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What European Countries Really Think of Each Other

What European Countries Really Think of Each Other

pure research data paul on uh… members
of the e_u_ and they want to see what these different countries thought about
one another and the results are pretty interesting now they were uh… called
on a few different things they wanted to figure out which country is the most
trustworthy the leash trustworthy the most arrogantly stared at most
compassionate least compassionate and here’s what they found if you look at called the countries that
seems like everyone is voting germany as the most trustworthy which i kinda
passing especially coming from frank except for free flow it’s not my
favorite i’m katherine finds itself to assess
what his that’s great about the lives of many things that make among them grisly
gruesome who’s the most trustworthy for grace greece usually share an interest
greeting from the most compassion for brief and the and then the least is germany
like they’re like were awesome everybody else of division about having
a bug in germany happy you know i wouldn’t give any more money pissed off about that did the most
trustworthy communal increased five dollars like
that i like that’s the latest i’d like to add to friends is a little
self-deprecating right they find themselves to be the most arrogant and
the leisure these payment methods yet cell block where branches the filibuster
care of yourself aware friends to press the most trustworthy joni t guest kit you here at the end then
britain who does not endorse mister bruton police compassion five to bring this to be like fucking france new york under i wish
they had asked most breaking my heart breaks were swept the categories have
been talking about how i like the majority of these guys voted for
themselves when it was convenient audio definitely no except the people who are most are the only thing britain not really women’s at least variables
compassionate and will not be relieved lease trustworthy italy that’s why the account contact which really voted for themselves at
least rose for the you have that self-awareness yet that’s like the moderate economic
progress if we do not leave your website and like the option the league were totally were a
wonderfully compassionate remotely we will take your wife and it’s just you
know what happened but shorter battery problem most compassionate bat jerry sister china himself back in and i don’t like
the rest of determined there right that whatever it but it’s like britain
france germany italy spain greece poland general everyone
thinks they’re the most compassion not the one that swept that swept the actions of those were out
there for a guy which the u_s_ was included even the r_t_c_ were not for
the year like america most compassionate released a reading
like health totally see americans thinking like yeah
patriotism we care about everyone when they have resources that weekend and
it’s right there is no way america would vote itself least area driving great i think that i’ll be back up to see us rely on the with lighting we give
ourselves most trustworthy i think the regular felt most
compassionate i think we view ourselves we started really i don’t think something i think
but we would be like healthy related you rely ghetto birds on the u it would be
like but we need more often than i don’t want to do yeah

100 comments on “What European Countries Really Think of Each Other

  1. Most compassionate:
    Britain: Britain
    France: France
    Germany: Germany
    Italy: Italy
    Spain: Spain
    Greece: Greece
    Poland: Poland
    Czechia: Czechia

  2. I'm from Malaysia. 2 years ago i was in a tourist bus in Kuala Lumpur to find and conduct an interview with tourist about visiting Malaysia for school works. Every tourists seem so arrogant and refuse to be interviewed for a minute excluded a group of German tourists!!! They're so nice, polite, blonde and willing to be interviewed. And i love that they seem really excited, fun and compassionate. The most importantly they're so polite and friendly!! So i don't get why they're the most arrogant and least compassionate.

  3. I know this is old but you've got to be careful when talking about the uk peeps-we are 4 countries united in one, I genuinely think we all have different characteristics

  4. From an Irish view. I’m bound to say ..

    Most Trustworthy – Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland
    Least Trustworthy – britain, Russia (Mafia)

    Most Arrogant – britain, Italy
    Least Arrogant – Ireland (we are proud, but not arrogant)

    Most Compassionate – Germany (they help all the colored peoples from all over the world)
    Least Compassionate – britain (thousand years of terror)

  5. My opinion:
    Most trustworthy: All Nordic country's and Britain
    Least trustworthy: Everyone south of us (GB) , and Germany
    Most arrogant: Britain and France
    Least arrogant: Britain
    Most compassionate: Britain and All Nordic country's
    Least compassionate: Germany and France

  6. You know the fact that Greece voted like that showed their appreciation of humor and irony . I mean you can't blame them for being the birthplace of drama, laughter, irony , tragedy and to name but a few ,yet you talk about Greece like you are aware of their contribution to the world . I wouldn't really care if a country with rich culture and history judged Greece . But seriously usa ????? This thing is a joke .

  7. Polen "How is the less trust full…"
    Geramny comes in
    Germany leaves
    Polen "…help…"

  8. Europe it's full of devision ideas and land stealing especially Greece and Serbia look at their mapp on 1900 and look at them now, so there will be a war depend when they're ready for it

  9. hehe i am greek Love you guys I personally love and respect german people and politics in some matters .

  10. Don't know about all this but I do know the most beautiful country of all is Italy- love it and the culture !

  11. Im greek and im very offended by what she said that we are mad just because they do not give us money ohh also they started a f world war and they made a hole country go through hunger and death.Also they owe us money from the destroyment of our country and they should give that back and do you know that after the war they lost and we gave them money to rebuild their country well…also they turned people in soaps maybe that's why we dont like them.Also the fact that the guy said that thing about the 5 dollars maybe he should know that we were the most important country in the ancient years we made so much stuff and improved science and then he says that well maybe he should first learn where greece is cause im pretty sure he doesnt know.Sorry if i offended anyone

  12. What I think about some European countries:

    – Iceland: this is how EVERY country in the world should be like! Best place in the world!
    – Norway and Finland: cool countries, way better than Sweden…
    – Sweden: used to be a nice place, but now it.s full of 3rd world stupid muslims!
    – The U.K. : the British island has the coolest shape in the world… Also a nice country 😉
    – France: probably the most overrated country, nothing special about it…
    – Germany: nice place; language, culture, history… Everything!
    – The Netherlands: the most beautiful country ever!
    – Austria: overrated…
    – Czech Republic and Slovakia: they both have a great future…
    – Poland: overrated… They hate every other country…
    – Belarus: dictatorship
    – Russia: another corrupted and homophobic dictatorship…
    – Hungary: nice culture, nice language…

    P.S. I.m a Romanian.

  13. Most racist? if i was stupid enough to base my opinion from these people i would say America. Wtf stupid people on tv

  14. One thing I will say is that we (the British) marched through Europe to save these EU countries from the Nazis at the cost of our people. And now look at them, cant wait to see us gone from the EU… ungrateful cunts

  15. Americans are jealous and hate rich Europe cause USA is poor low waged hungry angry evel homeless hopeless drugged cheap endless hours no paid vacation labor IF one is lucky to have one or more jobs

  16. Most trustworthy: Iceland
    Least trustworthy: Turkey
    Most arrogant: Russia
    Least arrogant: Poland
    Most compassionate: Finland
    Least compassionate: Ukraine

  17. If one is reading these comments below, one must get the impression. a lot of european kids are challenged by the complexity of their own country, especially of other countries.
    Many of them are still living in the past, more then 3 generations ago.
    Stereotypes help them to create a very simple view of the others.
    To see the different shades of grey is too much to ask for.
    Their intellectual and emotional status quo is really sad to read.
    Does this tell us anything about their educational system they`ve enjoyed?
    They haven`t learned much from history and mostly haven`t got a clue what the EU project is all about.
    Every country has got their own fair share of ignorant assholes who never tried to walk in the shoes of others for a few centimeters.
    Should I be an optimist in 2018?
    I`m struggling.

  18. this isn't Europe, these are only 8 countries, you didn't even do all the founding members of the EU! or all the members of the Europe, I wanted to know what people though of the balkans, or the BENELUX

  19. Honestly as a Pole I'd like to give out my opinion on the whole "Most/Least Trustworthy: Germany" thing.
    I'd actualy make a joke that most of us in Poland trust Germans to do something untrustworthy xD Like stab us in the back or something. It's like, we know what to expect from them and we don't like it. We trust them to do something bad to us. Be it their government or their people. Especialy now. Though of course I know that while German government may do things we don't like, we're a bit paranoid regarding the people themselves. I haven't met many Germans, but those that I had the pleasure, were nice to say the least.
    On the other hand, the only German governments that were friendly towards us were:
    -Around 1000AD, Holy Roman Emperor Otton III visiting, back then still the Duchy of Poland in a in a gesture of cooperation.
    -Then around XVII and XVIII century when Poland had a Saxon king. Or two in fact.
    And I think that's about it. The rest was either constant wars (especialy with Teutons who were German crusaders) or uneasy peace. The fact that Prussia took part in dismantling of Poland in XVIII century (Partitions of Poland if you want to know more) didn't help. And then the III Reich 😐
    So really, there is an actual reason as to why Poles don't like German people, though we are trying to change that 🙂 It's hard to change a stereotype and it needs time.
    Comparably we "dislike" (putting it mildly) Russians. In terms of trust, we somewhat trust Russian people but not their government.
    We also distrust Ukrainian government (but not people) for supporting a war criminal.
    There's a joke in Poland. I'll paraphrase it for you.
    If Poland went to war against Germany and Russia again, who should we fight first and why?
    Germans first, because duty comes before pleasure.
    Though of course a lot of us are willing to look past that and we still try to cooperate with Germans.

  20. What European Countries Really Think Of Each Other?

    More like:

    What Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland & Czech Rep. Think Of Each Other

  21. Greece has every right to hate germany a country that destroyed everything during ww2 gave no war repairations , lent some money to greece and more than 1.5 trillions to japan france usa italy EACH and they want their 200 billions from Greece….

  22. I live in Germany for over 20 years, never trust the Germans! as soon as you turn your back on you, they betray you !!!

  23. From Finland
    Most Trustworthy: Germany / Estonia
    Least Trustworthy: Greece
    Most Arrogant: Britain
    Least Arrogant: Estonia
    Most Compassionate: Estonia
    Least Compassionate: Britain

  24. Italy isn't trustworthy, and you can trust a non-trustworthy country to be untrustworthy. Honestly, it's the "trustworthy" countries you ought to mistrust – cause you'll never know when they'll do something stupid. Like try to F up Europe for a third time in one century.

  25. What a classical liberal thinks: MostTrust: Poland/Hungary, LeastTrust: Sweden/Germany/France/Belgium – Most Arrogant: Sweden/Belgium/Germany/France, Least Arrogant: Poland/Italy/Spain/Czech, Most Compassionate: who cares? Least Compassionate: lol,
    Most Balls and Brains: Hungary/Poland, No balls and brains:…

  26. As a Greek, I confirm that Greeks are one of the most arrogant peoples on the planet. They consider themselves superior to all other nations.

  27. I grew up in Germany and this is my opinion:
    Most compassionate – Spain (I've been there and they really care for you there❤)
    Least compassionate – could be Germany
    Least arrogant – Germany
    Here's why: you kinda never see German flags here (exception: world cup) and nobody celebrates the national day I personally don't even know when it is

  28. You could at least have done some research.

    "Idiot mentions June 1940". Shakes head, just shakes head…

  29. this chanel is named after a fascist organization that is responsible for genocides and murders of over 3milion people and the distraction of city's and villages and stolen land, all under the name of Young turks and this guy is just using this without shame or care because he is a muslim turk and that makes it ok? the victims were Greek christians and Armenians so thats ok?? is like making youtube channel and naming it the Third Reich and pretending to be civilized, disgusting turks.

  30. From The Britain:

    Most Trustworthy: Spain and Greece
    Least Trustworthy: France

    Most Arrogant: France
    Least Arrogant: Italy

    Most Compassionate: Switzerland
    Least Compassionate: Germany

  31. From an irish point of view we've always been isolated and never really had any permanent friends so i cant say who we trust but i can definitly say that the english are the least trustworthy

  32. Europian countries are not only that 8 countries. Only EU has 27 countries. There are also other countries who are not in EU. I thought that it will be shown all europian countries. I am disapointed. As I can see people in some of these countries don't know English. Why would people think worst about themselfs like France for most arrogant, Italy for least trustworthy or Germany for most arrogant? Also why would people think they are most and least something in same category like France for arrogancy. This dates are not correct.

  33. From 🇫🇷

    Most trustworthy : Spain
    Least trustworthy : Britain
    Most arrogant : Britain or Italy
    Least arrogant : Spain
    Most compassionate : France
    Least compassionate : Germany or Italy

    I didn’t include Greece, Czech Rep and Poland because for me they aren’t on center stage like the other countries and I believe they are much more compassionate and trustworthy than us.

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