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Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country

Welcome! We acknowledge the traditional custodians
of Macquarie University land the Wattamattagal clan
of the Darug Nation whose cultures and customs
have nurtured this land since the Dreamtime. We pay our respects to Elders
past, present and future. We welcome people
of all nations and all faiths. Quai bidja, jumna paialla janwai.
Come here, we speak together. We have 60,000 years
of archaeological evidence of Aboriginal habitation at Lake Mungo,
and 20,000 years in Ryde. We have great antiquity. Today, hundreds of Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander people graduate from Macquarie University. The Darug Nation had famous leaders
such as Chief Yarramundi, Nurragingy, Colebee and Maria Locke. Many of the descendents of these
Darug people live today amongst you. We celebrate with you our ongoing attachment
and custodianship with this country. We celebrate the achievements
of Macquarie University. Aunty Julie Janson is of the Burruberongal clan
of the Darug Nation – Hawkesbury River people.

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