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What’s Your Big Idea?—Elizabeth Tiller

What’s Your Big Idea?—Elizabeth Tiller

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Tiller and I’m a senior in public administration and Spanish here at the University of Tennessee. My big idea is helping to improve the lives of the homeless and the radically underprivileged here in Knoxville. I work for Redeeming Hope Ministries and together with some friends and I who are in a UT honors program came up with the idea of putting on a big 5K fundraiser, the Running with Hope 5K, that happened last November. We were able to raise $8,000 for this ministry, which was put towards the general funds to provide the clothes, the food, and the mentorship the homeless community really needs. So by connecting the university with the Knoxville community was just a really beautiful thing that we were able to put on with this big idea that we had.

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