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What Trump’s whirlwind weekend means for U.S. foreign policy

What Trump’s whirlwind weekend means for U.S. foreign policy

66 comments on “What Trump’s whirlwind weekend means for U.S. foreign policy

  1. This President goes to G20 for us the People!!! he has always had our back!!!!   most presidents don't do anything for the American People!!!!!!!  this President  does everything for America!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trump only focuses on Trump. That’s the whole problem 😡. Why was Bolton in Mongolia 🇲🇳?

  3. Notice the number of connections Trump has with US citizens is shrinking while he solidifies his relationship with a team of dictators.

  4. Historical moment, President Trump does all the diplomacy and democrats did and continue to do nothing.

  5. Obama stated on the campaign trail that he would engage in diplomacy and meet with Kim. The left praised him for making such claims.
    He never did it. The left didnt care.
    Trump accomplishes this. The left chastise him for it.
    What a joke.

  6. ''Trump proposed a bombastic new slogan: “Keep America Great” (or KAG), as if he had indeed raised America’s stature while in office. He would have been far more on target, however, had he suggested the slogan “Depress America More” (or DAM) to reflect the reality of an unpopular president who faces rising great power rivals abroad.''

  7. America = Habakkuk 2:8 "Because you plundered many Nations, the remaining ones of the peoples will plunder you. " History HAS Repeated. All this politics is irrelevant.

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  9. more efficient production of results, less intrusive interference and grandiose leftist fairness fallacy demands. more consideration for specified security cooperation less wasted liability risk reward conditions with those subtracted image obligations. it means essentially the presidents executive branch economic expertise and administrations attention can leverage diplomatic language terms appropriately and honestly

  10. trump is the best we have, all those other weak candidates that r running, that's what your going to do.Run.I will vote for him again.

  11. President Trump needs to send Kim $150,000,000,000 in cash in the middle of the night to settle this nuclear fiasco. Oh wait, didn't Obumer do that with Iran? Never mind, sorry.

  12. With all the amazing things done this weekend, this is the clip the Post makes? Jesus talk about failing your job….

  13. liberal news outlet posts video
    comments are immediately filled with MAGA up and down
    I think the left died haha

  14. Washington Post…. stop pushing your propaganda. This is why I tuned you out long ago. Thought I'd watch today to see how you were doing. I regret that. I want facts not weighed facts or opinions.

  15. Trumps strategy is about one thing, Trump. All these other folks are keeping him occupied, entertained, and out of trouble.

  16. President Trump is breaking down barriers through unconventional diplomacy…
    I’m predicting world peace by the time President Trump finishes his 2nd term.;)

  17. You clowns trying to find something negative again? Your news channels are all going to be extinct in a few years. Trump 2020

  18. Negative remarks about the imbecile orange orangutan scumbag, and … surprise! Bots and fake MAGA stuff in the comments all over the place.

  19. Please don't feed the ignorant Russian trolls. They aren't worth our time or attention. Just let them run off at the mouth. It makes the poor things feel relevant.

  20. The American Left needs to understand that America's allies WANT whoever the US leader is, to make peace not war. 
    So go make friends with Kim if it will produce diplomatic fruit. Make the world a safer place.

  21. Trump publicly called on the Russians in 2016 to steal Hillary Clinton's e-mails. Like a fence, he then enriched himself with the stolen goods. And where is justice? It no longer exists. In the USA the money rules and the resulting power. Trump spins his web here for after his term in office. When the democrats come to power, nobody wants to have anything to do with him. But his totalitarian friends do.

  22. I cringe at the very thought of having the orange-faced inflated baboon who resides in the White House even coming near me. Oh, what a disgusting thought.

  23. Looked like his heel-spurs moved to his tail bone (Tail-Bone-Spurs) the way he was walking with Little Rocket Man!

  24. More cognitive dissonance from the corrupt hacks at the WP. They are butthurt that America finally has a president for the PEOPLE, not the ESTABLISHMENT. The WP is nothing more than a deep state mouthpiece. Someone send them a memo, THEY HAVE LOST.

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