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Which AFRICAN Country Would You Like to Visit? (eng sub)

Which AFRICAN Country Would You Like to Visit? (eng sub)

Hello AE family and welcome to Ayo and Ebun Entertainment. Most of us have a travel list of places we would love to visit in the World. But is Africa on your travel list? Would you like to visit a country in Africa? Right now, I am in Konya city in Turkey. And behind me is the Mevlana Museum. There is a joke that is popular here in Konya. It is ” Are you from Kenya or are you from Konya?” Let’s see if people from Konya even want to visit Kenya. So guys , let’s find out what Turkish people think about Africa and what African country would they like to visit if given the opportunity. Let’s hear what they have to say. — Hello, how are you? — I am fine. Thank you. And you? I am also fine. Thank you. If you have the opportunity, which of the African countries would you like to visit? Maybe Lebanon. Asides that, I don’t have much knowledge about Africa. Is Lebanon in Africa? Geographically, I think so. I would like to visit Cameroon. Why? I have some Cameroonian friends in my university. They told me somethings about Cameroon and from what they said, it seems like a nice place. That’s why I want to go there. I have never thought about this question before. I have never thought of travelling outside Turkey or to Africa. Wouldn’t you like to travel to other countries outside Turkey? No, I am not interested. I prefer to just stay in Turkey. What African country would I like to visit? I don’t know. Any of them is ok by me. One of my options could be Kenya. Why? That’s just what came to my mind. Are you from Konya or from Kenya? I am from Konya. But really, there is no difference in either of them. Ok. Thank you very much. — Africa? — Yes. It’s centre. What African country would you like to visit? I don’t really know much about Africa. — You don’t know anything about Africa? — Nothing at all. You can’t mention even one African country? Cameroon. — Who just told you that? — Him. Hello, how are you guys doing? We are fine. And you? I am fine too. Which African country would you like to visit? If I’m given the opportunity, I would love to visit Africa but I’m not sure of the exact country I would like to visit. How about you? — Kenya. — Why? I have always been very curious about Kenya. I am curious about their way of living and  their life standard. I am also curious about their people. How they live, how they transport themselves and what they eat and drink too. These are some of the things I’m curious about. And you? I also want to visit Kenya. Why Kenya? According to what I’ve seen on the internet, it looks like a nice place. I am curious about their way of living too. How about you? Personally, I would like to visit all the countries in the World. So, whichever comes first is ok by me. I would really like to visit the southern part of Africa. I am curious about their way of life, what they do, the culture etc. I am most curious about Kenya though. But whichever African country I am opportuned to visit, I’ll gladly explore it. I don’t know any African countries. — None at all? — None. — How about you? — I don’t know either. Ok. Thank you. Which African country would I love to visit? My knowledge of geography is not so good. You don’t know any African country? Unfortunately, I don’t. — None at all? — None. According to you, Is Africa a country or a continent? Africa is a continent.  I am sure of that. I can remember been taught that when I was in  Primary School. Have you ever heard of the country Nigeria? Yes, I have. What continent is Africa in? I have no idea. It’s in Africa. Now, you know atleast an African Country. Yes, true. Have you heard of Ghana before? Canada? No, Ghana. think I’ve heard it in a movie before. Ghana is also an African Country. Now, how many African countries do you know? Two. Nigeria and which other country? Ghana. High five! — Egypt. — Why? Because of the Pyramids. Hmmm…..That’s a good question. None of the African countries come to mind right now. African countries? We definitely want to visit African countries. But which of them would you like to visit? Can you list some of the countries and we can pick from the options? There are some many African countries. There are 54 African countries.Out of these 54, which one would you pick? Do you have any favourites? Because I don’t know any African country, I can’t pick a specific one. If you give us options, we can choose. Have you ever come across names of African countries? Of course. Which one have you come across? Can you name them? No, I can’t. Even one? African Countries…….hmmm….. Sudan Egypt Saudi Arabia There is Egypt. What else? Sudan? I’ve said that before. Republic of South Africa Ethiopia You said quite a few. So, if given the opportunity, which of them would you love to visit? Some African countries have interesting landscapes. I can’t remember which specific one right now . But I’ll love to visit such places. South Korea. Oh, my bad. I’m sorry. Is South Korea in Africa? I meant to say South Africa. Why South Africa? Because Cape Town is it’s Capital. And because I would like to learn about the period when they fought for their freedom and the apartheid situation. Thank you I would like to visit Algeria. Where else? Egypt too. Why? Because I would like to see the pyramids. — Thank you so much. — You’re welcome. Welcome back friends. We hope you enjoyed this video. So guys, let us know in the comment box below which African countries you’d like to visit and why. Also guys, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Also, don’t forget to Purshase your African Wears ( AE DASHIKIs) from us. We love you all. Have a great week friends and peace out.

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    Would love to visit
    Morocco 🇲🇦
    Tanzania 🇹🇿
    Gambia 🇬🇲


  17. Hello guys, I wouldlike to visit East African countries includin My country, in all Africa I wouldlike to visit Egypt, Rwanda, Ghana….
    Thank You sister and your group.

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