citizen so I’m too. Come to Austria, it’s super nice 👍

  19. I don't have any passport. Can you believe that? I live poor country Really really. I think I'm not human? I'm very sorry about myself. And I'm worried for my future.

  20. Let’s tell the truth about St. Kitts & Nevis. The foreign Minister, Mark Brantley was marketing their program in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebenon and Yeman in 2014, 2015 & 2016. Since St. Kitts is an independent nation within the British Commonwealth a St. Kitts passport would allow you Visa free entry into all of the EU, The United States and Canada. When you drive around the country, especially Nevis, you see the half built complexes, never completed because the people that had purchased the condo’s did not want the condo’s, they wanted the Passport. One of the never completed is referred to as “Little Bagdhad”. I spent three months on then island trying to expose this charade, I did not know at the time that Brantley’s wife was the real estate agent for the proposed complex where i was organizing the opposition and notifying my US Senator who was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time. His family stood to make $10 million in commissions. He did not care for me and used his fake name, “Pico Williams” to start a Facebook page posting my photo and placing a bounty on me. I was forced to have an armed guard with me at all times. I finally had to leave the country for my own safety but I was working for the safety of the western world. One more thing from a recent article,

    "DUBAI, UAE — At a meeting in Dubai on Monday with citizenship agents, St Kitts and Nevis foreign minister and premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley, confirmed that local police have launched a full investigation into the use of forged documents in connection with the country’s citizenship by investment programme (CIP)."

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