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UW Master of Education in Education Policy

UW Master of Education in Education Policy

As a teacher I was working with you know 24 student in one class. The scope of what I was able to accomplish
was really minimal. I wanted to be able to make an impact on a
larger level. [Aaron]
I always knew that I wanted to be involved in education policy at a higher level. I wanted to be able to forge a new path, and
that was something that I saw an opportunity at the University of Washington. [Annabel]
I worked my whole entire undergrad towards becoming an Attorney, specifically an Immigration
Attorney. I experienced challenges, not having the right
support system or not being able to identify with others in my environment. So I decided to return to Washington and seek
a Masters in Education Program that would help me enforce and create new policies that
could impact the student experience. I remember my first day in the classroom just
feeling like I had found my home. [Jolenta]
I work full time and I am a mother of two with a husband. Being able to take classes in the evening
really allowed for me to work and provide for my family and then to relatively have
some time to spend with my family. Having had 10 years of experience working
directly with families and youth I would’ve been okay kind of maintaining the status quo. But, for me, I wanted to have more impact. And having gone through the program, I was
able to then shift my career dramatically from doing direct service, working directly
with students, to actually supporting those efforts through helping shape policy. What’s powerful about the MEP program is that
you’re entering into a community of change makers, of change agents. Of those that are really wanting to improve
and impact the world in a very different way. [Aaron]
We had a sense that we were not only going to take the theories that we took in the classroom
and move them into the real world, but also once we got out into those positions, once
we got into the system, we’re going to keep doing the work keep having the types of conversations
that we had when we were in the class, when we were with the cohort, in order to make
that change on a much broader level. [Ramsey]
I have this new way of thinking through problems, whether they be institutional, whether they
be systemic, whether they be even just kind of a day to day problem. I think through things in a way that’s less
reactive. I think through things in a way that is way
more focused on a solution. I think through all of the possible solutions,
then kind of execute based on what ability we have to actually go through with something. [Jolenta]
Being able to fully understand how policy is crafted, and then how it’s implemented,
is key. And I think MEP allows for kind of understanding
how our systems are created to drive policy that’s really impactful. [Annabel]
I think what made this program powerful for me was it helped me build that education tool
kit that I need to impact education and policies. The program did that immediately I walked
away with a substantial amount of tools to be able to say, “Okay, I’m ready and I’m going
to start here, and I’ll end up in this policy role, maybe not immediately, but with time
I’ll be built correctly.” [Ramsey]
Going to MEP and, and going to the University of Washington has been such an amazing thing
for my life. It’s helped launch my career in a lot of ways,
and it’s given me the confidence and the authority to really execute things in a way that’s systemically
larger for a group of students that I care deeply about.

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