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What if America Was Never Colonized?

What if America Was Never Colonized?

what if Europeans never colonized America what if the colonies which Europe did place failed and Europe gave up ever expanding into the new world what if the plague that wiped out 99% of the native population never struck how would this have changed our world well for one the continents would look less like this and more like this to understand what America would be like if colonies never carved up the land we need to know that ethnic and tribal relations of the region today people in the United States have a common misconception of Native Americans being one United group this is far from the truth it would be the same as associating everyone in Europe as the same even though we have Germans French and Italians all with a complicated and difficult history this is the same with Native America if Europeans never colonized in invaded America the native nations and tribes would continue to interact in trade what we see as the new world would be extremely diverse in the groups which live on the continent would become well known peoples in the old world thus the continent would look a lot like this globally America would be seen as a different world for lack of better words eventually trade with East Asia and Europe would introduce new technologies and animals in the continent and tribes would quickly grow into nations the tribes on the coast would be in contact with trading foreigners and soon massive cities would grow on the Atlantic and Pacific coast the coastal people grow rich trading resources such as corn with the old world the Europeans would trade with the eastern tribes and the Chinese would trade with the Western tribes this is basically the Columbian Exchange without the disease and devastation America would be split into many numerous cultures and languages as well as unique religions which different people follow California would be the most heavily populated region on the continent one-third of the Native American population in what is now the US lived in California these tribes would grow and compete with one another in this research bridge land and the idea of California would be one of many different nations the Great Plains tribes would remain nomadic fighting off incursions from the Mississippi River nation and California odds are regions such as the Great Lakes would become one of the most hotly contested areas of the world with two rival nations the Ottawa and Iroquois competing over the region smaller tribes would most likely be swallowed up by the creation of new nations and tribes such as Miami would become seen as minorities just as in Europe Asia and Africa people of America would compete among each other over religious cultural and ethnic differences using Asia and Europe as models a couple religions native to America could expand rapidly into bide the continent some nations could be loyal to one religion while others are loyal to another religion this could change the entire history of the continent as well as the political situations on the continent empires and nations would rise and fall across America just as they did in Europe in Asia eventually forming in the nation-states and interacting with each other today the Native American people would never be simply lumped into one group but would be differentiated between ethnicity tribe and eventually nation these Native Nations would compete in international politics and Wars perhaps even in a world war the possibilities are endless with the scenario what do you think would happen like us on Facebook subscribe if you have not done so this is Cody from the alternate history of

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  1. I don’t think a lot of things would have happened like that. It would have taken them much longer to catch up to the Old Worlds technology even if it was traded for. That is what happened with Japan. Japan was exposed to better technology from Portugal but they did not boom until the US open their trading to everyone. Also if Europe failed to colonize then why wouldn’t Asian country’s try if they had the capability.

  2. I don't know why people of European descent think that they are the only ones who had civilization that's not true civilizations Rose and fell in Africa and in the America's just like they did in Europe we have to remember when Rome was the center of the world or one of the most advanced civilizations in the world places like England Germany and France was full of backward peoples. We can see the effect of conquering had on people's the only part of Europe that was substantially conquered was Eastern Europe by the Mongols into this day Eastern Europe has never really recovered from over 400 years of Mongol rule Western Europe developed so rapidly because it had periods of peace where it could prosper and develop technology. Please people especially those of European descent please start looking at history you will find out how wonderful history is I love studying European history an American history and African history and Asian history because at the end of the day it's human history

  3. The truth of the matter is if left with some form of peace the Native Americans would have developed along the same lines as Europe maybe a little slower or maybe even faster we must remember that the Mayans had an advanced civilization built stone cities and had an accurate solar clock. And they also help later Foundation of astronomy. Who knows Europe might even been better because a lot of the talent that came over here to build America could have stayed in Europe and help build Europe up even better.

  4. The native Americans were not a peaceful people… they were just as war mongering as Europeans, Africans, Asians, and Aborigines… if Europeans did not conquer America, someone else would have.

  5. I really wish i was in that reality. Me & my indigenous brothers/sisters. And with the MEXICA, MAYA, and INCA empires still intact, we would be on Mars right now. As well as “Modern Day” technology.

  6. I wonder what the tech level of north american tribes would be in 2018 if Europeans and Asians never learned to make boats

  7. Were does China 🇨🇳 even come in, the Chinese wouldn’t trade with the native Americans because they don’t need to, the accidental “discovery” of the Americas was to actually find a new route to China 🇨🇳. The Europeans tried to find a new route China 🇨🇳, because they NEEDED to trade, The Chinese don’t

    Kind of funny 😄 how I used the Chinese flag 🇨🇳 3, well , now 4 times! 😂😂😂

  8. What if Europe, Africa, and Asia were separated further away from each other by large bodies of ocean water? Also, what if Europe was it's own separate continent that's as big as North America and having no deserts at all while Africa was slightly smaller with fewer deserts, and Asia being the same size as Europe in that same alternate timeline? And what if Australia was a continent located at the North Pole? And if Hawaii was a continent that's almost the same size as Australia? What would've happened? How would all that have changed history?

  9. I am a subscriber, and I know this is but one older video of many awesome current ones, but damn…

    Native peoples DID organize into nations. That isn't alternate history. The US constitution was largely modeled after that of the Iroquois Confederacy. A similar federation also exists in the form of the Anishinaabe First Nation, which includes the Odawa mentioned in the video. This is also the case with the (still extant!!!) Iroquois. Both of these nations were mentioned in the video as not only dead, but as never having achieved nationhood- which is sad and disturbing. First Nations are alive and well, innovative, connected and online, healthy and wise. "New World" indigeniety is less Lone Ranger, more Wakanda.

  10. Why would China trade on the west coast? They never had a stake in North America and no colonies. Russia on the other hand visited and set up a colony on Alaska proving to be more intrepid as Pacific ocean explorers. In fact, Polynesians, May have more I teret in west coast America. In this scenario, however, Russia may not have colonized as much as established trade routes. China would eventually come to he table, but Russia would likely be there first.

    I also don’t see a disparate nation of Native American nation-states getting into the world wars. There would be some east coast nations that may be sympathetic to Britain and France. Maybe even see some of their shipping sunk if they continues to trade with them, but who’s to say they don’t stay neutral or side with the Germans? Actually, depending the stability of nations, if some sides with Germany over the allies, war could break out in North America all the same. South America would perhaps have similar issues. It really depends on how independent they are and if they see continental relations more important than European ones.

    Further, without European colonies in North America drawing troops and resources, the powers of Europe would focus on each other. Germany may never have risen. Britain or France might end up being the dominant country in Europe as they focus on European conquest instead of the Americas.

    Also, petroleum may never have been used for fuel. Ray was Anglo-American discovery and natives would not like despoil their land for profit.

  11. Absoulitly there is no black people! no beyonce no barack obama and no black peopel speak english! and america neve be the same!! and maybe we not blame white people loke what we do today!

  12. U guys fail to mention that most likely scenario would be same situation as Japan being cutoff from world then America getting technology would create chaos and constant warfare that's the most likely scenario it would be chaos

  13. Although they were diverse in many ways, I would see a "pan-Indian" nation eventually being formed. Separate tribes and points of view would be seen as counter intuitive toward success as a nation. They would probably see the concept of unity eventually.

  14. My guess is that what is now Mexico (and surrounding areas) would be the most powerful or rich country/ies in the world. Spain stole over 500,000 tons of gold and double that in silver from people's such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, and more. Had they been able to keep all that gold and silver, I'm sure they would have easily risen to become one of the most dominant empires of the world.

  15. No matter how history turned out, in regards to whether European colonization would have existed or wouldn't have existed, two things were inevitable , Africa would still have been pillaged for slaves and the North American continent would be occupied by a non native population, as the natives were going to die off from diseases the second any nation from overseas made contact. History is pretty dark and seemingly will always be that way. Delusional thoughts on fantasy what ifs are nothing short of anti-European porn and not based in reality, but whatever floats your boat.

  16. I would think that when they DO make contact ( East and West ) that they will still be exposed to lethal diseases .

  17. If the Europeans never colonized the Americas, Europe would never have become a superpower continent. The Americas inspired colonization of Africa and Asia which helped fuel the industrial revolution, and all that it brings. Europe would likely never be able to have nationalistic ideologies, meaning not making alliances with rival nation's that share parts of their same nationalistic views, which in turn, never conceives the first world war. Yes, Europe would be able to trade with the east coast of the Americas, but they would not be able to exploit their colonies with absolute control of their economic production would never be as strong and influential as it would just trading with the Indians along the east coast. Without the industrial revolution, I might add, capitalism wouldn't become an appealing state economy. However, I do believe the industrial revolution would occur elsewhere, perhaps in Asia or Africa, or even in Europe, just never in the 1750s-1850s as raw materials required for this would be severely less for the Europeans than it did when they colonized the Americas and Africa.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk!

  18. I think the Iroquois would have been like the north american Roman Empire but instead of conquering the lands around the Mediterranean, they conquer all the land around the great lakes!

  19. How come no one saying “tHeYD bE tHrOwINg sTiCks aT eAcHOtHeR” or “tHeYD bE lIvInG iN mUd HutTs” like they would on an “if Africa wasn’t colonized video”

  20. I think the Aztecs would have wiped out all of your pity "american" tribes
    Just kidding, I'm just anoyed he didn't mention latin america except for one map

  21. What if America was never colonised ? Silly question.

    Here is a sensible one, what if the world was actually a cosmic banana called Eric Yellow Pants and he suffered from narcolepsy?

    What if…blah blah blah, what if feet and toes were really eggs, human's wouldn't be able to walk without cracking up.


    The native Americans lost, because they were not good enough to win – check mate, game over, history is history.

  22. You need much better reasons as to why Europe would stop trying to colonize. A vast new land filled resources and new wonders and the only threat is from people who don't have guns? No way anyone would stop. Even if one or two countries did stop, there were a dozen more ready to come over. If the first attempt failed, they'd continue. The plagues that wiped out most of the indigenous would still happen. America would still get colonized, just a bit later and by different Nations. The USA would probably never exist, we'd most likely be 5-9 different countries who may, or may not, get along.

  23. Late comment, but…

    If the Americas weren't colonized, the already advanced civilizations of Aztec, Inca and Maya would probably have dominated and would have spread their influence all around the Americas. However, there's one big problem, which is contact with people outside the Americas. Contact with people from outside the Americas still poses a extremely risky problem. The vast majority of Native Americans perished because of Afro-Eurasian diseases introduced to the continent by Western Europeans. These are diseases that are not found anywhere within the Americas and most Africans, Asians and Europeans have centuries upon centuries of fighting these diseases to the point of actually resisting them. Even if it wasn't Europeans, the Natives would still have contracted these unknown diseases from say Muslims or Chinese or Africans. The Americas would have advanced differently from the Eurasian and African civilizations, but one contact with the old world, and the Native Americans are dunzo.

  24. You still might have had a wave of plagues from trade and exploration even without any colonization, at least if that all happened before antibiotics.

  25. i believe that we could have ended up in this state of advanced technology and cars and not create disease and bloodshed to get there.

  26. I say this as someone who is a registered member of a Federally recognized tribe – I have a hard time seeing any of the tribes really rising out of what was essentially a stone age level of culture if they had essentially been left alone. There would be no real reason for them to do so, other than if they had something shock them into it, kind of like Japan following Perry's visit.

  27. One side you have nomadic tribes bows and arrows Native Americans virtually no technology on the other side you have the rest of the world it has technology and this world has used technology to improve ships weapons and land transport production in food development of Sanitation and medical medicine when such a world collide with nomadic tribes whatever they may nomadic tribes are usually wiped out by unknown diseases and Warfare you cannot stay in the past forever

  28. If the plague wiped out 99% of the native populations, how come the people of today does not have a 99% European ancestry? (Give or take a few percent for the slavery that was imported).

  29. I enjoy the juxtaposition this is in comparison to a more recent video of if Africa wasn’t colonized.

  30. No matter what this video says. The American peoples were sentenced to death, discover who discovered them. The fact of living isolated from the rest of the world and that they had no defenses for many diseases would be their ruin. It doesn't matter if they were discovered by the Spanish, French, English, African, Japanese or Chinese. After the first contact with these peoples, diseases would kill millions. And they were too technically primitive to defend themselves effectively. There was no future for them.

  31. No they didn't progress fast enough and wouldn't have stood a chance in ww2. They may have been mighty warriors but the rest of the world had scientist working on weapons to kill an untold amount of people at one time.

  32. The Natives would've probably never let anyone harvest any resources, and it would've grown slowly as a civilization.

  33. What a loss. They would have done some amazing art/ architecture. Instead it's Wal*Mart, Mcdonalds and top 40.

  34. A modern day alternate native lands would be them using red indian writings in their newspapers having their own news-shows they would write like this so the computers of the world would have that font much like the thailand font exists because of them cleverly avoiding colonization . People would get tourist visas to visit dance by the campfire with locals , they would be better builders too todays native americans are corrupted by capitalism and firewater and cant conduct their own repairs which would not be the case in a tribal society most likely it would evolve on its own mojave would be its own tourist area it would be better then todays nato war machine that even Trump cant dismantle thanks to these evil senator oligarchs who love war

  35. Personally, I believe it would be another Middle East. Too many different tribes fighting against each other or another European country would of taken over, Spain, Italy or France.

  36. Take the horses out, The tribes were brutal and killed off other tribes over and over, AKA GENOCIDE. Such a rosey picture but you're full of it.

  37. The natives would have their own lands to theme selves
    Nonsense video narrated by none other than a non Native American IE red Indiana

  38. Note the lack of firearms, missionaries, and booze.

    Those three things would have drastically created a different landscape.

    Not to mention the eventual proxy wars we’d see with different tribes going to war against other tribes backed by larger, more powerful Nations.

  39. Natives are inbred the work to built a great civilization would of took longer for natives than ancient caucasians such as Persians or greek.

  40. this would be better world…. maybe it would slow the progress but world would catch up really fast since america is slowing it anyway

  41. Im native american by blood line and everything yall say makes complete sense haha, aye. I still live in teepee so what do i know.

  42. Soo true. I’m Native American (Cherokee)….and I’ve often had to advise friends that native Americans are the same as everyone else and are not some super spiritual group…… we have smart people, stupid people, violent people, peaceful people, and so on. Sure there were some major advances in some groups here and there …for example….women could travel alone along streets at night without fear of men, because men had a respect for life…..unlike Britain at the time where women feared being outdoors at night

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