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UK-US diplomatic spat claims British ambassador

UK-US diplomatic spat claims British ambassador

So, the special relationship. The relationship between
the US and the UK. A term frequently more used by
British people than Americans. But goes to describe
what traditionally has been seen as the
closest alliance, frankly, in the world. Two countries that
share a common heritage, a common history,
a common language. And yet now we
have the ambassador to Washington from
the UK calling the president of the United
States in leaked cables, “incompetent,” “inept,”
“dysfunctional.” And the president of the United
States replying on Twitter by calling the ambassador
“wacky,” “a very stupid guy,” and “a pompous fool.” Not necessarily a thing
you would associate with a special relationship. And now, today, the ambassador
himself, Kim Darroch, has been forced to resign
in the wake of this scandal. What can we take away from this? Sucking up to the president
of the United States just doesn’t work,
particularly this president of the United States. Remember, it was just
a couple weeks ago, that Trump went to London,
was feted by the Queen, with a full state
dinner, that did not have any effect on the ability
of the British ambassador to survive this row. It is something that Emmanuel
Macron, the president of France, tried very
early in his relationship with President Trump;
invited him to Paris, invited to the Eiffel Tower for,
again, another fancy dinner. That hasn’t worked. The ability to
romance Donald Trump just doesn’t work in
diplomatic circles. Secondly, what Kim Darroch
said in his cables to London are actually true. Donald Trump is
incredibly unpredictable. You do not know what the
president of the United States is going to latch on to
and become obsessed about. It is at his own whim and
there’s no way of knowing. There was many
people, both in the UK and the US, who thought
this would blow over in 24, 48 hours. And that was a lot of what we
were hearing out of Washington. Lastly, I would just say, that
the relationship between the UK and the US will endure. It has survived,
actually, worse crises. Obviously, the Suez
Crisis in the 1950s, where President
Eisenhower failed to back the British effort in
Egypt to retake the Suez Canal. Obviously, the Vietnam
war where the UK did not participate, and openly
criticised the US for their policies
in southeast Asia. Survived that. And also, I think
people forget when you look at the surface
of the diplomatic row, that the military
intelligence relationship between the UK
and the US, again, is closer than any two countries
in the world right now. There was something
called the Five Eyes Treaty, which means
that the signals intelligence that the
US gets and UK gets is shared without exception. There are UK military who
are embedded in US billets. There are diplomats from the US
who are embedded in UK billets. It is an incredibly
close relationship. Closer than any two
nations in the world. So despite this diplomatic
spat, despite the raw feelings right now between
the UK and the US. This is a relationship
that will continue to be the most important
bilateral relations in the world. And I wouldn’t anticipate
this affecting things in the long term.

15 comments on “UK-US diplomatic spat claims British ambassador

  1. These videos are the worst. Financial Times is becoming borderline cnn-tier leftist . I hope trump accepts tommy robinson as an asylum seeker just to see you remainers cry who betray the will of the people in the UK

  2. Oh please. Thus is a none story and will be over in a flash. We all will be eating our chips out of this trash paper in a few days.

  3. The UK ambassador demands that Trump recognises his authority and respect him, who the hell does Trump think he is…the President of the United States?

  4. Yes an incredible partnership is this Eye5 which seemed a big help to conduct the business of American genocide 9/11 as we got the information that a missile hit pentagon coming from a Brit submarine lurking dangerously close to shore of eastern coast of USA. An investigation is necessary to bring the truth out of so called functional closet of Eye5.

  5. Sir Kim did no wrong. He was doing his duty reporting to his superior officers in confidence. Trump bullies him.

  6. The US has a special relationship with Israel, only the british think they have a special relationship with the US, to americans the UK is just another country. You will find this out when trying to get a trade deal after Brexit.

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