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UND Hultberg Lectureship Series: Kris Engelstad McGarry

UND Hultberg Lectureship Series: Kris Engelstad McGarry

We’re thrilled to be hosting the 32nd
annual Hultberg Lectureship for female executives. This year we focused on the
philanthropic industry. We invited Kris Engelstad McGarry here to speak on
women in leadership. For a school like this to hold these events, it’s something
so memorable and so so rare. There’s not a lot of opportunities at other
universities and my friends go to different places, and I talk about, you
know, this is who I got to me today, and my friends are like, what? It’s important
for our students to see their work outside of the classroom, so to be able
to ask questions of real-world executives gives them the opportunity to
learn from experiences as well too. One of the biggest things that I learned and
from going to events like this is that you know there’s always gonna be
opportunities that arise, and it’s all up to you whether or not you want to
take up that opportunity or you want to sit at home, but at the end of the day
sometimes all it takes is at one small interaction with someone who will, you
know, ignite that flame inside of you and keep you motivated, and so going to
events like this helps me refocus from a long day of school, work, whatever it is
and re-energizes me and gets me excited on this whole, like you know, graduating
and adulting and finding that potential job and how I can benefit the rest of
the people around me.

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