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Which Countries Have The Best Healthcare? | NowThis World

Which Countries Have The Best Healthcare? | NowThis World

In June 2017, the United States Senate rejected
a third attempt under President Donald Trump to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This failure was the latest development in
the US’s slow move towards socialized healthcare. But in fact, the United States has long had
one of the worst balances between what healthcare costs each citizen, and what benefit they
get out of it. In the rest of the world, citizens pay much
less, or nothing, and often receive higher quality care, with higher life expectancy
and lower rates of disease. So, we wanted to know, which countries get
Whicthe most out of their healthcare? Well, since 2012, the Bloomberg Health-Care
Efficiency Index has measured exactly this balance. As of 2016 one of the top three ranking countries
was Spain. Spain is an above average representation of
healthcare in OECD countries, and spends roughly twenty-six hundred dollars per person with
an average life expectancy of nearly 84 years. About ten percent of the country’s GDP goes
towards healthcare costs, which are largely subsidized by the government. This system of socialized medicine is globally
known as “single-payer”, and most citizens see no out-of-pocket expenses when they visit
public hospitals. In fact, the right to healthcare is guaranteed
in Spain’s constitution. However, this system also leads to complaints
about delays in seeing doctors beyond primary care, or getting specialized surgeries. Ranking Second on the Efficiency-Index is
another country with universal healthcare, Singapore. Unlike Spain, Singapore requires that care
is NEVER provided for free, in order to avoid wasteful use of the system. Instead, healthcare costs are kept artificially
low through government subsidies, which compared to Spain, only use 1.6% of Singapore’s GDP. In addition to implementing price controls
on medical care and medication, the country uses a system known as Medisave. This is a medical savings account, where up
to 9 percent of employee salaries are required to be deducted and set aside, and can be used
for personal or family care. This combination means that costs are low,
while the quality of care is one of the highest in the world. But overall, the best, and most efficient
healthcare system is reportedly in the autonomous territory of Hong Kong. Interestingly, the territory uses a combination
of private and public care, with one of the highest life expectancies in the world, costing
just $2000 dollars per citizen, and comprising just 3% of the GDP. However, Hong Kong’s high ranking healthcare
may not be exactly what it seems at first glance. First of all, while public healthcare plans
can be purchased at low costs, the wait to see specialists or to get certain surgeries
can be excessive, with some sources claiming 5 year wait lists. On the other hand, private hospitals are reportedly
speedy but very expensive. This combination of low-cost care for routine
visits and medication, with high priced elective or specialized care makes Hong Kong’s system
incredibly efficient, and difficult to overburden, thereby avoiding raising costs for everyone. While these three countries get the most bang
for their buck, with very high standards of care and life expectancy, they are also difficult
to apply broadly around the world. Singapore and Hong Kong have populations of
under ten million people, meaning that most health factors are uniform throughout the
region and population. By comparison, the United States is enormous,
with a population of over 320 million, making centralized, or single payer healthcare more
difficult to implement without serious complications. Nonetheless, US healthcare costs are astronomical,
with medical bills being the number one cause of bankruptcy for Americans. So why is US health care so incredibly expensive? Check out this video to the right to find
out. Thanks for watching Nowthis World, don’t
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  1. So why didn't California move towards a single-payer system again?
    Wasn't it something about it costing more than their GDP?

  2. Wow, I'm Spanish and I had no idea. I thought that even if our health care was free it was nowhere near other european countries. Can't imagine how their health care is then…

  3. What people tend to forget is that you need drugs and med tech, and over the past 30+ years which county has contributed the most? The USA. So a lot of these countries of gov. healthcare benefit off the USA finding cheeper and better ways to cure things, while the weird patchwork of Federal regs , state regs , private hospitals and insurance keep prices high.

  4. In Singapore the money in your MediSave and CPF cannot be withdrawed not matter how healthy you are until you are dead… Besides the HIGHEST cost of living, a certain percentage of our salaries have been "kept" aside for policy like this..

  5. I live in Hong Kong, and I can testify that the healthcare system is less than satisfactory, to say the least. For one, the waiting periods for certain medical procedures are unreasonably long. I’ve seen people who are waiting for a scanning procedure 10 years into the future.
    The system is far from perfect.

  6. when you don't factor in the way of life of its citizen and just purely looking at numbers is pointless. if every people in usa ate less lived in smaller apartment and ride bikes everyday with the amount of money that us government spent, they would be far ahead of everybody else. stop this childlish analysis of the numbers. your intelligence insult me.

  7. I've heard a few weeks ago that Singapore, the Netherlands and Belgium had the best healthcare. I think it depends what source you use.

  8. +NowThis World tell me that why do you always start every video with the Name 'The United States '?I am tired of hearing US,US,US everytime, Is US the only country in the world?

  9. Seems the one thing common among these best countries is the excessive wait to see a specialist. How many people die waiting for that specialist? And if you are retired and over 60 then you may be effectively denied care because you are useless to society. No thanks, I’ll keep the U.S. system.

  10. Why isn't Canada up there. They have free health care, everything is covered, well you pay $25.00 for the ambulance ride.

  11. A financial analysis by an American 'capitalist' advisory and investment instrument (Bloomberg) is hardly unbiased (note no1 pick is a 2 tier system) Translation one for the rich – one for the poor. And Americans just can't let go of the whole 'wait times' thing which is their favourite demon of single payer and mantra for success. It is an American artifact that you can have ZERO wait times, because 1. money talks. 2. For profit hospitals grow like mushrooms, tons of space and bored doctors. In single payer countries emergency medicine IS delivered. What is NOT is elective surgeries, they are prioritized and yes you will have to wait. Boo hoo. Just because Americans has forgotten what a queue is for – fairness. People are queued and resources are queued and illness is queued. (Yah that's right really sick people are served first.) Profit and shareholders built into your system guarantee you will NEVER have fair health care for all.

  12. Isn't it rather obvious that small states are usually on the top of these "Best countries" list? Everything becomes a million times easier to manage when only controlling a city or a small state. The larger the country (also adding population), the harder it is to govern basically anything.

  13. Despite costing a lot, the Austrian system is very strong. People drink a lot and often smoke, still we reach high life expectancy.

  14. Does anyone have the " US Healthcare System Ranks As One of the Least Efficient" whole article on pdf to share please? Thanks

  15. Indian healthcare is cheapest and best surgeons. 😎😎😎😎
    Create a pattern like Singapore and Spain is not possible in big countries with huge population.

  16. I have used the southern Korean, the British and the Spanish healthcare. From a Brit, I think that the spanish health care is by far the best

  17. Prevention vs medical care you decide

    Honestly why are POEPLE so lazy here tips from me this year I never was sick like seriusly in the winter some of my class mate where sick except me

    Work out btw do it safely

    Eat healthy

    Rest alot

  18. All these countries have healthcare provided by government. I dont mind if the US experiments with Single Payer system. People are too afraid because they say it is a crazy idea and communist approach.

    A developed country like America rather maintain a greedy and poor quality healthcare system it seems.

  19. The most economically powerful countries in Europe should be used as examples….. countries like the UK and France have social health care which is way better than the health care system in America. All of you deluded red hat chauvinist now are going to deny the fact that those countries are doing extremely well while giving social health care.

  20. Health care is a privilege and if good, a luxury. No doubt. Nothing is a right if it requires service from others. You have no right to force a doctor to treat you.

  21. So far, the best I know (and I've been living here for quite a few years) is the Japanese, and it makes sense that countries/regions where Japan has been, have similar systems (structurally speaking).

  22. I was always sceptical about the NHS in the U.K. until I thought I was having a heart attack last June. I was rushed to hospital and after various tests I was told that I didn’t have a heart attack and they wanted to investigate further. To get to the point they found other issues which are being dealt with. I am still receiving ongoing treatment. I have no complaints whatsoever. I don’t expect that I could’ve had better treatment in a private hospital.

  23. At least they admit at the end that just because single payer works in spain doesnt mean it will work in the US. Healthcare is a commodity not a right.

  24. i was suprised not to see france on the list, since it ranks either first or as one of the first whenever quality is tested and has ridiculously large coverage.
    then again , this is efficiency and frances is quite expensive with i think around 10 or 11 % of GDP. not anyhere near the US with almost 18 % or GDP but still expensive whem compared to others

  25. In Italy the situation is like in Hong Kong, with cheap tickets to access public health care system but with longer waiting time. If you want top notch cure and fast cure you go in private hospitals paying higher prices. But even private clinics have a mixed fiscal regime in which you pay a middle way ticket, more expensive than NHCS but cheaper than going fully private. Last but not least, in most of the collective job contracts (trade, turism, services…) are integrate health insurances that allows you to benefit from private clinics spending a third of what usually it costs.

  26. Universal healthcare is not the answer. When you have a severe illness wait times are not acceptable. This is the first time in history we had this much problems with healthcare and all the sudden its considered terrible? The affordable care act, Medicaid, Government subs, extreme regulations (10 year medical trials), are mainly what sabotaged our system.

  27. It's quite cheap for some people in Singapore (for my opinion)
    If my parents need to go hospital, it only cost $100+ or more.

  28. So people don’t want free market? Makes things cheaper, and quality over quantity is always better when if comes to doctors. Doesn’t burden the Government, and you get better resources.

  29. One thing that people of Hong Kong, Spain, and Singapore have in common is a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, and fish. Think about that for a minute.

  30. Claiming that the US would have trouble implementing single payer because of its size is a rather odd notion.

    For that to be true the cost per capita would have to increase exponentially with population size. So citizen no. 60 million should be more expensive and complex than citizen no. 40 million.

  31. In germany you get nearly every medical treatment or drugs payed by the states heath caring system and poor people dont even have to pay for the health caring system, they get for free

  32. What many American's don't realize is that if you have a health issue that needs attention right away you'll get that attention right away but if your say a person with a horrible wart or a young man with a huge nose or a woman whose flat chested and your seeking cosmetic surgery because its causing you problems such as low esteem then because its not an emergency you may wait a few days, weeks or even a few months because its not a pressing medical issue. When anyone goes into a Hospital Emergency Room (ER Room) those who are the most pressing cases will be seen to first, in single payer its kind off the same thing but if you want to pay extra and your wealthy enough and don't want to wait and you want to say get your wart removed, your nose made smaller or have breast implants as quickly as possible you can still do that but you'll have to pay for it. In single payer nations 99% of the people will wait, its a good trade to have good healthcare always available when you need it for the serious medical issues.

  33. Spain has the best healthcare system in the world…..even better than hong kong and singapore….I have been to spain.

  34. WTF I'm from a 3rd world country and I don't ever remember paying more than 2000 dollars at a hospital for the past 30 years.

  35. I'm still proud to live in Sweden, is the best health care system, # Free health care# but we pay higher tax..

  36. Actually nothing is free just how much of a person salary is taken to run the free healthcare system. Example: If you make $50,000 dollars a year you pay roughly around 12% in taxes. If you had single payer healthcare, national healthcare or whatever you call it expect to pay 50 to 70% in taxes. So not so free. There goes that new car, Xbox and Iphone. Take your pick people.

  37. It doesn't cost more than 5$ to go see a doctor for cold here. Everyone should know this and visit South Korea once.

  38. you can;t be seriously in singapore it's driven by money they gov does Not properly fund medicare either u have insurance or u get in the shithole

  39. We don’t have a centralized healthcare system in Spain. We have independent administrations in our autonomous regions, similarly as your States do with many administrative matters. The budget is centralized and distributed to the regions. The management is partially decentralized. Not as much as it should be, but it is quite so

  40. If single payer is so good, how come it's protected? Shouldn't they allow competition to prove how good it is?

  41. Sri Lanka has a fully free health care system.any one can take medicine without money in government hospitals.

  42. Germany has the best Health care in the world and the oldest it was invented bei a german company in the 19century and Bismarck put it in charge in 1883.

  43. 3:00 It is erroneous to think that it is not applicable to the United States because it has more population, when having more population paying taxes makes it even easier. You only have to see countries with much more population than Spain within the European Union and its public health system works just as well as in Spain.

  44. A 10min office visit with a doctor that well most likely misdiagnosed you well be from 200-300$ a specialist more then that . And the paper work you fill out the nurse will pre diagnose for the doctor before he see you. Its cheaper to get a plane ticket and go to Germany for any special reason you have the to take the chance of the med system in USA bankrupting you plus you my get killed in surgery are like my step father and have the wrong operation done.

  45. The guy never mentionned France which has the best health care system in industrialised countries, far before Spain. But the dude is american therefore no comment.

  46. Iran has great healtcare system, modern and efficient. I have tried UK and Polish and it's a joke. In Iran I fractured my toe so went to public hospital and had xray taken and doc consultation all within 1h and it cost me £2 . I could go private and have best service in the world :]

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