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USC Master of Public Administration Student Experience

USC Master of Public Administration Student Experience

>>Ashley Bonanno: [Background Music]
I feel like I have a moral obligation to do what I can do to help others.>>David Judge: The change that I’ve become
passionate about is on the local level. Working on the local level you really have
a chance to affect to positive change.>>Kaya Okuniewski: My passion
really is improving non-profits so they can make the greatest impact.>>Tyler Xie: I want to learn
something different for my country and apply all those experiences and
skills to make it a better place.>>Jongmin Lee: To give more
opportunity for the community, the world.>>Public administration is a way to do that.>>Marya Bangee: My passion is to create a
vibrant, inclusive, and equitable society. The Price School gives me the
experience and tools to do that. [ Music ] I chose USC and I chose the Price School
because I think it really provides me with the opportunity to learn about how I
can really work towards building a more 21st century city. To me, leadership is about service. And the Price School, what I’ve experienced
here is that it really provides you with the opportunity to be an authentic
leader, to get out into the grassroots and understand people’s needs, and then work with different parts of society
to build solutions.>>We learn about how non-profits, the public
sector, and the private sector all kind of interact and how they can
function to make governments and other systems really
the best that they can be.>>USC provides academic and professional
training, fellowship, internship, guidance.>>And everyone tries to learn from each other. It’s definitely a learning community where
everyone brings their different experiences.>>I might have someone next
to me who is a city planner and someone else who is in law enforcement. And we can all bring our different perspectives
and really create sound policy solutions. The specialties among the professors are wide
ranging and also work professionally on the side or have worked for a very long
time in their respective fields.>>They were very helpful to find
me my aptitude and interests.>>All the internships that I have
gotten have been through my professors or through conferences that were
sponsored and advertised by Price.>>The career support that Price gives
to students whether it’s a cover letter or resume-editing workshops has
helped me prepare before graduation as to what my next step is
going to be career wise.>>Networking is really important
in graduate school. USC is definitely incomparable.>>Even in South Korea there
is many USC students and alumni meeting together on a regular basis. They always mention about the
great networking opportunity that I might have after the graduations.>>I didn’t know much about the Trojan
family or exactly what it meant. Anyone you want to talk to, no matter how high
up the ladder they are, no matter what they do, will help you network towards them. I think USC does really do an excellent
job of transcending not just research but the impact that that research can have. When I come out of a class with a project,
that’s something that I can take as legislation or as a policy and effect
positive change in the real world.>>Impact to me is world-changing results.>>Impact would be change and influence.>>To at least make a difference in policy that
I think would positively affect our population.>>Use my skills and aptitudes to help
others find a better way to manage.>>Being a part of this program has
really began to prepare me for that. And I really look forward to being able
to do that for the rest of my life. [ Music ]

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  1. hi i am frm india when this course is open? what is the procedure for admission any gradute can do this course? pls ans me

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