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UK general election 2019- How to f*£k up a country (even more)

UK general election 2019- How to f*£k up a country (even more)

The bread is back, and I’d like to thank
thoughtslime and the eyeballs, for rekindling my desire to continue making content, and
since a load of you are new subscribers… hello, and apologies for my weird sounding
voice. So yeah, I’m back with another video, several months after my last one. And well
let’s just say the rust has set in… In this video, i’m going to reflect on the
UK general election, in short it was shit. Very shit. So shit. The shittiest shit to
ever shit. And Boris Johnson is now the Prime minister with electoral legitimacy. So yay…
What a wonderful world we live in, where considering Palestinian’s as people is antisemetic,
but comparing people wearing burka’s to letterboxes isn’t islamophobic.
So let’s start off with what I thought went wrong for Labour, other than everything…
Well, the elephant in the room is obviously brexit. To many this was a single issue election,
and BREXIT MEANS BREXIT. And Labour played the enlightened centrist route… Corbyn was
forced into a corner where he had to approve of a people’s vote due to the large blairite
contingency in Labour’s Mps, and this concession can be seen as a major reason why Labour failed
to get the votes in the north/midlands… It was areas that were frequently labour safe
seats that staunchly supported Brexit, places like Staffordshire were labelled as the Brexit
capital after the referendum, and unsurprisingly, they got brexit fatigue, and wanted what they
voted for dealt with, and well Boris Johnson offered that, especially since the Brexit
Party only stood in areas where the conservatives were less likely to win, to not act as a spoiler
effect for the conservative party, but to help leak labour support. They weakened labour,
and the conservatives ate up the rest of the votes.
And well the Lib Dems were pathetic in their approach, don’t get me wrong, they fell
victim to electoral deserts, and if this was a proportional system they would have done
much better, but they hindered the labour party once again through the spoiler effect,
and split the remain vote. The only solace being Jo Swinson the lib dem leader, losing
her seat. After their constant bashing of the labour party and refusal to work with
Corbyn, their vote share gain of 4.2% only ensured a Johnson brexit.
But there was also Scotland, a remain stronghold, with increasing support for independence,
and this only added to Labour’s misery, the SNP’s performed superbly in the elections,
and managed to receive 45% of the Scottish vote, as the Conservatives lost 7 seats, and
Labour lost 6 as well as losing 8.5% of the vote share, as they gained 13 seats and 8.1%
more of the vote share, and with that, it’s not too far fetched to see an independent
Scotland in the coming years. But let’s go to England, because that was
just as much of a shitshow… Labour managed to lose 47 seats and nearly 8% of the vote
share, as the Conservatives gained 48 seats and nearly 2% of the vote share. Wales had
labour win 22 seats which is 6 less than 2017 and lose 8% of the vote since that election,
and the conservatives gained 6 seats, gaining 2.5% more of the vote share, with the brexit
party picking up 5.4% of the vote share overall. Northern Ireland stayed pretty much the same,
but with both Sinn Fein and the DUP hemorrhaging vote share. Which means that as a whole…
the UK is fucked. Which is the most informative and accurate way to describe what is on screen
now… a very fucked UK. Now this isn’t the worst performance for
Labour since the second world war, as some have stated, in terms of vote share… since
they received 32.2% of the vote, compared to 1987 where they received 30.8%, and 1983,
and received 27.6% of the vote. Believe it or not, the most popular gender neutral bathroom,
and my favourite stroke, won both of those elections.
But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a defence of Labour’s performance, since it was disastrous,
and even with more vote share, because of FPTP, they still got less seats than in both
of those elections. There is no defence for that.
And now Labour’s best manifesto in decades, has been used as a reason to return to Blaire’s
‘New Labour’ centrism, and if Keir Starmer wins… well it’s quite possible that labour
will move more right… Which is the last thing we need right now. And a lot of that
is due to those new labour remnants. But we can’t just blame Brexit for Labour’s
loss, the BBC and other news outlets played a major role in demonising the Labour party,
and Jeremy Corbyn in particular. From the likes of Laura Kuenssberg spreading fake stories,
and constant bashing of labour policies, to all the others spreading this anti-semitism
is rife in the labour party narative. Oh and let’s not forget, Theresa May unveiling
a Nancy Astor statue, you know an anti-semite with Nazi sympathies… She wasn’t even
the first female MP, the badass Constance Markievicz was… who was a socialist suffragist.
So they just unveiled a statue of someone who hated minorities… which is pretty on
brand. Now from everything I’ve seen from these antisemitism
stories, it is that they are conflating anti-zionism or support for palestine as anti-semetism…
now does that mean that there is no anti-semetism in the Labour Party? No, in fact there probably
is some, which does need to be dealt with. However, the fact that this was heavily focussed
on compared to Boris Johnson’s track record on islam, and his racist remarks… When Corbyn
has supported Jewish causes throughout his life… is pretty clear in it’s bias, and
what it wants to achieve. But Corbyn did have issues, in the fact that
he wasn’t very charismatic, and didn’t have too many friends that were elected MP’s
which questioned his legitimacy to be Labour Leader, let alone Prime Minister… which
past attempts to oust him have shown. I like Corbyn, I think he would be the best PM to
reduce harm from having that power… and now he is gone, I worry even more about the
future of both the Labour party and the country as a whole.
Now as an Ancom, this whole farce has only made me want to grab some vodka, and a rag…
but right now that isn’t the type of thing we should be doing, we need to focus on reducing
as much harm as possible to those most vulnerable to the Tories. As much as I want to protest
like those in France, I can’t really see it paying off well in the current political
climate, and with the lack of support we as a movement currently have.
However, I could be wrong, I mean, it could lead to concessions, I don’t know, a diversity
of tactics is needed… I’d just rather us put more energy into helping people as
opposed to violence, which will likely lead to a lot of us being arrested, and seriously
injured. I should also state that at the time of the
referendum I couldn’t vote but did support remain, and since then, I have leaned more
into the more traditional leftist opposal of the EU, but with caveats… such as my
support for the freedom of movement. Just so you all know where I stand on Brexit I
guess, and so you know where some of my biases may have seeped in.
So I guess to end this video, I would like to encourage all of us to help those in need
as much as possible, because things are going to get much worse. So meet up with your comrades,
agitate, propagate, organise and help people as much as you can, from posters, to volunteering
with food not bombs… Because we may have lost the election, but now is not the time
to give up, and let those who are most affected by the results to fend for themselves. Now
is the time to hit back twice as hard, and help whoever you can, whenever you can, as
long as it’s within your means to do so. I know there is a lot more I could talk about,
from the Brexit party, to the manifestos, to what the tories have done since their victory,
but as a coming back video, I didn’t want to make too big a project I couldn’t handle,
and think it could be useful to have the tories actions as a video of it’s own. So if you
have anything you’d like to mention, feel free to leave a comment. But for now, thank
you for watching, don’t forget to like and subscribe if you want to… and hope you have
a good day.

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