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Which Countries Allow Same-Sex Marriage?

Which Countries Allow Same-Sex Marriage?

In April 2015, the US territory of Guam lifted
their ban on same-sex marriage. This puts them ahead of at least 13 US states which
still have laws on the books preventing equal marriage for all. In fact, the issues of gay
rights, including marriage, have become increasingly relevant in just the past few years, with
multiple countries stepping up to legalize same-sex marriage. So where is same-sex marriage
legal? Well, currently, marriage between two people
of the same sex is officially legal in 18 countries, with legislation enacted in Slovenia,
and partial legality in the US and Mexico. In the US, it is recognized on a federal level,
with thirty-six states, plus Washington DC and Guam allowing legalized gay marriage. The first country to end marriage discrimination
was the Netherlands. It may seem surprising today, but that legislation wasn’t passed
until as recently as the year 2000. In 2003, Belgium also legalized the practice, but prevented
same-sex couples from adopting children until 2006. In 2005, both Spain and Canada followed
suit. Spain legalized because of the election of a progressive, socialist government, that
campaigned for the issue. Canada then did so because more than three quarters of their
territories and provinces had already established marriage as a gender-neutral issue. In 2006, South Africa’s Constitutional Court
ruled that banning same-sex marriage was inherently unconstitutional, making it the first African
country to change their views. In 2009, both Sweden and Norway, allowed current and future
civil unions to be considered “legal marriages”. In 2010, Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina
also made the shift. Most significantly, Iceland elected an openly gay Prime Minister in 2009. Since 2013, Brazil, France, Uruguay, New Zealand,
the UK, Luxembourg (), and Finland have all passed bills giving same-sex couples the right
to marry. With so many countries enacting equality legislation, the US is definitely
falling behind. Despite the overturning of the controversial “Defense of Marriage Act”,
which led to the federal recognition of same-sex marriage, gay marriage is still not legal
in 13 states. It seems as though it is only a matter of time until gay marriage becomes
a universal human right. America’s pretty divided on the issue of same-sex
marriage, but the problems run even deeper. While other minorities are protected by law
from discrimination, the lgbt community is not. Watch that video at the link in the description.
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  1. An updated map would now include:
    The US

    These countries will be included in the next few years
    Austria, Costa Rica, Panama, Taiwan

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  4. Uh. Excuse me but LGBT rights in Croatia have been legalized since the 70's. You didn't even mention it. God dammit why doesn't anyone know what Croatia even is. It's legit the country wich had the most intelligent man alive Nikola Tesla.

  5. I don't know but I seem to admire countries where homosexuality and equal marriage is legal. It just make sense on humanistic grounds. Countries where homosexuality is legal seems to be more liberal and open minded. There is a pattern. Countries that allow homosexuality allows liberal/libertarian or open minded policies on education, entertainment, tourism, marriage, animal rights, meritocracy and rehabilitation over punishment. They ban torture, corporal punishment and the Death Penalty. Countries where homosexuality is illegal is also where there is the death penalty, corporal punishment, autocratic government and little or no space for civil society.

  6. Same-Marriage is now legal in Germany 😍😍😍It so sad that took so long😭But here it is everybody💐🎉🎉💐

  7. What do you do if you're married, had a baby or in love with a relative that you were not aware of at the time? Should you stop that marriage or other? What is incest? If we are all related, could we be incesting each other?

  8. This is a human rights issue. If you want to stand of the side of oppressing these people’s rights then go ahead but remember that history will not remember you kindly.

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