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Which Countries Lack Electricity?

Which Countries Lack Electricity?

In 2012, the United Nations launched its worldwide
effort to fight energy poverty , marking the “International Year of Sustainable Energy
for All”. Energy poverty is considered a lack of energy infrastructure and resources.
Roughly one in seven people around the world lack access to electricity, almost exclusively
in developing countries. Although things are improving, many have said that too little
change is happening too slowly. So we wanted to know, which countries don’t have electricity? Well, it is estimated that anywhere from 1.1
to 1.3 billion people live without electric power. To make up for a lack of deliverable
energy, nearly 3 billion people around the world use coal or wood fuel for heat and cooking,
contributing to deadly pollution. This pollution is thought to be responsible for more than
4 million deaths every year. The overwhelming concentration of energy poverty
is found in rural India and sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past few years, India has dramatically
improved its power infrastructure, and in 2014, was the third largest electricity producer
in the world. Yet, roughly 300 to 400 million people without electricity live in rural Indian
states. And even for those who do have power, the energy grid is notoriously unreliable.
In 2012, a nationwide blackout affected more than 600 million people. Although the Indian
government has launched efforts to provide 24-hour power to the entire country, some
have accused politicians of only directing energy to politically important districts. While India has made some progress, sub-Saharan
Africa is still struggling. Altogether, Africa has about twice as many people without power
as India – roughly 600 million. The country with the least access to electricity in the
world is South Sudan, which also has one of the lowest education and literacy rates. The
World Bank notes that in 2012, only 5% of the country’s 11-million-person population
had electricity. In fact, across all of sub-Saharan Africa only about a quarter of the population
has access to electric energy. What’s worse is that the lack of electricity means that
power is considerably more expensive, with electricity costing three time as much as
it might in the rest of the developing world. Additionally, on average, African manufacturers
suffer nearly 2 months’ worth of power outages a year, severely disrupting economic progress.
In the past two decades, as energy dependence has become increasingly important, Africa
has only received about $600 million dollars annually in energy assistance from foreign
countries. The UN’s Sustainable Energy Goals are focused
on providing universal access to power and clean fuel, doubling the amount of renewable
energy, and doubling the rate of energy efficiency. Efforts like President Barack Obama’s Power
Africa initiative are focused on bringing foreign advisors and financial help to figure
out how best invest in Africa’s energy infrastructure. Still, despite these efforts, the World Bank
has said that there needs to be considerably more sustained investment to even consider
meeting those goals. To see my recent report from Tanzania and
the different ways in which the people there are hacking the energy crisis, check out this
video. An to learn more about energy poverty, visit Thanks for watching
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100 comments on “Which Countries Lack Electricity?

  1. African nations are some of the richest coal nations in the world, so why in the world are they using renewable energy again when there are cheaper alternatives?

    Oh, the climate change nonsense, that's right.

  2. I am 21 and never seen a blackout in my country. the blackout which you are talking happened because of a technical reason and that to only a part of country
    so whoever have u the statistics is very poor on his research work

  3. what makes me sick is people trying to use african people all over the centuries, no cares about them, nobody helps them, all they want is get money front the dirt and rip them out, them see very aggressive outbreaks, regime take down. THEY DON'T HAVE FOOD, HOW DO YOU WILL GET MONEY FROM THEM? They have no faith so they do whatever it takes. One of many reasons we are seeing people joining rebel armies (isis)

  4. Eh, once a solar flare hits us strong enough power won't be accessible and society will crumble.

    Once again, mother Africa survives.

  5. Tired of hearing about Africa's problems. Maybe some intelligent solutions would be more productive than constantly spouting off sob stories. And no, more foreign aid is not an intelligent solution.

  6. super idiotic way of comparison. when it suits you talk in absolute terms other wise it is per capita or % of population. by your standard it can be said that for every American 3 Indian get electricity.

  7. A SMALL LOAN OF A MILLION DOLLARS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. the reason there is not 24/7 power in most african countries is becuase
    1. Generators are a good business for people, so the government wanted it like that
    2. You need oil for generators, and that is a very good source of cha ching.
    3. almost everyone has a generator so we could caree less

  9. I hate to sound like an asshole but i think the west and the modern world need to worry about lowering our own co2 emissions when it comes to power because when it comes down to brass tax not having energy isn't killing people its us burning all of the fossil fuel's.

  10. Yes, they don't have electricity, but why make it sound like all the other foreign countries owe them something? 600million in aid is lots of money when considering the donors get nothing and might not even be appreciated.

  11. Cover the world's deserts with solar panels….. BOOM problem solved! kinda sarcasm (because that could kinda work)

  12. +test tube news 1:20 you said nation wide but it was northern India. you lack research or may be want to portray a negative image of the country. _|

  13. she says 600 million in Africa without power however the graphic on screens read 6 million… just heads up. great work, please keep em coming thank you guys and gals that make these vids.

  14. No country in the world is as evenly populated as india is. the entire landmass of the peninsula is populated. none of the country has such settlement. that is the main reason ,even after producing such amount of energy,ranking 3rd in the world, majority of the rural region have no access to electricity.

  15. People can live with out electricity you think those people in Africa be able to pay an electric bill?! and I'm damn sure in not gonna be free!

  16. Is India a only country in Asia? Are you saying all other countries in Asia like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afganistan, Bangaldesh, Burma, Thailand, China, Japan, Russia have good 24 hrs electricity in their Rual area?

  17. Nepal is 2nd largest country after Brazil in water resources. In our country there is high potential of producing electricity even selling them….India have have interest in Nepal energy potential…

  18. Where is North Korea. Look at the satellite image, all neighboring countries are glittering(japan, china and south korea) except for north korea.

  19. That doesn't seem fair. We need to fix that with well constructed power plants that are not owned by any corrupt officials. Electricity makes things easier for people.

  20. Somalia no government has one of the best national grid in Africa. Thx to Anarchy-Capitalism Somalian live a happy and peaceful life.

  21. nice report but just talking about indian and sub-Saharan power problem is being partial to rest of the worlds problems…Nepal neighboring nation to india second richest in the world in terms of water resources has been having power outs since decades…similarly with other natiins include them as well…

  22. Actually PM Modi said there will be electricity in the entire India especially rural areas cuz we have surplus electricity in cities and towns within 1000 days or less than 3 years so it shouldn't be "by 2022" but rather "by 2018". and yes from past 10 years, as an Indian, electricity has improved A LOT. I remember when we used to have power cuts every day for 6 hours, 10 years ago and today none.

  23. I think we should give people who live without electricity clean energy sources. This would allow us to see what clean energy technology can handle and what we can expect from it while it's integrated into more developed nations while also lifting people out of energy poverty.

  24. Blaming ppl who cause pollution by burning coal and wood to keep them warm or cook is stupid ! its way lesser than the pollution caused by cars, factories, and not to mention coal powerplants !!

  25. Yet knowing this environmentalists and indigenous rights organizations have been campaigning to handicap energy development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ethiopia, for instance is building a hydroelectric dam with the capacity of 6 nuclear plants. They're planning to light the whole country and they'll have enough to sell to neighboring countries. This will undoubtedly modernize and help industrialize the country, yet all of these leftist feel-gooders want to stop it because a very small minority tribe, that refuses to modernize, might be pressure to change….and some fish's habitiat might get destroyed. I swear there are forces who have sleepless nights from fears of a future Africa that is developed. They want blacks there to remsin poor because it serves their white superiority complex. "China will colonize you!" they say… out of fear Western libera influence is being erased.

  26. It has never been easier to do something about the energy crisis in developing countries. I invest in crowdfunded home solar projects via the crowdfunding platform Trine. It is amazing to see how little could do so much for the people lacking electricity.

  27. India all ready have largest product electricity in world…. U fake news india have 3th largest Dam in world india have 5300 Dams

  28. Wait….

    Top 3 electricity producers
    The most populous countries have the largest electricity producers

  29. how can you compare Sub Saharan Africa, that part of the African continent that has more than 30 independent countries to rural India (a part of India). Are you comparing a part of a country ( India) to that part of Africa that could even be larger than Europe and Australia? This is certainly incomparable. am not sure Ghana which is part of Sub Saharan Africa has that large amount of people living without electricity. this report has lots of inconsistencies.. this is not journalism.

  30. where is pakistan and north korea… you guys are not providing genuine data…. first go and check the data about which countries have less electricity world wide… then make a video on it… don't misguide others 😒

  31. Brazil for example has a big energy infrastructure, but it’s has a lot of maintenance problems; Power Outages are quite common and we don’t have Underground Wiring and Transformers, everything is right up the streets and sometimes the Transformers blow up without advices (usually when it rains).
    It gets even worse considering that Brazilian Energy is “Dirty” (electric noise), it occilates (goes to 240v then 175v then 210v and it goes…) and can pass up to 50% more of it’s normal tension (burning a lot of equipment like in 290 volts).

  32. That's why the India launched the international solar alliance to the African countries and all others also by providing cheap electronic with clean energy on the credit basis for development of these countries.

  33. You guys missed Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, South East Asia ( except some countries like Singapore and Malaysia) middle east, south America

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