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What Does a Doorkeeper Do in the General Assembly? | Peach State Politics

What Does a Doorkeeper Do in the General Assembly? | Peach State Politics

Welcome back to Peach State Politics. I’m Stephen
Fowler, your GPB Education Capitol correspondent. Each week during the legislative session, I will answer questions you have about
how our state government works. This week, the question is from
Ms. Prosser’s eighth grade class in Newnan. They asked, “What does the doorkeeper do
in the Senate and the House?” And this week I decided I would ask
the one person who knows best, Ms. Pat Hinote, the House doorkeeper. Well, I would like to say the doorkeeper
position is a very important position. We have to make sure that no one comes into
the chamber that is not properly identified. This badge that I have on that you can
see right here tells my name and it also has the Seal of Georgia. And we watch for things like that. The media can come in with proper identification. We make sure that the House is in order, that there’s no disturbances that would cause disruption in the Chamber in the process of making the laws. So I hope that this has answered
some of your questions. Most of us are elderly people that have
been retired from other jobs. So it’s a perfect job for us, as we are retired
and have not anything daily to do. So 40 days is when we work,
and we’re here for every single session day. Thank you and remember each week if you have a
question about how state government works, you can send it online at Until next time, I’m Steven Fowler.

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