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[Weather] Cloudy across the country with rain in most parts into Thursday

it’s currently raining in many parts of
the country and the rain is expected to spread to total number province and the
lot of rain is expected to fall between now and tomorrow the mountains of Jeju
Island will see more than 60 millimeters while the rest of today and the south
coast sees 40 millimetres thunder and lightning will accompany the heavy
showers in these areas and further north the tooten provinces and the southern
regions will see lighter rain as for the daytime weather tomorrow the skies will
be mostly cloudy tomorrow across the country southwesterly winds are going to
make it relatively warmer tomorrow and Seoul wakes up to two degrees Celsius
Cheongju minus two and two to 12 degrees and the highs will hit the low teens the
daytime temperature will reach 10 in Seoul 11 integral and 13 in taeju on
Friday a lot of snow is in the forecast to fall along the East Coast and on
Saturday afternoon it will start to rain on Jeju Island and the rain will spread
to the entire country as rain or snow on Monday so if you plan
on hitting the roads the roads should be slippery so do drive with extra caution
I’ll leave you with the weather conditions around the world

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