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US housing and tax policies are also education policy

US housing and tax policies are also education policy

Three sort of big picture ideas here, so
I think, I think one is that we need to think in education about policies that
are not fundamentally education policies, that really have big impacts on students’
K-12 experiences so there’s a, there’s a group that has a couple of examples here. There’s a group that just released a report called a Roadmap to Reducing
Child Poverty that looks at how we have 10 million students living below the
poverty line. And this group and Ron Haskins here Brookings and many other
people are involved in this group, they looked at different packages of policy
reforms, most of which are outside of education to see, can we cut that number
of kids who are living in poverty when we know that that would have impacts on
their performance in school. And if you start looking at the potential
approaches like expanding access to the federal earned income tax credit,
there’s a lot that you can do outside of schools that’s going to touch students and families in ways that would sort of help their opportunities in school. Another
example on housing policy is we have persistent segregation in schools and we
have problems of access to high-performing schools for
disadvantaged communities. We have a Fair Housing Act, what the Fair Housing Act
does not prevent is it doesn’t prevent exclusionary zoning policies that will
prevent apartments from being built in multi-family housing units in places
that are expensive to live, where that is the only way that low-income and
middle-income families could possibly access those communities. So there
is this sort of bucket of non education policies and really I think, in
education we should be thinking that housing policy is education policy, and
tax policy is education policy, and we need to think sort of outside of just what education policy is.

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