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What Are The Most Atheist Countries? | NowThis World

What Are The Most Atheist Countries? | NowThis World

The development of culture, countries and even entire empires has been forged in the name of organised religion. Historically, it would often indicate and dictate a person’s world view, their level of education; even their role within a community. But today, the significance of religion is not what it used to be. According to PEW Research, those with no religious affiliation, who they call “nones”, are growing faster than ever before. In North America, they are the second largest religious group, and in the US, they’ve surpassed catholics and all non-christian faiths. With such an influx of people who aren’t commited to a spiritual deity, we wanted to know: what are the most atheist countries in the world? Well, first of all, analyzing non-religiosity is difficult, because the term can cover a lot of different belief systems. There’s Positive Atheism, which is a belief that there are no gods; Agnosticism, the belief that the existence of gods is unknowable; and those who don’t ascribe to any major religion, but are nonetheless spiritual. Estimates by sociologists and analysts peg the total number anywhere from half a billion, to over one billion, based on this range of definitions. According to PEW, roughly seventy-six percent of the world’s non-religious population lives in Asia and the Pacific. Where deity-based religion is historically less influential than it is in western-european countries. By comparison, about twelve percent of the remainder live in Europe, and another nine percent combined live in North and South America. So while Europe remains overwhelmingly religious, it may come as a surprise to find that the Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries in the world. In a 2015 poll, nearly three quarters of respondents declared themselves religiously unaffiliated, the highest percentage in all of Europe. One of the biggest reasons is that throughout the twentieth century, while Catholicism was dominating the rest of the continent, religion was seen as an outdated relic of the
Austro-Hungarian Empire. Then, in the mid-twentieth century, the country became part of the Soviet Bloc which, under communism, deliberately avoided a religious slam. By 1993 when Czechoslovakia dissolved into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there was no historical religion to cling to, and today an overwhelming majority of Czechs claim their religion as “nothing in particular”. Another country that when surveyed claimed its population as atheist is Japan. But in a very unique way. Nearly eighty percent of the country actually practices a form of ethnic religion called “Shinto”, and is therefore, technically, highly religious. But Shinto, by its very nature, doesn’t rely on a central deity and its reference as an actual religion is a relatively recent classification. For much of its history it was considered a philosphical mythology that focused on nature as a source of spirituality. It’s believed that all natural things have spirits which are sometimes referred to as Gods. So the distinction of Shinto being an atheist religion is surprising, but accurate. With no scripture or dogmatic beliefs, practitioners of Shinto are considered atheists, making Japan one of the most uniquely atheist countries in the world. However, in both practice and demographics, the largest collection of atheists is in China. Countrywide only seven to nine percent of the population claims belief in a higher deity. This lack of religion has deep historical and political roots, starting with the widespread adherence to Confucianism. Not unlike Shinto, Confucianism is considered a humanist religion or philosophy, and it doesn’t have central deities. Alongside Buddhism and Taoism, these three spiritual religions have shaped a communal but atheist culture. Additionally, China has been a communist country since 1949. And just like the formerly soviet Czechoslovakia, China deliberately avoids a religious ideology. Religion is seen as a tool used to oppress common citizens and it was explicitly outlawed by the country’s central leader, Mao Zedong. Today, a number of laws and regulations so prohibit religious observation. For example, holders of public office are not allowed to practice any religion, and in 2016, new education rules banned parents from promoting religious beliefs in their children or in schools. Overall, China is by far the most atheist country in the world. As an addendum, we have to mention North Korea. The rogue state is impossible to accurately survey, but likely has one of the lowest rates of organized religion. Why? Because organized religion is firmly discouraged in favor of worshiping the country’s leaders. Instead, many North Koreans practice the atheist traditions of Korean Shamanism and Cheondoism. In spite of the growing popularity of atheism in formerly religious regions, like North America and Europe, the movement is unlikely to take over the rest of the world. In areas such as the Middle East and Africa, rates of atheism are incredibly low: between one and five percent while their populations are growing exponentially. In fact, statistically, those who are religiously unaffiliated tend to be older, and have fewer children than those who are religious. According to PEW, by 2060 the world will have more religious adherence than ever before, and its likely that religion will continue to shape global society as we know it. So which countries are overwhelmingly dictated by religion, and what effect has it had on them? Well, one country would be The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Find out a little about its war-torn history and just how powerful it really is today by watching this video. Thanks for checking out NowThis World. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more episodes every week.

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  1. I am an atheist who has live in South East Asia for the past 20 years so I can confidently say that this guy is rather uninformed. Practitioners of Bhuddism and/or Taoism are most definitely not "atheist". They go to the temple to pray, many do this daily, and they believe in spirits, ghosts, and and afterlife.

  2. As an atheist I think religion is a good thing for people who need hope, who need absolution, but I do hate some religious rules

  3. Believe me India is almost 20% atheist and it will go up exponentially. Hindus and jains are leaving religions fastly. Good sign

  4. Europe also has high percentage of atheism as well i believe, about as high as eastern asia

  5. Athiest is infidel people but God is real reality of the sky I advise athiest people of the world bleave God get recived heaven and salvation becuse hum thought limited God is unlimited

  6. The question is: if God rewards his worshippers and punishes the rest, why are countries with lots of Atheists in general doing better than the rest?

  7. Just know there are a lot of atheists that live hiding their beliefs in the middle east , because theyre scared for their lives

  8. Atheists do not know , that science is still in Infancy stage , and science has elements.

    if we depend on logic , we will see that there must be something behinds the material.

    This universe is like a paint , and the creator is the painter drawer .

    But we still do not know the identification of this creator and ect …. .

  9. the world is more religious only means more people is in pain. More exposure to death makes people more religious, that's why middle east is so religious,It's not a good sign.Once you have a palce to live,education,medicalcare,like Scandinavia,people become less religious.

  10. I belong to the land of India and to be an atheist here is almost near to impossible. The biggest deal is to tell your parents about it. Their reaction can even be by far take your lives away. Yeah, to this level in India the illogical mythologies exist.

  11. Being an atheist is like using property of Krishna (God) and denying him at the same moment…..Even to arrange a small dinner table for our loved ones, it requires a person with brain and love, then how this wonderful creation with fruits, vegetables, scenic beauties is possible bychance…..Bhagwatam says when living entities want to forget god, he is transferred to this material world from spiritual world and goes under repeated cycle of births & deaths and changes material bodies according to his material desires until when he again becomes god conscious/Krishna conscious…. type in YouTube search bar"Prabhupada lectures" and listen daily
    Hare Krishna

  12. I m an atheist and live in Pakistan deep inside atheist but can't fight with predominant fanatics 😥 hence religion is just coating piece for me

  13. I'm Swedish. The mass immigration of Muslims that we hear so much about is wrong. I moved to a country in southeast Asia and this island has 80% Muslims. Lived here 7 years now and the religion has nothing to do with what's happening in Sweden now. Have never had any problem at all with the fact that people are Muslims. Wonderful people. Something else is wrong in Sweden. I'm not smart enough to figure out what's wrong but it has nothing to do with Islam

  14. Listen a big event is coming soon, jesus will come down to earth destroy the anti christ
    He will divide the nations, on his left will be all the athiest like yall satanist like drake jesus will throw you all to the lake if FIRE WHERE YOU WILL BURN THERE FOR REST OF THE ETERNITY Im trying to save you you might not believe me but its better to believe than nothing so please convert to christianity pls im trying save you!

  15. shinto is the only religion i like… basically if your grandfather was a mechanic and alway used his favorite wrench, you put the wrench in a safe space and every once in a while look at it to remember your grandpa, the "relic" has a peice of your ancestors spirit in it

  16. The question is: if deities reward their worshippers, why are most Atheist countries doing so much better than most religious ones?

  17. Atheism is on it's way out and declining around the world. Mostly due to low birth rates and there's too many issues with not believing in a morality.

  18. I told my parents but there still aspects that I can’t specifically talk about. Being an atheist is really hard when those surrounding you question so much about you. Just because I’m an atheist does not mean I don’t have morals, it does not mean that I am some breed of evil person because I don’t believe in what you believe in. I don’t specifically like saying that I am because it instantly changes peoples opinion about me. Not at all people do this, but certain religious people can make it very well known that their religious but the second I even utter the word atheist I suddenly become this evil person and I’m rubbing it in peoples face. So you can pray and do all these other things that are expressing your beliefs but when I don’t there’s something wrong with that? Then on top of that I live in a very religious area, where every corner has a church of its own and The word atheism has such a negative connotation that the second I say it it’s like people see a black aura flood in behind me. So at this point i’m actually scared to tell people when they ask what religiously identify as. Because if I say it I could lose job opportunities I could lose friends and that’s ridiculous. The fact that my belief causes me to lose opportunities that I could gain if I simply wasn’t what I am.

  19. Atheism is freedom !
    Any religion in the world is made from humans to humans to control your mind !
    Religion corrupt your mind, control with fear and make you think no rational !

    The technology and Pure rationality have proven facts and given answers at many questions !
    Only the science give a real, trust and authentic answer !
    So I believe in the Science and Technology !

    Example :
    For religion human isn't an animal like result of biological evolution !
    But science have proven this fact in a clear and very rational way !!

    I dream a world WITHOUT religion and where only science and technology show the TRUTH !!

  20. Im not an atheist at the beginning but question everything! So Learn many religions from their foundation! I was born in hindu family in India so I had many religious options to learn because of my country's " Unity in diversity "

    Learning all I found two unbelievable stuff! First one I was never a hindu and it was a word coin by Britain to separate from Muslim. Later used for vote politics!

    Second bhuddism! Is early Indian version of atheism

  21. Bhuddism = atheism

    I call it as first Indian's atheism concept is Bhuddism or Indian version of atheism

    If you see to closely on Bhudism and it's commands! U ll find more atheism !
    If u really look into the time of wen Buddhism born and religious discriminaty India's history!! It allign in a same point on time line.

    And some hidden dark strategies of other religions won Bhudism in India! But took a rebirth in China!

    That hidden strategies are torn pages of Indian cultural history!

  22. In China, people are free to believe in any religion they like. (at least thats what the law says) But public religious practice is restricted by the government. Also, you’ll have to renounce your religious belief if you want to join the communist party. I’ve never seen a religious person in my entire life(im 25)and it really puzzles me why some countries (like those in the middle east) value religions so much.

  23. there is a famous statement in my hometown!

    " We say to truth triumphs, we need solid evidence!! But to prove the defying one! Just confusion is enough!

    That true in all judgement! Either the Solid evidence needed to prove the guilty of accused one! Or else he ll get the benefits of doubt to roam free…

    Idk Why people never ask a solid proof about God to believe it! He always gets a benefit of doubt!!

  24. I am an Indian. Religion is Strong. A country without religion. I like our next country, China. 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Hello!😄 I'm an atheist from the world largest atheist nation🇨🇳.

    I think people have their rights to believe what they want to believe, and nobody should force any others to believe in the things that they don't willing to accept.

  26. Sweden here, growed up here without anyone talking about religion or trying to make me believe something, have never believed in god and dont know what that feels like.

  27. religious is the most helpful thing in ancient times but today in modern world religious is the most troublesome thing unfortunately

  28. but people should also have the rights to change their names and surnames…it creates a lot of confusion when people with mohammad in their name say they are atheist

  29. I still don't get what's wrong with religion, in general people complain about Abrahamic religions than any other ones. 
    I really think it receives more criticism than it deserves.

  30. If shinto involves spirituality then they aren't atheists, atheism is the belief there is no higher power and when we die we die, so it may not be a 'religion' but they aren't atheist

  31. SUPERB! Many Non-Religious people maybe more religious than some so-called religious people… "Fearlessness; purification of one’s existence; cultivation of spiritual knowledge; charity; self-control; performance of sacrifice; study of the Vedas (religious books); austerity; simplicity; nonviolence; truthfulness; freedom from anger; renunciation; tranquillity; aversion to faultfinding; compassion for all living entities; freedom from covetousness; gentleness; modesty; steady determination; vigor; forgiveness; fortitude; cleanliness; and freedom from envy and from the passion for honor – these transcendental qualities, belong to godly men and women endowed with divine nature, said Lord Krishna. " Bhagavad Gita 16.1-3

  32. I'm a complete atheist, I don't believe in any god nor afterlife. I don't mind tolerating religious people but if they try forcing their beliefs on to me or say I'm in "league with the devil" I just laugh at them knowing they've wasted their lives worshipping something that they're not sure even exists.

  33. I'm glad I'm finally free from this religion thing 😰 all that stress just fora fear of a god and a devil just went away .now I can actually be happy!!

  34. I don't totally reject an idea that there might be a creator but it's undeniable truth that all dominant religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) are made up and it's sad that people believe in those just because they were told to do so, that's the real power of indoctrination.

  35. Atheist asked Ahmed Deedat. How do you feel when you die and know that the afterlife is a lie ?. He said to him: It is not better than how you feel when you discover that it is true.

  36. Can you actually really kill off religion?
    China is not a Socialist or Communist, it Capitalistic with a Authoritarian government using a Socialist governmental structure.

  37. im from vietnam, i see most people in my country is irreligion. but we have still traditions, the reason isn't community. egg japan, singapore, korea… almost is ireligion. the reason is the east asia have top iq, the sinophere culture, we clever, growth fast… sometime western media is fake news, they alway blame community…

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