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What is Policy Governance?

What is Policy Governance?

What is Policy Governance? I’m so glad you
asked. Policy Governance is a set of ten interlocking principles, that when used together, operate
like a system, giving boards of directors, or any governing body, the ability to translate
the wishes of legal or moral owners into organizational performance. Wow, doesn’t that sound cool!
There are all kinds of benefits to using Policy Governance: on the intellectual side, you
have things like accountability, transparency, performance, focus, effectiveness, efficiency,
all that great stuff. But what really really attracts me to Policy Governance is what you
get on the human side. Board members, for instance, actually feel like they can make
a difference, that board meetings are meaningful, and their contribution to the organization
is actually paying off. On the staff side — whether it’s for the CEO or the Executive
Director or any of the staff members — they feel like wow, we have pre-stated criteria
on what to achieve and parameters inside which to achieve it. Now we just have to do it — use
our creative skills and talents and ingenuity to actually make it happen. None of this running
to the board asking for permission for every little thing. And then of course on the ownership
side, you have legal or moral owners who have invested in an organization and are actually
seeing those investments pay off. The organization is actually making a difference in the world.
Wow, what a concept! So, if you want more information, workshops, webinars, coaching,
consulting, give me a call. I’m Susan at Brown Dog Consulting at 1-877-847-4552. Hope to
hear from you soon!

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  1. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about this. I believe Policy Governance represents the ground that we must take for the world to get the quality governance that it needs.

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