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What Countries Still Have Kings or Queens?

What Countries Still Have Kings or Queens?

With the King of Spain recently abdicating
and handing the throne over to his son, we thought it be a good time to look in on our
world’s real life Game Of Thrones. I for one have a bunch of questions? First off, Spain
has a king? Who knew? What other nations have kings? Ten? Twelve? Nope. WAY MORE! 45 nations
have monarchs. 45 nations! But don’t get too excited. 16
of those, including the UK, are commonwealth realms like Canada or Australia that recognize
Queen Elizabeth The Second as their Monarch, so there actually aren’t that many people
who could be considered “Kings”, or queens, or Emirs, or Sultans…or whatever, we’re
just going to say “kings” to make this simple. In total, there are 30. And two of them split
the Kingship of Andorra. The vast majority are part of constitutional
monarchies, and largely act as ceremonial figureheads. But who cares about those! Where
are our real Game Of Thrones style kings? The ones with absolute power and blood rights
to the throne? YOU WIN OR YOU DIE! Well, Saudi Arabia’s king has almost absolute
power. He has to follow Sharia Law, and take advice from a council of other family members.
Plus, the line of succession doesn’t necessarily go from the father to the son. The royal family
as a whole can decide to pass someone over if there’s a better fit waiting in the wings. The king of Swaziland technically has absolute
power, but also has to manage an elaborate parliamentary system, which is partially elected
and partially assigned by himself. Plus, there is a co-king of sorts who handles “spiritual”
aspects of his reign. But it looks like that person has little to no power. Bahrain claims to be a constitutional monarchy,
but from what we can tell, Bahrain’s king has absolute power and is committing a ton
of human right’s violations. Not cool, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah. Not Cool. The United Arab Emirates is led by a Federal
Supreme Council of seven Emirs but the Presidency of the council is inherited, and from what
we can tell, he has almost absolute power, making them more of a hereditary monarchy
in the traditional sense than a council. The Sultan of Brunei has absolute power and
is a king in the “I rule everything and can do whatever I want” Game of Thrones type of
way. So is the Sultan of Oman and the Emir of Qatar. All three nations have parliaments
or councils that do some advising, but they are totally controlled by the king. The king
has absolute power, and when the King dies his next of kin will take over. There is one final King with absolute power…
The Pope. He is technically the monarch of Vatican City, which is its own nation. He
can by decree do whatever he wants. But when we say Game Of Thrones type king, we don’t
mean the pope. Plus, the Pope can’t even have kids so the heredity thing is out the window. If you’d like to learn more fun stuff check
out our video on what the true meaning of the word “Jihad” is. The answer is much more
positive than you might think. Or click on the other box to get up to date information
on the current lethal injection debacle. New episodes every Monday through Friday. Please,
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100 comments on “What Countries Still Have Kings or Queens?

  1. Where's the King of Morocco? He's in the top 10 of the richest Kings in the World and Morocco is one of the oldest monarchy in the world.

  2. Thailand, Netherlands I think and I mean. North Korea kind of got that child to child complete athority look… So I mean you can say they are but aren't…

  3. 0:18 CORRECTION!! Peninsular of Malaysia is not highlighted, only Sabah & Sarawak being highlighted.. Malaysia do have a monarch, not only Sabah & Sarawak!! Our rulers are Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.. Please correct this information!!

  4. You realize every single business has a CEO right that's a king or Queen that is ahead of power along with every single nation who has a president that is a head of power man you people!

  5. What about UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Denmark, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Norway, Sweden, Kuwait, Lichtenstein, Jordan, Monaco, Bhutan, Tonga, Lesotho, Andorra, Luxembourg, Malaysia, SMOM, and Oman.
    There are monarchs in Europe, not just in the Middle East. Also, of course Spain has a king. Felipe VI

  6. You forgot Jordan, Bhutan, Morocco,Kuwait, Thailand and Lichtenstein all of which are run by powerful monarchies.

  7. you just listed 5 muslims countries who have kings in real there are many more like
    and i think iam still missing some since the world have 50+ muslim countries…

  8. Says "which countries still have kings or queens"
    You only introduced the Kings.
    Holland and some North European countries have beautiful Queens, and they have equal right of heritage.

  9. 0:17 You highlighted East Malaysia but not West Malaysia? And all the Sultans and the King are in West Malaysia, none of the two states in East Malaysia have sultans.

  10. Love Monarch Nations > 🇦🇪 🇸🇦 🇧🇭 🇴🇲 🇶🇦 🇯🇴 🇰🇼 🇲🇦 🇧🇳 🇲🇾 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇳🇴 ♡

  11. Malaysia? Thailand? Haiyoo u guys better do learning about Geography la 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. Why on earth is the Pope included in this list? THe man is a spiritual leader. Not a king! Before releasing videos do the homework, willyou?

  13. indonesia is republic country, but indonesia still have monarchy region, they called "daerah istimewa" it means special region. why special?

    1. the governor is must by from royal family(yogyakarta sultanate), and the vice governor is must by from duchy(duke of pakualaman).

    2. the king can make anything institution in goverment.

    3. the king can regulate land in yogyakarta special region.

    thats make king is absolute monarchy and thats make yogyakarta have high human development index. and we love our king

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