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Which Countries Can’t You Visit?

Which Countries Can’t You Visit?

Most of us love visiting new countries, but
not all countries love new visitors. Many nations make it extremely difficult for Americans
to visit them. In fact, the US state department has issued a list of travel warnings for more
than 40 countries. So, are there any places where we can’t visit? Here are some of the
most difficult countries to travel to. North Korea. There is no US embassy in North
Korea, and the US State Department “strongly recommends against all travel” there. But,
there ARE a growing number of tour agencies available to visitors, unless you’re a journalist
or South Korean. Be sure to have a valid passport handy at all times, and follow all the rules,
because North Korean officials have been known to detain tourists, send them to hard labor
camps, or even put them to death. Tour agencies claim there are around 5 thousand visitors
per year, who get to see a few significant locations, under intense supervision. Libya. (LIH-bee-uh) First of all, if you have
an Israeli passport, or have ever been to Israel, they won’t even let you in the country.
Also, they recently shut down their US embassy because of militia violence . According to
the US State Department, Americans are specifically targeted for kidnappings, violent crime and
murder. They encourage all American citizens living there to “depart immediately”. Eritrea. (air-ih-TREE-uh) This is a smallish
country near Somalia and Ethiopia. Prior approval is needed to travel outside of the capital
city, and many rural areas and border towns remain off-limits. Also, dual US and Eritrean
citizens are recognized only as Eritrean (air-ih-TREE-an). And, because there is a national draft, dual
nationality visitors may be imprisoned or forced into military service there. Eritrea
does not inform the US embassy when it has detained or imprisoned dual-nationals. Saudi Arabia. In 1930, the King himself said
that the country should “remain difficult to access” for foreigners. You must have
a visa in advance, and just like in Libya, if your passport has an Israeli stamp, you
ain’t gettin in. All females travelling alone must have a male companion with them.
Also, possession of drugs is punishable by death…. so make sure you aren’t travelling
with anything questionable. So it’s not that you can’t go anywhere,
but there are countries where you probably shouldn’t visit. Middle Eastern or African
countries bear the most warnings for US citizens. Along with Finland, Germany, Sweden and the
UK, the US has THE most powerful travel privileges in the world, allowing visa-free access to
174 countries. To travel safely, the State Department’s website provides information
about local terrorism, extreme weather conditions and disease outbreaks — it’s a great resource
for those hoping to visit other nations. They also offer a Smart Travel Enroll Program which
informs the nearest US embassy of your visit to region, were something to go wrong. Southeast Asia is one hotspot for worldwide
travelers, but the underbelly of some industries can be pretty dark. To learn about the illegal
moonbear industry, check out this story from Seeker. Thanks for watching TestTube, please
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  1. 1:08 that doesn’t really happen that often, I’ve lived there and been there multiple times, check your sources

  2. I'll put a global conflict around the world. This is what I have my revenge. I will destroy north Korea & 40 countries & Russia all of the counties destroy the earth. Also singapore & south east Asia.

  3. Eritrea is actually not as bad as it seems…. if your Eritrean with ONLY American citizenship

    Apparently my uncle can’t return or he’ll get jailed lol other than that cooool place my grandmother is going to live there for two years and I’m trying to go there this winter and summer 2020, last time I was there I was 4

  4. Eritrea is on the red see you can't overlook this country a importantly place for the trade business since millennia this red see state must already be famous but the world media is not on the eritrean hand so you can ignore a place like this antic black African civilization that even mentioned by the old Egyptian as their mother land and as lands of the God's they have a lot of important things like the first church in Africa older obelisk or palace ruins buildings from the 4789 BC the first toilet build by stone 7000bc temple buildings a own music style the so called( Tigrinya tigrai music) or the pharaonic dressing folklore a own 3000 years old font the only own font in Africa its called GEEZ

  5. American's shouldn't don't go outside their homes since more Americans are killed with gun violence in the US than US citizens being killed anywhere else in the world.

    Also, if you can't pronounce a country's name don't even try. It's terrible when Americans butcher every name. Like how do you butch Eritrea so bad?

  6. Are you kidding no Israeli, what ? head of Israeli zionist Kushner as friend of King salmon just was in Saudi Arabia , what are you talking about,

  7. Proud of being America!!! I always use my US passport to travel European countries and Australia without VISA.

  8. i can visit libya visa free on jordanian passport and saudi visa for hajj is easy to get if youre muslim

  9. People should realize that not everything is about America and that there are other countries in the world. not everyone is American.

  10. I guess a few years changed North Korea because although it may be strict they have many, many, many events that the eve on tourism and even spent an entire year revamping a shooting range with both real and electronic simulation shooting for tourists and such. There's a couple nice websites for booking NK trips that make it easier than going to normal Asian countries like Japan and South Korea as well

  11. Your wrong on so many levels, and German Passport has more Visa free countries to visit than the USA Passport. Do research before you say stuff, typical of an American. US citizens sometimes go to other countries and do what ever they want and refuse to follow the laws and customs

  12. I’m from Saudi Arabia and I was born in Seattle AND my passport has an Israeli stamp and the border control always lets me in

  13. Its should be more like nations you shouldn't visit unless your willing to die horrible deaths. This list should be longer.

  14. What he said about Libya is simply false other than the attack on the american embassy there has been no targeting for Americans + what he said about Saudi Arabia also not entirely true .
    Get your facts straight😬😬😬

  15. Fun fact, middle eastern must have a visa to enter America, the visa will expire in 5 years after your registration. There's a 50% chance you can be denied. When I was waiting till they call my name and ask me questions so they can see if I deserve a visa, a lot of people were angry the fact they shouted….

  16. Saudi Arabia have changed a lot.. e-Visas are available for almost all nations.. Ok, it is a law that women "need a guardian" but in reality it's not.. I've NEVER heard of someone being caught or the police arrested women for 'walking without a guardian' like come on people logically.

  17. What do you mean Saudi Arabia?! I know it’s hard to get in but that’s cuz we are trying to stop crime! So It’s SAFE TO VISIT SAUDI

  18. Most countries ignore dual citizenship of their citizens, when they are in their territory. Ask the United States. Dual citizenship, that have US citizenship can only enter and leave the US as US citizens and while in the US, they are US citizens. So, what is the big deal about Eritrea? The military service? The US forces dual citizens to pay taxes, even if they never in their life had set a foot in the US or is territory or hold a US passport. What is the punishment for decades of tax avoidance?

  19. Libya does it because u have killed millions of Libyan and install a pupet government of your in Libya who agree with u in any times

  20. Funny how the last video I watched was a vlogger who had been to all these countries mentioned, stating how nice and friendly the people are and the hospitable environment many of these countries have even though depicted badly by the media…

  21. Everyone is getting mad that this is for Americans and I’m done with it look it up for your country instead of complaining about because it is RIDICULOUS!

  22. ''Which Countries Can't You Visit?
    By ''You'', you mean Americans, right?
    If yes, then don't waste our time and just say ''Americans'' instead of ''You''.

  23. For that specific reason Israel does not sign your passport. They give you this little ticked you can use to cross the border so you have no problem traveling to countries like Saudi Arabia later on

  24. This video is made for Americans who want to travel. Especially with the new VISA rules going in to effect, we need to know which countries to not even bother looking to visit. I'm just assuming that non-Americans are able to travel to these places, but not sure about that.

  25. The two Americans that have visited NK the most and love it because they make it out alive…trump and dennis rodman.

  26. I'm Zambian,i applied for the US passport and got it after 6months with the assistance of this legit consultant ;Whatsapp:4123298388,i'm now based in US

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