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What issues are dead at the 2019 MT Legislature? Plenty

What issues are dead at the 2019 MT Legislature? Plenty

halfway through the 2019 Montana Legislature lawmakers are preparing to Zone in on one of the big issues like Medicaid expansion and state budgeting but in the first half of the session lawmakers killed numerous bills as well MTM chief political reporter Mike Dennison gives us a rundown of some of these proposals that got the ax nearly 1,000 Bills have been introduced so far at the legislature but 244 of those bills are listed as probably dead including some that we’ve covered here at MTN news a bill to abolish the death penalty in Montana another one creating paid family leave for Montana workers and one to allow online voter registration those were all killed in committee many of these bygone bills dining committee on partisan votes with majority Republicans voting to table them but some done by partisan votes like Democrat Tom woods proposal to deregulate electric utilities in Montana it was killed on a unanimous vote in committee and some Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Taxation Committee also voted to table Republican representative Forrest Mandeville’s bill requiring at least a two-thirds vote of either house to approve a tax increase a proposal to study legalization of marijuana in Montana in advance of a possible ballot measure next year to legalize a drug that dieting committee and so did a pair of bills requiring more protections for those falsely accused or convicted in criminal cases that bill supported by the Supreme Court and district judges around the state to create a new fund to help poor Montanans in civil legal actions it died on a partisan committee vote with Republicans against it so did a bill that would expand Montana’s anti-discrimination law to cover sexual orientation and finally we saw the defeat of bills that would have eliminated compulsory education for children in Montana raised the minimum liability limits on car insurance and required country of origin placards for beef and pork sold in Montana but we still have more than 700 Bill’s alive and kicking at the session and probably a few more to be introduced in less than two months however their fate will be decided and more than a few of them will bite the dust reporting from the Capitol Mike Dennison MTN news

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