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What Are The World’s Most Corrupt Countries?

What Are The World’s Most Corrupt Countries?

In January 2016, Transparency International
released its annual Corruption Index. This data ranks nearly every country’s perceived
corruption based on levels of bribery, illegitimate government spending and lack of anti-corruption
measures. Year after year, many of the same countries are at the bottom of the list. So
which countries take up these spots? And why are they so corrupt? Well, as of the end of 2015, the three most
corrupt countries are Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea. Much of Afghanistan’s prevailing
corruption is linked to misuse of aid money given to the country from international donors.
The Afghan government pledged to combat this issue in 2012, however little progress has
been made, as public officials benefit the most from this type of corruption. Somalia
suffers from a similar problem. A report by the World Bank showed that roughly $130 million
dollars of donor funds to the federal government had gone missing over just two years. What’s
more, Somalia’s private enterprises pay little or no taxes to the state, but instead
pay optional fees to government officials who support their company’s interests. By
contrast, bribes in North Korea are mostly paid by citizens. For example, North Koreans
who are looking for a better job must pay a public official to assign them one, as all
citizens are selected for jobs by the government. What these three and most corrupt countries
have in common is armed conflict and political oppression, which are environments where public
sector corruption particularly thrive. The country that took the biggest tumble was
Brazil, which dropped seven positions in just one year. This is due in part to the Petrobras
scandal, in which Brazilian politicians allegedly took millions of dollars in bribes in exchange
for awarding public contracts. The incident slowed investments in energy and construction,
costing tens of thousands of Brazilians to lose their jobs. However Brazil could see
a turnaround in 2016, as mass public protests have pressured the government to introduce
anti-corruption legislation. In contrast, northern Europe saw the least
corruption in 2015, with Denmark, Finland and Sweden at the top of the list. Scandinavian
countries repeatedly rank well in corruption studies, mainly because they allow public
access to the government’s budget information, so citizens can see exactly where public money
comes from and how it’s spent. These countries also have high levels of press freedom and
a judicial system that does not base decisions on a person’s income. Still, no country is completely free of corruption.
In fact, even the highest ranking countries have been linked to unlawful deals outside
their borders. The best example of this is TeliaSonera, a company partially owned by
the Swedish state, which allegedly paid millions of dollars in bribes to Uzbekistan in order
to secure business there. However incidents like this are not factored into the corruption
index, because it only reflects government corruption within a country’s borders – not
corruption overseas or in the private sector. But despite alleged corruption in supposedly
un-corrupt countries, more countries are moving up the index than are moving down. According
to the world bank, one of the best ways to combat corruption is to create policies that
thoroughly investigate and report government spending. Still, more than 6 billion people
live under corrupt governments. And until more countries adopt similar policies, that
number is likely to increase. If you want a closer look at corruption issues
in individual countries, like Brazil, check out our corruption playlist. Thanks for watching
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100 comments on “What Are The World’s Most Corrupt Countries?

  1. I was utterly surprised that Malaysia isn’t on the list. Prime minister had transferred sovereign wealth fund (fund from 1MDB) into his own personal account. When the scandal was exposed by WSJ. No action was taken against him by the local anti-corruption agency. I don’t think you know what corruption is.

  2. India Nepal Pakistan etc basically nearly every developing countries no surprise its not a developed country 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Come on, Now. Do you job properly. Everyone knows that the protests in Brazil had nothing to do with being against corruption, but with deposing the elected president Dilma Roussef. The scandals have just got bigger after her deposition, but the protests are now led by the left-wing sectors and not noticed by the mainstream media anymore.

  4. This video,s title is incorrect… Its not the country thats corrupt…. Its the leaders of a country thats corrupt

  5. AMerica aint corrupt… 1 important ingreedient for corruption is brains… Merica has no corruption Just wrong decissions

  6. Thailand Indonesia Vietnam corruption is legal for all
    Cambodia corruption for police and political is legal
    Malaysia Singapore Brunei corruption is ilegal
    Except Laos and Myanmar corruption is unreported

  7. So long the people exist that the corruption will be longer to the everlasting period . almost the asian country about 12 country without the corruption mean without any principle of life.

  8. A twisted supreme court decision in the United States made corporate funding of politicians legal. Foreign affiliated organizations like the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) extort the hard-earned tax dollars of Americans and divert part of the billions to bribe corrupt, treacherous politicians in order to buy favors. The vicious cycle goes on unchecked!

  9. Asia: Afghanistan
    South america: Venezuela
    North america : mexico
    Central america; el salvador
    Europe: Romania albania

  10. You forgot the nearly $30 billion Iranian government beneficiaries moved to Europe and west in less than a year.
    Why though? Can we trust you?

  11. Where is my nation with so many corrupted leaders and the top leaders allow and hide corruption under their face with smile and big big dialogues " Hum e a karenge hum o karenge " and in reality sirf corruption karenge. And donot seriously take some comments against my comment coz they are the themselves corrupt or unknown of real situation in my mother land.

  12. You forgot Canada.Canada is so corrupt that they government enacts new laws that allows it to steal.
    People are taxed to death while government gives itself pay raises.They stole 5 billion dollars from their working man,sorry Unemployment Insurance fund.
    ICBC stole $500,000,000 from the public insurance fund.They all live lavish lifestyles with ridiculous expense accounts……..They fill their retirement trunks with bribe money from major corporations.

  13. The US is at the top of this list. Whips and Leaders are the true crux of our corruption. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 and 1900. They were NOT implemented by the framers of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Congress is manipulated by Whips and Leaders to broker the bills in a profiteering manner to 501c's, corporations and other countries. There is no defensible argument, Congress betrayed their Fiduciary duty. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900's. Whips and Leaders front run our republic.

  14. THE COUNTRY BENEATH CANADA was not included in the list even though BILLIONAIRES Dodge taxes by filling accounts/trusts of SENATORS-PRESIDENTS-POLITICIANS.

  15. Australia! Bleed Farmers of Generations of Hard Work! Royal Commission into Banking Will not repay all those who have been robbed!

  16. Can't believe 🇵🇰 isn't on the list…🇵🇰 military is as corrupt as the Chinese or Vietnamese Communist parties.

  17. Fnwnxkcnrdkxbgejxhc fjddbfrhdjdjfnrbd nfnfndsjkgntjdjjcjfrkfjt.tjfjfm HUNANS AR CORRUPTED AND HUMANS ARE CORTUPTIYNG THE NATURAL WORLD

  18. I wish I can kill all corrupted politician in our country the Philippines… Sometimes I don't want to pay taxes becoz it's hopeless. Spending so much in unnecessary project's . And now election is coming. Election here is ridiculous.. Almost all candidates are corrupt. The voters are dumb here.

  19. We should destroy our own world because no one can appreciate their country. So no one gets to live in a country. Done.

  20. Africa is the most corrupted continent in the world. The worst thing about africa is that all the political class, the elites, the learned…so called professors, engineers, holding various titles and positions through their academic achievements are completely foolish and stupid.
    The steal and thief the state funds with their golden pens, the stay in offices longer than necessary, they hold on to power as if they have the power to change the world, they have nothing to contribute to the development of africa.
    They are callous, proud, arrogant, unfaithful, pride is their banner.
    The buy expensive vehicles, build mansions, estate, establish enough fortune for their family, not considering the fact that what he has been spending on his personal interest belongs to even the less-priviledged in the street, who is looking for where he can lay his head.
    It makes me to wonder if education itself is evil, because having studied all these years, and coming out with various certificates of credibility, still when they are in the office, they forget to apply the very ethics they were taught, and on which they even swear with their life to uphold the interest of the nation before they get into the office.
    May God Almighty help us, because africans are helpless before all these political BEASTs.

  21. "Why Philippines has not been discussed here? As a Filipino I can say that we are one of the worst countries in Asia ever since the modern times .!.!"

  22. Anti-mafia journalist Saviano claims! “The UK is already the most, without doubt, the most corrupt country in the world, not in terms of politics or police, but in terms of money laundering.The fact of the matter is that the British public think they are detached from the mafia problem and corruption, yet London is the drug money laundering capital of the world, and 90 per cent of drug cash ends up in the US and Europe via London.

  23. If a corruption report doesn’t focus on Iraq then it isn’t accurate, because Iraq is the most corrupt country in the world.

  24. This video is bias and only shows what it is paid to show and direct people's attention to. These countries are indeed corrupt, but what it fails to explain is powerful countries, one inparticular that controls the currency and politics of these countries. A lot of the fighting and war in certain countries are just those civilians from that country, fighting to protect their natural resources that certain powerful people want to steal. So, in order to cover their crimes, they label these people that's trying to fight and protect their natural resources, the T word. Do any of you know what that T word is? If not, you haven't a clue of how real politics go down behind closed doors and need to research.

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