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Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country

Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country

Ladies and gentlemen, hello how are you all? My name is Trevor and I am a Kaurna man. My grandmother on my mother’s side is a Kaurna elder. We recognise that today we are meeting on the land of the Kaurna people. I ask you all to walk respectfully on this land. On behalf of the Kaurna people I welcome you to my country today. Kaurna land stretches from the north in Crystal Brook, down through the Adelaide plains to Cape Jervis, it is bordered to the east by the Mount Lofty Ranges and Gulf of St Vincent to the west. So come in and stand by my side and listen, learn, talk and laugh. Just like my people have done for thousands of years. My brothers and sisters thank you, I wish you well on your journey Ngangkirna, miyurna! Naa marni? Ngai nari Tirritpa Kartamiru, ngai Kaurna miyu. Ngaityu kamami Alitja Walara ngarrpadlapurka. Ngadlu tampinthi yalaka ngaldlu yartangka Kaurna miyurnaky inparrinthi. Ngathu naa ngartinthi, yarta-arra tampingka padnititya. Martu-ityangka Kaurna miyurna, ngai wangkanthi: Marni naa pudni yalaka Kaurna yarta-ana, ngaityu yarta-ana. Kaurna pangkarra turtpa-turtpanthi Crystal Brook-unungka kawnatila, patpa-ana warti Wama Trantanya-arra, Cape Jervis-ana patpangka, Yuridla-ana marringka Wangayerlo-ana wangkangka. Parni kawainga, ngatpainga! Ngaityu kurtangka yuwainga! Yuringkarninga! Warra payarri’ngadlu! Minyangkay’adlu! Maingk’adlu! Purt’adlu! Ngaityu miyrna numutaniantyanthi pukipuki tauarluku warltati-arra. Ngaaityu yakanantalya, yungantalya, ngai wingku parlta-parltarrinkthi marni naaku tapa. Ladies and gentlemen, how are you? Hello how are you all. My name is Justene. We recognise that today we are meeting on Kaurna land. Thank you for coming. Ngangkirna miyurna. Naa marni. Ngai nari Justene. Ngadlu tampinthi yala, ngadlu Kaurna yartangka inparrinthi. Nagaityu naa pudnathi.

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