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What If Scandinavia United Into One Country?

What If Scandinavia United Into One Country?

Scandinavia Nordic countries what’s the
difference well Scandinavia is made up of three country Denmark Norway and
Sweden while the Nordic countries are described as being these three plus
Finland Iceland the territories of Greenland and the Faroe Islands title is
a bit misleading but it’s what people are searching for
so here’s ash with the video in the late 14th century to the early 16th century
the three kingdoms of Denmark Norway and Sweden were united under a single
monarch in what was known as the cowl my Union Union also included what is now
Finland which was under Swedish control at the time Norway also controlled the
overseas territories of Iceland Greenland and the Faroe Islands the
union was not always continuous as there were several short interruptions but
legally the countries remained separate sovereign states with their domestic and
foreign policies being directed by a common monarch so what could happen if
this union reunited today with all the Nordic countries and territories
becoming one country in this video we’ll be looking at how powerful this country
would be and how it would compare to other nations of today if all the
nations combined into one country today it would have the land size of 3.4
million square kilometers it would be the second biggest country in Europe
just behind Russia it would be bigger than India and just smaller than
Australia making it the seventh biggest country in the world by land size with
such a large amount of land you would think the population would be large as
well however the country would only inhabit 26.9 million people this newly
formed nation would just make the top 50 in terms of population above Angola but
below Yemen the country’s language would be quite diverse with the main languages
being Danish Swedish Finnish Icelandic and Norwegian there would be a number of
minor languages but how powerful would this country be what if it were to go up
against Italy in terms of its military the country would possess an active
front line person now of 98 thousand we 355,000 working to preserve Italy’s
active personnel would be much higher at 247,000 but it’s reserved person now
rests at only 20,000 it would also achieve a defense budget 21 billion
compared to Italy’s 34 billion the military would have access to 389 tanks
5,197 armored fighting vehicles 156 self-propelled artillery 1021 towed
artillery and 58 rocket projectors in comparison Italy has 200 tanks 6970 2
armored fighting vehicles 164 self-propelled artillery 92 towed
artillery and 21 rocket projectors within its Air Force there would be 205
fighters 209 attack aircraft and no attack helicopters while Italy has 79
fighters 185 attack aircraft and 59 attack helicopters the country wouldn’t
have access to any aircraft carriers that would have 14 frigates 11
submarines 9 Corvettes 46 patrol ships are 41 mine warfare ships Italy has two
aircraft carriers 14 frigates for destroyers for Corvettes 7 submarines 10
patrol ships and 10 mind off airships if we combined the country’s GDP the
country would be the 13th richest nation in the world with 1.4 trillion
above the countries of Spain and Australia the country would also have a
large amount of natural resources Norway has a large access to petroleum and in
2011 Greenland which sparked Danish kingdom earned 392 million in taxes from
oil exploration the biggest cities would be housed Enki Oslo Copenhagen and
Stockholm and of course with the new country there needs to be a capital it’s
likely Copenhagen would take the seat as it was originally the capital jur in the
card union the country would also need to decide whether to have a monarchy or
become Republic three out of the five nations have
monarchs today so it’s likely this new nation would still install a king or
queen the country would be able to attract many tourists given its natural
beauties with sites like the Norwegian fjords the Northern Lights
Iceland’s amazing geysers some spectacular glaciers and Viking history
it would probably be named the happiest nation in the world as Norway Finland
and Denmark have all been named as the happiest nations in the world in recent
years in the ideal world this union is very unlikely to happen but leave your
comments below and share your thoughts and what topics you might like to see
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100 comments on “What If Scandinavia United Into One Country?

  1. @VC3 Productions You're wrong. The danish marine force (Det Danske Maritime Forbund aka. søværnet) it self owns 3 helicopters (MD-60R Seahawks) known as 'spotters'. They're placed on frigates (HDMS Peter Willemoes, seen in pirate chases along africa) to spot Migrants, Pirates etc. The Royal Danish Airforce Do not own helicopters. But the 'backup military' (Hjemmeværnet) has one maverick. Hope That helped!

  2. scandinavia is only 3 countries: norway, sweden and denmark. idk why finland think they are a part of it. the language is completely different too.

  3. Im from Finland and I think its the only way.
    Unite the Nordic countries.
    USN=The United States of the Nordic Countries.
    Is the only thing guys from Finland can write that "We have over 900 000 in reserve"…
    Yes thank you we heard that now a thousand times.
    We get it…
    Stop nagging like a little B…

  4. Since they have three monarchs they could have a system like Malaysia where the "president" is one of the monarchs reigning over the entire country for some time. Finland wouldn't like that though

  5. Kalmar Union

    Land: 2 Million+
    Population: 28 Million + (Not 26 mil
    Capital: Copenhagen
    Language: Danish (mixed with Norwegian and Swedish)
    Here you have your Kalmar Union.

  6. Scandinavia is norway and sweden, based on The Mountain chain and The Scandinavien pininsula. Denmark just wish they were part of it, Finland belong more to scandinavia then Denmark do if you should add a 3rd country since the scandinavian Mountain chain enter a smal part of Finland. The only reson Denmark trick People that they belong to scandinavia is because danish is a scandinavian languedge, but ask any norwegian or swede and they wont count Denmark, because its bs

  7. What If South Asia (Pakistan,India,Burma,Maldives,Sri Lanka,Afghanistan,Nepal,Bhutan) United into one nation?

  8. We would have a pretty strong football team. Eriksen, Dolberg, Zlatan(Zlatan never retires), Bendtner, Forsberg, Ødegaard, King, Berge etc.

  9. It's hard to believe that none of the Nordic countries have any aircraft carriers. What would they do if they were ever attacked by sea?

    Also, Stockholm is perhaps the most beautiful city in all the Nordic countries. I think if the Kalmar union existed today, Sweden would probably take the lead and Stockholm would be the capital.

  10. Nordic countries could do a lot of good if they stopped looking at history and instead looked towards the future ….

  11. Its only Americans that compare the military force…. Come on, thats stupid… Compare the number of green cars in the countries insted

  12. At 1:11 you talk about scandinavia, but show fino scandinavia without Denmark, also a lot of the military veicles did not show up on screen, when you talked about how many there were. Copenhagen would proberly not be the capital, but a more central city. The reason why copenhagen was the capital under the Kalmar union, was because the Kalmar union basicly was danish. At that time denmark had basicly taken control over Norway politicly, and Sweden was only a part of the union, because the Danish invaded, and made them a part. ANd why should the countries decide to go back to a monachy? Every nordic country is a democracy. Yes there are royales in scandinavi, but they do not have any power.

  13. Finland is not part of scandinavia you fucking bafoon^^ please dont fucking disrespect me with that "finland is scandinavian" shit.. they are more asian than scandi.

  14. Amd why would copenhagen be the capital when stockholm is WAY better strategically placed. Fucking study next time before making this useless video full of nothing but bad theorys..

  15. When you realize that Finland has almost a million personnel and twice as much artillery…

    Italy: Mario death sound

  16. What about Lithuania? Could Lithuania be recognized as a Nordic coutry as Finland, which like Lithuania, is not a Germanic country, but is considered much like far the Nordic for geographical and geopolitical reasons? Lithuanian economy has become part of Scandinavian economy. Scandinavian's companies work in Lithuania. There are many Scandinavians living in Lithuania who work in Sakndinavian companies, many Scandinavian and Lithuanian families are created, their children are mixed Sakndinavians – Balts. Approximately 180,000 Lithuanians live in Norway, about 60,000 in Denmark, and about 30,000 in Sweden. We were able to integrate so far into the Scandinavian labor market and became Scandinavian residents. Scandinavia has invested in the Lithuanian economy. The security of Scandinavia depends on the defense of the Baltic States. I could list hundreds of reasons why Lithuania is a Nordic country. Could you tell me why Lithuania should not be a Nordic country like Finland, please?

  17. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland together have 21 million inhabitants! About as much as Romania! A superpower needs more inhabitants!

  18. Finland is not a Scandinavian country! Scandinavian countries are countries with northern Germanic languages!

  19. Sweden takes Eurovision, Ice hockey, Partly football and winter olympics. Finland takes partly hockey and millitary. Denmark takes politics and football team. Norway takes winter olympics.

  20. Zlatan, Victor lindelöf, ødegaard, vestergaard, eriksen, Alexander Isak, pukki , schmeichel. What a great football team we would have…

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