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Understanding a life insurance policy

Understanding a life insurance policy

[Angelic music] [Clive speaking] Do you know
what to look out for with a Life Insurance policy? Hi, I’m Clive and I’m as they say in the afterlife,
‘mortally challenged’. When I was alive there was a lot I didn’t
know, especially in the field of hang gliding safety. But luckily, I did know all about Life Insurance
long before I passed away. Understanding your Life Insurance policy is
crucial. Especially if you’re making big strides in
life like buying a new home, getting married or having a baby. So what exactly do you need to know before
you sign on the dotted line? I’ve pulled in Sef here from Cigna and Tuafale, his baby, to help us get some answers. [Sef speaking] Hey Clive, how’s life? [Clive speaking] distasteful Sef. [Music] [Clive speaking] So Sef, what do
we need to look out for with a Life Insurance policy? [Sef speaking] Well mainly you need to make
sure it meets the needs of your loved ones. Figure out not only how much cover your policy
owners will need to survive without you, but also what you can afford to pay in premiums
on a regular basis. [Clive speaking] Right, everybody wants to
leave their family with a fortune but sometimes you’ve got to be realistic about what you can
afford in the here and now. [Sef speaking] Exactly! Luckily, we have an online calculator that
can help you figure out the right amount for your family going forward. [Clive speaking] So, are there any exclusions
to the policy we should know about? [Sef speaking] Inclusions and exclusions
they’re going to differ from policy to policy. Usually, your best bet will be to have a good
read of what your policy covers, because the answers to all your questions will be found
in your policy documents. [Clive speaking] And it also must help to
work with an insurance company that’s looking out for you. [Sef speaking] Yeah sure does [Sef laughs] [Clive speaking] I was kinda setting you up for a pitch there Sef. [Sef speaking] I mean we’ve been insuring
Kiwis for over a century, so we really know how to design a policy that’s going to suit
peoples needs. But wherever you go, you want to make sure
that everything, from the cover, to the premiums, to the exclusions, are a good fit for you. [Clive speaking] Good stuff Sef [sighs] beautiful
view isn’t it. [Clive speaking] Oh it’s to die for mate. [outro music]

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