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Welcome to Healing Country

Welcome to Healing Country

Community hospitals. They’re lifelines for Americans across the country. Providing wound care for millions of patients every year. Because wounds are now nine times more prevalent than any cancer It’s time to break the cycle and solve the wound care crisis. “Well I had an infection my foot that never would quite heal up. When I first came in, you could look in in my wound
and see the tendons in my foot. I had been to several other doctors and I
think a lot of them gave up on me. Now it’s almost closed up. Another
week or two I think it would be all gone.” “In the past two years really dealt with
the wounds on the lower legs It’s great to have a team like at our
wound center that helps me. I have chosen to manage it rather than it manage me.” From coast to coast, Wound Care Advantage has
brought the best patient care to wound clinics across the country. It’s time to live a life free from
chronic wounds. Let’s solve the wound care crisis together. Welcome to Healing Country. #healingcountry

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