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Varney: California’s liberal policies aren’t working

Varney: California’s liberal policies aren’t working

100 comments on “Varney: California’s liberal policies aren’t working

  1. I'm moving out of California in three days thank the lord. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER VOTE LIBERAL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well said. But liberals are too busy projecting their prozac numbed mental state on those overcoming adversity. Ban psychiatric drugs for only those who truly need it, not just those who have money and a sniffle.

  3. I'm a white man, when I went to California White women wouldn't even look at me or say hello to me. They'll mix, mock my genitalia but if I asked a gal if i could buy her a coffee she'd laugh and walk past me. Whatever's controlling everything and everyone like a video game must hate me? Cool.

  4. Entropy creates California. The underlying law of degradation creates empty buildings with people sleeping in front of them. Such a sick evil cruel simulated existence. Dumb, boring and immoral. The creator should be ashamed. It's nobody else's fault besides whatever created and controls this fake world. Disgusting, evil, cruelty, with a smile.

  5. I’m from Los Angeles and most Californians voted red but the stupid big city’s decide the elections. California is going down hill and it’s sad

  6. Used to live in San Diego. Now live in Az. I'm more worried about California liberal idiots migrating here than illegals sneaking up from the South.

  7. Hey idiot, the reason gasoline is $4/gallon is due to refinery issues. How about making a fair comparison instead of a contrived one. Oh, I forgot, this is Faux News.

  8. So basically they tax the rich then most of high income people left. Only for companies to go back and increase the usage of gasoline. Seems like feedback loop to show you don’t tax the rich. Think there won’t be people problems for the poor.

  9. i blame the people of california blindly following these idiot politicians of california. never questioning where they are taking them. obediently doing what ever they are told. the people have the power they always have. lets see what happens when the people refuse to obey.

  10. Minimum wage in San Francisco is more than double minimum wage in South Carolina. Don't compare us to hick states that are underdeveloped and backwater.

  11. I can't believe how Stupid the typical CA voter is, they can't see the forest for the tree's.
    Our politicians are the most Corrupt in all of government.
    And they won't talk to you.

  12. Too true. As a Californian native, I left because homelessness was out of control and I was hard pressed to find a job because I couldn’t speak Spanish

  13. It’s not liberal policies ITS THE IMMIGRANTS. Most of Western and Northern Europe practice liberal policies, but they are nowhere near as degraded as California. That’s because those countries are mostly homogeneous white countries. Whereas California is the multi racial melting pot. It’s really this simple. It’s not about liberalism, it’s about the people.

  14. I live in L.A and like fictional character Hank Moody I'm rotting away under the California sun. I'm stuck here & need to leave… pronto.

  15. The state with highest taxes and the highest poverty rate also has the highest stupidity rate. Now that D.C. has legalized recreational marijuana things aren't going to get any better.

  16. It was only in 2015 when I wanted to go into animation and work for the big Studio names are Cartoon Network and then getting frightened of How High the expenses were to live in California……. And now four years later I'm God blessed and proud not to have made that decision

  17. Democrats should all get bullets through their heads on sight, with no more thought that taking out the garbage.

  18. California's stupidity is starting to catch on is the worse part. Stop Liberal Democrats on election day! Send a message that you won't stand for their stupidity!

  19. They will never admit failure. Their agenda won't allow it. They are in full lemming mode: impeachment, AOC and the Squad, immigration, lowering the voting age, plastic straws. They will go right over the cliff enmasse.

  20. There's an old saying: "As California goes, so goes the nation.."
    Hence the reason why we can no longer rule it out as a lost cause, but rather we must do everything in our power to take it back and return it to what it once was 30 years ago! True, the racial makeup has changed, but that shouldn't matter if we assimilate them into American culture. Otherwise America will fall.

  21. I live in northern California. Liberal policies DON'T WORK! Everything is very expensive here, and over regulated. Moving out soon!

  22. as a californian heres how this will be solved

    1) Stop allowing illegal aliens to enter
    2) End Globalization
    3) Turn Republican

  23. Oh, big surprise! Welcome to tyranny, everybody! This is all intentional. They've gotten so tyrannical bc we've allowed ourselves to get so stupid.

  24. You cant tell what poverty is when everyone around you is just as poor. But I guess the people deserve it seeing as they put those people in power and continue to keep them there.

  25. Don’t worry. The super rich celebrities that always preach the liberal socialist utopia will take up the ball and donate a lot of their money to help these people, because they really care about making it right. It’s not like they just say these things while making millions and going to one awards ceremony after another, honoring themselves relentlessly in one of the most self congratulatory professions known to mankind. No, they’re very interested in helping the poor in their state, trying their very hardest to show them the light. That the way that they preach is the right way. Yes, the celebs should really be honored for all the sacrifices that they make for the rest of California. With all that they give away to help the poor, with all their talk about the evil rich and how wealth should be divided, it’s a miracle that they’re still able to make payments on their mansions, exotic cars, planes, and staff. God bless them for ALL they do, based on what they preach. Because to preach it and not actually do it would be hypocritical…

  26. I thino we should talk about the fact the president makes like 1million a year tax free and then gets protection and paid 500k a year when hes not president. Thats what we should be talkimg about

  27. awesome job Lou – keeping keeping on…….California should be priority but it's NOT becuz the Buffoon democratic hasn't been voted out but its coming.

  28. neither liberal nor republlican policies work anywhere except for the megarich. america is a failed civilization, expect more of the same in the 2020s. the deal is blown across the board

  29. I'm sitting in downtown LA right now waiting for a pickup tomorrow. Graffiti, trash all over the streets, ratty RV's & homeless encampments everywhere. How can any critical thinking person with an ounce of integrity/humanity vote for a Democrat?? The fact that the party even still exists is a mystery to me.

  30. And they come to Texas and just raised the minimum wage saying it's a good idea. Now the cost of living has gone up and Texas are like "wtf!"

    And California rebuttal is
    "Still cheaper than living in California."

  31. Who cares let California leave the union there nothing but a dragon our society they don’t even pay the power bills Will be better off of California gone

  32. Gee – What a surprise. Create an illegal "Sanctuary State" and "Sanctuary Cities" that encourage millions of poor, illiterate immigrants to sneak into your state and cities and then reward them and their millions of kids with lavish welfare benefits that provide free housing, free medical, free education, free food and a treasure trove of other handouts that transform your state into the welfare and retirement program for all of Mexico, Central America and South America. Who would have thought such a plan wouldn't work? I'm shocked. SHOCKED I say!

  33. California is in the predicament it's in because of illegal Mexican immigration. This is an uncomfortable fact, but it's true. If the other states had the same number of Mexicans, the whole country would have these problems. Don't bring up Texas. Texas is pretty liberal, but the whites are conservative and vote as a block. When that goes, so does Texas.

  34. I wish I could leave this state. But I’m 36 and just got hired as a firefighter/medic after 10 years of applying and interviewing both in state and out of state. Stuck here now but at least I’m making good money to cushion this theft

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